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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

John asks…

Who is responsible when a dog destroys belongings?

My sister is home from college and she brought home her dog. I love him but he behaves pretty poorly. While I was at work he ransacked my room and tore up my brand new record. My sister did clean up the mess but she is not willing to replace my record because she said it is my fault for leaving the door open. Even if it was me who left the door open (anyone could have went in for something and left it open) I think it is her responsibility to replace it because its her dog that broke it.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your sister is at fault not the dog so tell her to replace your record. In any case don’t fall out over it or dislike the dog because these things happen you can get another record but you can’t replace your sister.

Laura asks…

Which is better, groomers or do it at home for dog?

Which is better, groomers or do it at home?

My dog has dry skin from the winter and it’s noticeable, also because he’s a black lab. Would the groomers be better to bathe him or should i get dandruff shampoo and do it at home? Price isn’t a matter right now i just want his coat to look nice. Any recommendations? What do you do? Also i am starting putting a raw egg with his food once a week for his coat to shine, which is good right? Any answers are appreciated :)

New Niche Finder answers:

I agree with the above Answerer. Fish oil is great. I use Grizzly brand salmon oil. It is made to a be put on dogs food and has directions on the bottle of how much to use basedbkn body weight. I get mine from mrchewy.com. Also feeding a good high quality kibble helps too. Labs don’t need bathed as often as other dogs so if u are bathing too much that could make his skin dryer. U can get doggy wipes, they look like baby wipes, and just do a good once over on his coat with those. That’s what I did when my dad was raising labs for hunting dogs. Also u could use puppy shampoo its gentler. Avoderm has a nice one with avocado in it. Oatmeal and aloe are good for dryer itchy skin too. But mostly its what goes in the dog that makes a difference on the outside appearance.

Donna asks…

How come My dog is always yelling at me?

everyday i get home my dog scolds me for throwing my shoes and coat on the floor. I thought they were supposed to be obedient? I wanted a dog. not a new mother.

New Niche Finder answers:

How much pot have you smoked today?

Lisa asks…

Is the way I act with my dog unhealthy and weird?

I have a 1.5 year old husky lab and i love him to death. I’ve had him since he was 2 months old. My boyfriend thinks that I might love my dog too much… For example, I always need to sleep with my dog at night. Sometimes, when my boyfriend and I watch TV on the couch, I feel the need to go on the floor to hang out with my dog. I also negotiated with my boss to work from home more often so that I didn’t leave my dog alone at home. My dog always loves it when I sing to him so I often do when I am home. My boyfriend tells me that the way I act with my dog is weird and unhealthy because my life revolve around my dog. Do you guys agree with him? Is the way I act with my dog unhealthy and weird?

New Niche Finder answers:

No it’s shows u care for ur dog and want the best for him! Keep doing what u do! That proves u are a great pet owner and that u r responsible

George asks…

Can a dog be happy with a crippled leg? Also, is there any harmful illness that could affect these dogs?

I want to take to my home a dog from the street. He is beautiful, he has a cripple leg. I don’t have the money to fix his leg, but I can give him love and a safety home.
Also, he looks healthy, but I’m kind of afraid that he has a illness or something that could be harmful to my other dogs. Is there any illness that can specifically affect the dogs from the street?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you don’t have the money to provide vet care, then the dog goes to a shelter where it can either find a home or be humanely killed.

A dog cannot be happy if it’s constantly in pain because of a leg injury or deformity.

Yes, there are all kinds of illnesses that strays can bring into a clean home. Fleas, mange, Parvo, viral infections, distemper, rabies, etc.

Yes, a dog with a “crippled” leg can be happy, assuming he’s not in pain from it. There are tons of dogs with deformities and amputations that lead wonderful lives. The owner is obligated to take care of the dog to keep it out of pain. A dog that can’t use one leg may be more prone to joint problems, back problems, and simple accidents. A dog that has a deformity that causes strange use of the leg (or other body parts) may end up with ulcerations, which can lead to serious and painful infections, which can lead to amputation and death.

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