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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Betty asks…

Is Ground egg shell good as a supplement for dogs?

I heard it was a good spplment to add calcium to home made dog food . Is this true . Also ground cooked bone ?

New Niche Finder answers:

In small amounts, yes. But keep in mind that excess calcium is also bad as well. A dog cannot properly expel excess calcium before 8 months old, so if your dog is under 8 months, use it sparingly.

Also, make sure that by “ground” it’s in almost a powdered form after the shells have been hard-boiled, you can sprinkle a teaspoon over each meal and keep the rest of the batch in the freezer.

Robert asks…

How can I reduce my roommates dogs anxiety when she’s not home?

when my roommate is not home her dog whimpers and runs around the house anxiously. How can I calm his anxiety?

He comes to me asking if I can take him outside, he whimpers by the door waiting for her to come home and just doesn’t chill out. She puts a bark collar on him but sometimes he makes noises despite it. He’s two. A maltese.

New Niche Finder answers:

Separation is sometimes a very tough thing for animals to go through. We don’t understand how it affects them. I agree that a bark collar is a little cruel in this instance. Try to comfort your roommates dog, let it into the bedroom with you, pet it, feed it some treats, maybe go for a walk with it after getting permission from your roommate. Anything helps really, think of the dog like a crying child, what would you do? You would comfort the child, do the same for the dog.

Ken asks…

Dog peeing all of a sudden post boarding?

I just brought home my dog after having spent 5 days in boarding. Apart from having diarrhea (I think they switched his food), he is peeing everywhere! He peed 3 times within 20 minutes outside and is peeing in small amounts in the house- including on his blanket. What is going on?

New Niche Finder answers:

He needs anti biotics from the vet he has an infection and it will be making him miserable and it will get worse so look out for any blood in his urine and you could take a urine sample to the vet as well incase he asks for it. Good luck

Richard asks…

10 year old dog pooping and pissing in the house. No one is home to take care of the dog. What to do?

My friend went through a divorce a while back and his wife and kids brought home a dog that he never wanted. They promised they would take care of the dog. Now his daughter and him are the only ones at the house. The daughter spends the night out with friends, works full time, and goes to school full time. The dad works and is rarely home. He loves his daughter very much, but he’s tired of being the one taking care of a dog he never wanted. The dog has ruined the carpets in every single room with poop and piss. When he tells his daughter the dog has to go, she gets VERY upset. He has given her many alternatives and warnings on what to do with the dog, to no avail. Has anyone else gone through this? What would you do? She has just graduated from high school.

New Niche Finder answers:

Unfortunately…theres nothing you can do..the dog isn’t going to change..and if it does it’s not going to be easy to train it. The girl should have to take care of it, or her dad should take something away from her, like tell her if she can’t take care of the dog, he’s finding a new home for it,(no one is going to want a 10 year old dog that isn’t house trained) or she’s going to have to find a new place to live with her dog.
That’s ridiculous. This question makes me really mad..

I hope something good happends to that poor dog, and the girl stop being so selfish and take care of her responsibilties

Steven asks…

How to get my dog to stop barking?

Everyday when I’m walking home my dogs will bark at me. They’ll do it from when I’m by the mailbox to until I’m out of their sight and then again once I’m in the house until I let them in. They only do this to me and won’t stop even if I go and pet them before going inside. Any suggestions to get them to be quiet?

New Niche Finder answers:

It might take some lengthy training sessions, but here’s something you can try.

When you’re walking home, as soon as you get in sight of your dogs and they start barking, simply stop. Ignore the dogs, sit down, look in the other direction, what have you. Once the dogs have stopped barking (and they will eventually) start walking again. Repeat this until you get all the way home. If they bark to be let in, and you give in, they’ve learned that they get what they want from this behavior. Don’t let them in the house or give them what they want until they are behaving in the manner that you want them to behave in.

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