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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Betty asks…

How Do I get my dog to like another dog?

We were going to get Golden Retriever but when we brought it home my dog started growling and barking at it. Is there anyway to fix that?

More Details
1. The Golden Retriever right now is being taken care by the breeder again (who is also my a friend)
2. The Golden Retriever is a few months old
3. My dog is 2 years old

New Niche Finder answers:

Sometimes,a dog will never accept another dog.I had one like that years ago and had to keep them seperated.

Susan asks…

Can someone be allergic to dogs but not cats if they are on allergy meds?

My boyfriend is allergic to cats. He’s been on allergy meds for over a year & he’s fine with the cats. We broght home a dog yesterday & his eyes have been watering since. Given the fact he forgot to take his meds 2 days in a row the day before & the other day before, does this mean he’s allergic to the dog or is it just his lack of responsibility? I wonder if it’s b/c he forgot the meds the other day & now all this excitement from all the animals is stirring up more dander? Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

Absolutely! My boyfriend and I had a similar experience, but now we live successfully with both a cat and dog!

First, yes, they DO have to be diligent about taking care of themselves, but missing 2 days is probably not what did it. Secondly, if you can, try to find out what it is exactly that causes the allergy-for some, its the dander, for some its the hair itself, and for some, its the saliva; for some unknown reason, after 25 years of allergy to all pets, my boyfriend is no longer bothered by dander (granted, hes medicated as well), or hair, but he does better with the cat than the dog because he breaks out when the dog licks him.

That said, he can try a new medicine. Likewise, keeping things VERY clean helps. There are also all sorts of products out there now, such as powder you put down and vaccuum up specifically designed for pet allergies as well as wipes you can get at your local pet stores that help decrease your pets’ allergens.

Hope this helped and good luck!

George asks…

How can this dog know its owner is phoning?

When owner is home & phone rings dog does not whine. When owner is out and owner phones home, dog (still at home) whines. When owner is out and someone else phones, dog does not whine. It seems like the dog knows that the owner is phoning.

This occurs at random times and the dog has never failed to give its whine when the owner phones. Is this dog telepathic or something? Have you heard of this happening with other dogs?
Some people say this is just random or coincidence, but I have observed and documented the behavior for several months and my only conclusion is that somehow the dog knows the owner is on the other end of the phone line. Yes, I know it’s difficult to believe, and if someone told me I would be highly skeptical. It’s known that some animals have some uncanny abilities, like companion dogs knowing that their owner needs something even before the owner asks. And it’s been shown that some dogs have the ability to detect illnesses in people. Is this particular dog displaying yet another ability?

New Niche Finder answers:

No I haven’t heard of this happening, however there are lots of documented evidence that dogs know when their owner is returning even though it is different times.

I don’t doubt your story for one second and have witnessed too many things over the years where dogs prove they have awareness of things we cannot explain.

What a fantastic story this is. Xxx

Mandy asks…

What type of home made dog should i feed my rot pup and how is it made?

I need a Menu card or a home made dog food list that i can feed my rot pup.Also and how is it made cuz i only feed it canned dog food and thinking to prepare my own healthy,juicy,delicious and nutritious dog food

New Niche Finder answers:

The only way you’ll be able to make a well balanced diet for your dog would be to set up an appointment with a board certified nutritionist and get a recipe from them. You’ll spend a ton of money on ingredients and supplements, and you’ll find yourself cooking almost constantly. Unless your dog has some special medical condition that requires a home made diet, you’ll have a healthier, happier dog if you feed a good quality commercial diet. Find one that’s formulated for large breed puppies.
Home made diets that aren’t prepared right will cause a lot of problems, and it’s sad because all of those issues could be avoided.

Daniel asks…

Would you buy home made dogs treats at a craft show?

My mom does a lot of craft shows and I am going to start making home made dog treats for my dogs. I personally would buy a home made dog treat if I knew what was in it. I would label it with the ingredients which would be things like sweet potato, peanut butter and bannana’s ect. I have found some recipies that look pretty easy to make and healthy for even humans. If you saw something like this would you buy it and what would you look for that would make you not buy it :)
My actual idea is to put the entire recipie on the packaging down to the last detail and the date made as well. Then if their dogs really enjoy them, they can make them at home themselves. Crafts shows are not repeat buyers most of the time. It’s a way to try out the treats without having to make them yourself the first time and being stuck with 100’s of treats your dog won’t eat.

New Niche Finder answers:

I personally do not buy home-made dog treats … I have no idea what the maker’s standards are for ingredients and cleanliness … I attend a very large craft fair once a year and NEVER are the dog cookie people there more than one year …

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