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Your Questions About How To Find A New Hairstyle

Richard asks…

I desperately need change, and I want to start with a new hairstyle, how can I find the right stylist?

I want a great hair stylist, but I don’t know anyone good. I have some general criteria that I would like to follow, but I’d like someone who can make it origional. I don’t want people to say ‘It was better the first ten times I saw it in People Magazine’

How can I make sure I get someone who I will be happy with? Are there any professional associations that I should look for? How can I decide?

New Niche Finder answers:

Reputation and referrals. Ask friends, family members and random people you may run into at work, especially if you like their hair, where they go get their hair cut. There are so many good stylists out there, they are just so hard to find. See if there are any repeated names/businesses. You could start by just going for a trim or even just calling and talking to the stylist to see if you like her/his personality. Did you have an old stylist that you loved who just stopped cutting hair or anything? If you did, see who they recommend. I love my hair dresser, but if she ever stopped cutting hair, I’d go to her recommendation. I originally found where she works by recommendations, and she started working there later. She was free the day I came in, so I gave her a shot and loved her. Good luck!

Oh, if you have an idea of what style or color you want, make sure you bring pictures. My stylist always says pictures are so important. A lot of people can’t really explain the style they want properly and come out with something they may not be completely happy with.

Joseph asks…

I want a new hairstyle, how can I find the right one for me?

I really want to get my haircut. I have brown, shoulder length and some natural highlights. I don’t want to get more highlights, and I kind of want a Alice Cullen haircut but don’t want to have my hair crusty. My minimum time in the bathroom styling my hair is about 5 min.
Please have photos.

New Niche Finder answers:

It depends on your facial shape and features, whether you wear glasses or not.Your skin tone. There is no way to tell what style would look good on you if you do not describe yourself or have a picture.

You are looking for like wash and go? If your hair is not curly or wavy there is not much actual styling you can do. If you want something really noticeable go for sharp lines like a layered bob. This will let the haircut shine through with minimal styling.

However if your hair is pretty thick you will probably need some styling tools to maintain a shorter style.

Mark asks…

Help Finding a New Hairstyle…?

Kay, so I potentially want to get a new hairstyle..but i have no idea how to cut/base my hairstyle.
So ive enlisted the help of you lovely people… :)

But heres my dilemma..
I have extremely thin/fine hair, a big forehead (So bangs are essential), and a round face. Also, i can’t grow long hair. My hair is currently about two inches past my shoulders, and its not getting any longer than that. Ive tried.

So yeah…help please?
Hopefully with pictures..?


New Niche Finder answers:


Try this link

Charles asks…

trying to help my little sister find a new hair style:?

i’m taking my little sister to my hair stylist this month (part of her christmas present from me) and i’m trying to help her find a new hairstyle. she’s a real rebel, doesn’t want to “look like everyone else” which i respect.. (all the girls have side bangs these days, including me but i like the way they hide my ears and my forehead lol..) any suggestions of what kind of hair cut she could get? she wants something about shoulder length, she’s really into the rock look, lots of layers and teasing.. i just don’t see how a haircut like that is possible without bangs, it doesn’t look right to me.. thanks if you can help!

here’s a picture to show her hair, it’s kind of layered, face frame, middle part:

New Niche Finder answers:

Get her a side part, because middle parts aren’t very flattering. Also, for that rebel/edgy look, get choppy layers. And she doesn’t have to get side bangs necessarily, she can get straight bangs that are uneven and choppy. Http://hairstyleschat.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/choppy-hairstyles.jpg
If she straightens it a lot, and makes sure that frizz is kept to a minimum, that hairstyle would look really good on her! Just not blonde, haha.

And tell her that if she doesn’t want to look like everyone else, she shouldn’t be teasing her hair. It’s so overdone.

Betty asks…

what’s a good hairstyle for curly hair with straight side bangs?

school’s starting in two week and i was planning on leaving my curly hair down but my friend said i looked like a dork (because it makes me look like i don’t care how i look)
i dont wanna look like a dork =(
so ive been trying to find new hairstyles that i can do easy with my curly hair to make it look like i do care about how i look (because i do =O)
and so if anyone has any good tips on how to style my curly hair so it looks like i really do care about how i look (and so i look good thatd be nice ^^ )
i’m 13 and goin into 8th grade woo!
so yea im in middle school
so middle school styles would be nice i dont wanna look stupid… ._.”

thank you!! =D

New Niche Finder answers:

I hate the straight bangs curly hair thing, looks so ugly and fake.

Just use products that help maintain your curls. And use a deep conditioner to make your curls into waves.

I do all the stuff above and I always get compliments on my hair.

Also straightening sometimes is good <3 but not all the time.

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