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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Maria asks…

How to stop my dog from marking?

While we were visiting back home my dog had no issue marking in my parents house. Then once we moved into our new house he still had no issue. However as soon as our household goods shipment came in he has started marking in the house on the carpet.

He’s also smart about it as he will not do it in front of us and will only mark while we are asleep. Does anyone know why he’s suddenly doing this now? And how to stop it?

New Niche Finder answers:

Is your dog neutered? If not this will help him to stop marking his territory but of course this is a costly and intrusivesolution so I would recommend trying some other solutions first. You say he only does it while your sleeping so firstly I would get a crate if you don’t have one already and put him in that at night or when he is left alone. Dogs will not want to urinate where they sleep or eat. Try also going back to the basics of when you toilet trained him as a puppy. So take him on a lead at regular intervals (especially1st thing in the morning and last thing at night and after meals) outside and say “toilet” and praise him when he goes. He’ll want to please you so this should help reinforce more positive behaviour. Lastly make sure you ththoroughlylean (if they are porous surfaces like carpet or couches then you will need to soak them with a proper pet urine product) any areas where he has marked (use a blblack lightf you don’t know all the spots) and this will discourage him from going to those same spots. We recommend Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator.

Dogs love routine and get stressed during household moves but it is strange that he only started doing it after the household goods arrived. I wonder if they were marked by a cat or dog where they were being stored? Or if they were cleaned before they came in perhaps there is traces of amammoniawhich can smell like urine to dogs) from the cleaning products? Good luck!

Mandy asks…

How to convince my dad to let me foster home a pet?

We have 1 cat. But that was because she was a stray. My dad makes up the excuse he only let us keep her was because “he felt sorry for her.” Yea.. I think it was more than that. Any who.. I would LOVE to foster home a dog. I would do it for a cat, but my cat doesn’t like other cat’s. She growls and hisses at them. Then chases them away. I have seen her around a dog and all she did was sit there and watch the dog walk away with the owner. Any who again.. my dad doesn’t want another pet because they cost so much. But people have said that sometimes the shelter will pay for most of the stuff. I’m not sure about the one near me though. But how can I convince my dad to let me foster home a dog? I also don’t want to get rid of my cat. Also I would like to be a vet in the feature (I’m 14 now by the way) would that help me get into a vet college? Thanks! 😀
Oh and by the way. My mom isn’t a problem. She used to even want a dog or cat too, but my dad always said no because if you go on vacation or something you have to bring them or do something. And he says they cost alot.

New Niche Finder answers:

Fostering an animal is a huge responsibility. Animals get put into fostering because they need to either recover from an illness (this means they will need medication), they are poorly socialised (so an agressive or very nervous animal) or because they have babies. Another chance is that it is a stray baby that is too young to be adopted out.

Also, your cat may have been fine with the dog because it wasn’t in her territory. If the dog comes home with you, she may get jealous and such and such. This could lead to agressive behaviour from her and a bad experience for the dog.

This is a bad idea, especially at your age because you will have to give it back in a period of time. You wil obviously become attached to the animal. I suggest don’t do it. Focus on your cat, give her attention. You are 14 years old and you will have exams at school soon, unless you are already doing them. This is not a good thing to do at the moment.

I am 15 years old. I would love to do this too, but I know that I wouldn’t be able to. I understand why you would want to foster an animal. I mean, who wouldn’t? You just need to wait until your school stuff is out of the way and you are a bit older…

David asks…

Is it ok to wash an article of clothing that your dog urinated on?

This morning I was looking for something in my clothes but I was in a bit of a rush so I figured I would just pick them up when I got home from work. But when I got home, my dog peed on one of my favorite shirts. I really don’t want to throw it away. Should I? Or should I wash it?

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s still okay to wash. You may want to wash it twice, however. My cat urinates on my clothes sometimes, and cat urine is often a lot harder to get out of clothes than dog urine.

Also, Urine is NOT sterile all the time. It is, however, sterile for a short time after exiting the body, but afterwards, it becomes acidic after collecting bacteria from the surrounding area.

Sharon asks…

What do dogs really do on an average day?

Now I know that cats sleep. But aren’t dogs more active compared to cats? I mean whenever I am home, my dog plays a little, eats a little, and sleeps a lot. My dog is not overweight I thought that she would be a bit more active than what she is.

New Niche Finder answers:

Depends on the dog and the age of the dog.

My puppy slept A LOT!

As a 2 year old dog, he’s quite active. We go for long walks, play at the dog park, go for runs, play ball in the house, or play with the neighbors dog.

Helen asks…

What should I know about brining home a Yorki Shitzu Puppy?

This will be the first time we are brining home a dog this small we always had Goldens, Rotties or Labs. This little girl is 10 weeks old coming home with us this week if all goes well. What are some of the things I should consider to have around, sleep arrangements, food etc vs. what I would normally get say for our Golden?


New Niche Finder answers:

Get a small pen, a small crate and a bed. You will also need a harness, leash, toys and dishes. I would talk openly with the person you are getting her from and try to mimic some of the habits that she has for the first few weeks. If this is her first experience away from her litter then you will need to be available a lot for the first couple of weeks. If you have a larger dog it should be pretty easy to introduce them as long as your big dog is not aggressive. Our Pit Bull loves our Yorkie puppies and is very gentle with them. I would also get a supply of puppy pads because small dogs aren’t as easy to train as large dogs and i find it is better to train them both outside and on pads. Good luck!

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