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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Linda asks…

aside from giving eggs for dogs, what are other alternative foods i can give to my dog?

what home-made dog foods can i offer my dog besides the one i can buy in pet shops/groceries.

New Niche Finder answers:

Chicken, rice, carrots (vit A), brocchli (vit A), pumpkin (great for them.
My dogs love fruit like bananas, oranges

Jenny asks…

Benefits/ problems related to home made dog foods?

After doing my research, I’ve learned that its fairly healthy to feed dogs homemade dog foods. The stuff that goes into dog food is sick!
However… I need to try and convince my mother to let me make the food, and prove to her why it will be healthier for our Cockapoo.

But, now I’m wondering. Is it really healthier for them? What are problems with feeding home made dog foods? Are there any benefits?

I could buy a quality dog food; but my mom refuses to spend the money. Our dog has been living on Purina and Beneful for 9 years, and she claims shes not dead/ sick. While she does have some minor issues I’ve been concerned about (will give them in More Details) I’m not sure if they’re food related.

Please help me out and give me as much information AND sources as to why I should (or shouldn’t) make my own dog food.

Thank you!
My dog has some breathing problems occassionally; especially when shes on a leash. She makes sounds like she is choking and breathes very strangely.

She also has small bumps on her skin that about less than a centimeter in width and about the same/ a little bit more in their height. The bumps are the same color as her skin if not a bit pinker.

Her energy level is also very poor. She never plays and sleeps all day, even though I take her for a walk almost every morning.
Is it alright to feed them canned peas and canned tuna?

New Niche Finder answers:

Most of the people on this site DON’T want to know about facts like you do because I guess to them ignorance is bliss, your concern for your pet is refreashing to see for a change. Tell your Mom I said she has reason to be very proud of you, most kids just don’t care about anything but themselves these days.

I can help you quite abit and get you going in the right direction. We have been home cooking our pet food now for about 3-4 months and within just the first 2 weeks the results were dramatic, and that’s putting it mildly, far more than I ever expected. We fed “premium” pet foods which are also garbage, they all are. My GF just showed me plastic parts in one brand and hair in a brand called Innova. (dog or cat hair?, we have the pics)

We have my Mom doing the home cooking now for 2 abused small dogs she is caring for along with us. They only have been on the home cooked diets for 3 weeks and are doing fantastic now, no more fear now that the one is going to loose his eye site anymore because his eyes are crystal clear again and the injured eye is so much better. (we also medicated his injured eye w/ anti biotic). His bloated body is also quickly returning to normal shape.

The first thing you need to do is check out this site, he’s a vet, PHD, writer, and studied nutrition as well, this mans book is saving our dogs lives no doubt about that and the other 2s.
Http://www.drpitcairn.com , read the nutrition page definiatly.

As far as is it hard to do, no, my girlfriend enjoys making up the food, freezes about a weeks worth and we feed twice a day (once daily feeding causes bloat). The neglected dogs are getting fed 3 times a day as one is very under weight, we worked him up to it gradually. It’s sad, he refused all commercial foods prior and was starving to death, the first night I brought him the real food he goobled it like he’d never eaten before. Now he cries before feeding like to say “don’t forget me”.

Tell your Mom uncooked oatmeal is not expensive.(ingredient in one recipe) Ground turkey or chicken, nutritional yeast, kelp, a few select vitamins , organic eggs, whole organic milk, wheat bread, small amount of garlic, calcium/ phosphous (balanced amounts), a few other minor ingredients, they make a doggy meatloaf,lol and they really love it. The best part, it’s nutritionally balanced, your pet will start getting healthier and less vet bills in the future. There are other meals to make in the book also.

Tell your Mom you can’t SEE liver or kidney damage that is happening in a pet till it’s to late, your dog is way to young to be that lethargic (tired). This book also has natural flea remedies and I’ll give you 2 links about the dangers of Frontline etc…(listed on sources below).

I told my GF, your gonna give them diarreah when you make them their own food before we got the book, what a FOOL I was and addmit that now. I told her get it if you want (she would have anyways,lol), it was the best $$ we ever spent. No diarreah in 4 months, actually they go less, totally normal, and drink less water. Our 11 year old Yorkie is like a puppy again now playing a lot more and much more energetic, he no longer looks old anymore either.

