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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Betty asks…

Is a german shepherd a good dog for a single city girl?

I’m moving out to LA from a small town, and I’ve always loved german shepherds. Not only that but they are very protective. If I get one and work 8 hour days, and hire someone to come and walk the dog during the day do you think a german shepherd would be satisfied in a good sized home with one owner? I’d also take the dog on walks when I got home, to dog parks, beaches, basically everywhere i go.

New Niche Finder answers:

German shepherds are great loyal dogs. I think it is a great idea! Good luck

Charles asks…

Do You Have an Emergency Plan for Your Dogs?

I live in San Diego & there are earthquakes here. When I leave home my dog is in his crate. What should I have and what should I do in case of an earthquake or fire?
No of course not, we will obviously know if a fire is heading towards our home, but how would we know if an earthquake is going to hit when I’m at school.

New Niche Finder answers:

You take your dog with you. You have at least 2 months supply of food. A good supply of water. Any medications your dog takes. Leashes, collars, ID papers, tags.

I live in Florida. Our biggest fear is hurricanes. I have corragated steel shutters for all of my windows and doors.

I have a large propane generator. I have a huge storage unit for water.

I have a reinforced garage door. I have kennels for all my dogs.

I am prepared to purchase enough food and medication for 3 months.

I am prepared to ride out the worst hurricane in my home with my animals.

And I sincerely hope you were not planning to leave your dog in a crate by itself during an earthquake/fire.

Lizzie asks…

Can a dog get an std from a bloody condom?

My roommate threw out a bloody condom which looked to be from period blood while i was not home my dog then took took it out of the trash she could have licked it … My question is can my dog catch an std from the blood ?

New Niche Finder answers:

No, but anyway, that is disgusting..

George asks…

Where’s a reasonable priced facility to board my dogs at in Georgia?

I’m moving into a house and having to stay at an apartment in between homes. My dogs can’t stay this me during this 2 week stint, where in Georgia can I board them while I wait for my home?

New Niche Finder answers:

Where abouts in Georgia? Check our www.petshotel.com it is the boarding facility within PetSmart. They are very reasonably priced and they take great care of your pets!! Good Luck!

Richard asks…

What is the best dog to get, male or female?

I have one female chihuahua and I want to get her a companion. Answers from people who have more that one dog please. Would she get along better with a male or a female? Both dogs would be neutered or spayed. My female is bossy and spoiled and has never been around other dogs, but I would like her to have company when we are not at home. Both dogs would be in the house. I have a choice of both female and male from a litter and I am going on Sunday to pick out which one I want. Help me decide with some experience of your own please.

New Niche Finder answers:

Typically, we recommend the opposite sex. It’s going to seriously reduce dominance issues in your dogs. Even if you have never had problems before, you’d be surprised when you bring a new addition home.

Dogs were domesticated from wolves. In the wild, in wolf packs, the pack is run by a dominant male and dominant female (the breeding pair). Many people will tell you that there is just one “alpha” dog. This is not true. In nature there is a breeding pair that rules the pack. Therefore, naturally, your female dog is going to have less issues with co-dominance if the new dog is a male. If it is a female – regardless of how nice either dog is – one of them is simply going to have to be dominant. There will, at some point, be a knock down drag out fight. That’s not to say that you cannot have two dogs of the same sex, but the adjustment is going to be much, much smoother if you have opposite sexes.

My mother runs a dog rescue in Ohio and she swears that opposite sexes take to each other much quicker than same sex dogs. Not that they won’t, but you are going to have alot more stress and seperating if you get a female for your chi.

Hope this helps!!

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