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Your Questions About How To Find A New Hairstyle

Susan asks…

What is a nice short hairstyle for girls?

I have an oval face and a rather high forehead so finding a good hairstyle is really difficult.Please recommend one that is of “low-mainteance” coz Im still attending school and it should not be too fancy.

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m pretty sure these hairstyles are quite low-maintenance, but I love Victoria Beckham’s and Rihanna’s short hairstyles. If you want your high forehead to appear well, not so high lol, then try Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle. Her hairstyle is side swept bangs (that will hide most of high forehead, making it appear less high or not high at all), and a layered bob. Rihanna’s hairstyle is a cute asymmetrical bob. It also helps in hiding a high forehead.

Here’s a picture of Victoria Beckham’s hairstyle:

Here’s a picture of Rihanna’s asymmetrical bob:

Hope this helps =)!!

Charles asks…

What exactly is the new rock chick hairstyle that everyone is going on about?

Is it just the shag?- What is the difference and what colour suits this hairstyle the best?
Thanks x

New Niche Finder answers:

Here are some rocker chick hairstyles I think you would like, and if you’re planning on going to a salon make sure you print out the photo/photos that you like the best to take with you, and as for color I would have to see a photo of you, but you can always just talk to your hairdresser about that.. Just ask what color do they think would go best with your skin tone, and the hairstyle.










Linda asks…

What hairstyle do girls in highschool find most attractive on guys?

So my old hairstyle is boring me, so I decided that I’ll change it up a bit. Any advice would be very helpful, please provide pictures, thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

What was your old hairstyle?? I don’t really care much about how boys look, it’s their personality and kindness that makes me like them. I personally like a sort of messy effortless look. If you have shorter hair, anything. I know this is probably not exactly what you wanted as an answer, but I have honestly never liked a guy for their appearance, but I understand that you do care about yours, and I appreciate that. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any pictures.

Ruth asks…

What is the difference between getting a Haircut and getting a hairstyle?

I am assuming when you get a hairstyle, your barber cuts your hair in a specific way and your hair stays like that throughout and you don’t need to try hard to comb your hair, just one stroke of comb and you are there
Am I right?
Reason I am asking is I want a specific hairstyle, but I am afraid it gets spoiled after I shampoo or when I wake up next morning, I have to again comb that way
Right now I have no hairstyle, I just comb the way I want but after 15-20 mins, they get messed up..but I see many people whose hair don’t move a inch in a day, even if they wave hand on their hair, it takes the same shape as it was..they are spiked up for 24 hrs

New Niche Finder answers:

Hairstyle doesn’t necessarily refer to getting a new hair cut. A guy can have his hair cut a certain way and wear it in several hairstyles. For instance, an ivy league can be worn in several styles….
1) Side parted and brushed to the side either with or without a short pomp(pompadour) at the front hairline.
2) Brushed back off the forehead with no part like a crew cut.
3) Brushed forward with the short bangs either brushed down on the forehead or flipped up at the forehead.
Ivy league(long crew cut):
worn spiked up at the front, no side part ….
side parted, brushed to the side with a short pomp front guy in the center:
informal side part, brushed to the side, no short pomp at the front:
worn brushed forward with the bangs flipped up at the front hairline..
side parted and brushed to the side…
The answer at the following link describes the short styles:
Good Luck!

Michael asks…

What hairstyle goes with an infinity scarf?

I’m looking for a simple heatless hairstyle that I can do in a few minutes or something like that. Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

You may find some new hairstyle ideas here:

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