I saw you have an email listed, (if you didn’t I was going to give you mine), tell your Mom if she won’t get you this book, I will, I’m not rich by any means but if she won’t help you save your dog we will. This book will tell you all you need to know about your pet, how to cook for it, dangers to it, conditions and how to treat, etc…

I’ve had to euthanize 2 of my little guys in the past two years over kidney/ liver problems, I have no doubt if we had this book 12 years ago we’d still have them now, it’s something you never want to go thru. Our 3rd died in surgery 3 years ago. Eventuually when you do loose your pet, at least you’ll have peace of mind knowing you tried your absolute best to give it a happy and HEALTHY life. You can tell your Mom we have spent $6,500.00 in the last 3 years on our vet costs, that should make her feel better about buting you this book so you’ll know from reading it how to truly take care of him/her the best you can.

My name on the email that will show up is “Jim D”, like I said, tell your Mom I’ll get you the book if she won’t. If I can help just one more pet not suffer from commercial pet food that will be well worth what it may cost me. Good Luck. You can write me back and I’ll have my GF answer any questions you have, she’s researched 4 months steady now and is up on a lot of what’s really going on.

One more benefit to the book, you’ll be able to educate other people as well about helping their pets, it’s a great feeling to help when someone wants to know the truth about whats really going into pet foods etc… . And no more worries when the recalls of the pet food garbage crop up again, it’s allready starting again w/ one brand.

Edit: I missed the part earlier about the tuna, NO, it’s heavily laden w/ mercury.

Edit: The first post has very good points but the book tells you how much of each etc… Also, as for running that by your vet, most vets do not take nutritional classes and if they do it is usually an IAMS or some other pet food rep. Giving them the info, WRONG info I might add.

Laura asks…

How to handle a dog that might be dying?

My bf brought home a dog he knew we couldn’t take care of. Now it’s sick and I think it might be dying from parvo. This could be the dog‘s last night (couldn’t get a vet til morning). I want to make it comfortable. The question? Should I allow the dog to sleep with me? It’s been vomitting the past couple of nights and while I don’t want to be puked all over, I want to give it some comfort. What would you do?
To be honest, me and this dog have NOT been on good terms! I don’t like anything that pees on the carpet, but my bf dumped it on me because he won’t take care of it. We haven’t been pals, but I still can’t stand to see any animal suffer. Again, he’s not even here tonight so it’s up to me to care for it.
I’m not able to get to a vet also because I don’t have a car. No one is coming for me til morning and I don’t know anyone to ask. The person who’s giving me a ride? I don’t know them either! My bf set that up.

New Niche Finder answers:

When I have a dying pup or dog, I put down a sleeping bag and stay with it…Dribble water on it tongue, just enough to make its tongue not stick to its mouth…sooth it when it cries… Keep it warm

Sandra asks…

How can I get my dog to stop chasing and barking at my cat?

I have two cats in my home, my dog likes to chase and bark them back into the bedroom, whenever possible. Outside of the house, he’s fine with cats and seems to ignore them completely. All ideas are welcome !

New Niche Finder answers:

You can personally give your dog basic and obedience training to make it easier for you to command it to stop whenever it attempts to chase or bark at your cat. The training is very easy and doesnt take much time as dogs are innately fast learners. Eventually your dog will learn not to do anything violent with the cat as it has now understood that his owner prohibits it.

I recommend that you watch my 4 minute dog training video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIY88BQIZ3s which will give you important tips on how to effectively train your dog and follow your orders.

Remember that training is the best way to let your dog understand what is the things that pleases you and will earn him praise or a reward. Dogs want to constantly please their owners, all you need to do is to personally give them the proper training ( which is very easy )to make them understand you. – Hope my advice helps!

Carol asks…

How to train my dog to pee outside and not inside?

I just brought home a dog who is 1 year old.
He seems to eliminate when I am not watching him throughout the house but also will not when I am with him.

What is the best way to train my dog to pee outside and not inside?
When he goes inside, should I make sure he knows what he did wrong then crate him?
Also, should he sleep in his crate?
Should I put him in there to go to sleep even though he refuses?
Or should I let him be free but confined to my room?

New Niche Finder answers:

Keep him mostly to one room that no carpet. Put down newspaper to contain the pee. If you see him starting to go lead him outside. Put some newspaper that he has peed on outside where you want him to go. You must keep the room he is in clean so the sent of pee is outside.

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