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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

George asks…

I need to find a new home for my dog. Is craigslist a good idea?

I was told that some people may use my dog for dog fighting. How can I tell which ones would do that? Has anyone posted an animal on craigslist. Should I charge a fee? How much? I would like to pick out the family he goes to myself. I don’t want to give him to a shelter.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your first choice should be to re-evaluate your decision to dump your dog.

Second, ask your relatives if they have room in their home for your dog. Perhaps they can foster him for several months or a year until your situation has changed and you are able to take him back.

Lastly, call up a no-kill shelter; if the first one you call cannot take in dogs, try the next one on the list.

Craigslist is just like any other advertisement; you never know who is on the other end of the transaction or what their intentions are.

William asks…

How do I find my dog a new home?

I have two dogs: lhasa mix and a beagle mix. We have had the lhasa for 7 years, and the beagle for 3. During the past three years, they have fought four times and we have prevented a few more. Typically, the lhasa did something to aggravate the beagle, and the beagle started the fight. The lhasa always gets hurt and needs stitches. Last night, though, the lhasa was giving the beagle kisses (like he always does), and the beagle attacked him. No growl, no warning. Usually, the dogs are inseparable, playful, and happy around each other. This seemed to come out of nowhere.

We have a 10 month old boy, and the beagle has growled at him a few times. We are scared that the beagle will attack him. While we love our beagle, we are afraid that he is too unpredictable to keep any longer.

However, we are worried that we won’t be able to find him a home because of his history, and that we will have to put him down. He had a hard life before we got him. He used to finch and cower with loud noises or quick movements, though he is better about this now. He has a “nervous stomach” and throws up a lot. He is unpredictable around other dogs and probably not great for small children.

He’s not all bad. He likes to cuddle and lay his head in our laps to be petted, trot around the house shaking is rattle toys, and loves being calmly petted by older children.

How would I go about finding this dog a new home? Are there other options? What about keeping the beagle in a soft muzzle most of the day?
They are both fixed. Both dogs are adults, though we don’t know the exact ages. The youngest the beagle could be is 7, though he looks older.

New Niche Finder answers:

Oh, great. We have a PETA nut in our midst. I’d love for him to explain how dogs, who were domesticated thousands of years ago and lead happy lives, would survive in the jungle….especially since they didn’t come from the jungle to begin with….

You can try Craigslist, you can also contact Beagle rescue. You can also try contacting a professional trainer. However, this dog may be hard to place and you may very well have to rehome him if you cannot find someone who has no other dogs, no contact with children and wants to help you with your dog. I really do think Beagle rescue is the best option here.

Carol asks…

Should I try to find a new home for my dog? Or should I tough it out?

I’ve always had a stable comfortable living situation until this past 6 months. I’ve moved into 2 new apartments and each time roommate situations caused me to move out (I’ve always lived alone or w/my ex). Between moving in these 2 apt’s I’ve had to ask my grandma to watch my dog and she’s no longer wanting to help, and my boyfriend will not have a dog in his house. I’ve also had a big drop in income and can barely afford to buy a new apt VS living w/my boyfriend.

I’ve had her for almost 7 years and she’s a basset/beagle mix. Should I try my best to make things work financially, or find her a stable home that will be willing to still let me pick her up a few times a week to go to the park?

How would a new living situation affect an older dog like Maggie?

New Niche Finder answers:

If it were me, I would do anything I could to keep my dog, even if it meant getting a second job so I could afford to take care of her. I also wouldn’t be with a guy who refused to put up with my pet.

Mark asks…

Best way to find a new home for dog?

We have an eight month old Border Collie, Aussie Shepard, and (we think) lab mix. She’s a good dog but we are not the right fit for her. We’ve had her since she was three months old but we (the family) and Ginger (the dog) are miserable. My brothers are terrified of her because she jumps on them and nips. She’s also hard to train – smart but very, very stubborn. Plus, we just got five rabbits and thirteen chicks that we cannot trust her around at all because of her breeds.

She is miserable because she is in the outside kennel most of the time and has bad allergies to something here. Her eyes get red and weepy (under control after introducing fish oil though) and she sneezes a lot. Plus, she knows are other dog is the “favorite” which has caused dominance issues.

We would want to charge a rehoming fee of about $100 since she is spayed and mostly up to date with her shots. Plus $30 extra for her wire inside kennel if they’d want it. How should I word the listing and where should I list it? Craigslist?

Please note that I feel really bad but hopefully she can go to a home with no small children, other pets, or with big farm animals.
Oh, and we don’t have any friends who can take her or we’d go that route :[
There are no rescues here. We have two pounds that keep the animals for two weeks or so depending on how full they are.

New Niche Finder answers:

I suggest posting something on Facebook and an add in your local newspaper. Make sure that the home you give her to is equipped to take care of her though.

Joseph asks…

Does someone know how I can find a new home for my dog?

This is going to sound bad I know. Last March we go a puppy from the Humane Society. He was so cute. I started well. Then we knew we needed to take him for obedience training because he was alittle rough with our kids. And he was having chewing issues, and just not behaving. So I was going to get help, but we were hit hard , see we moved and our 1st house was suppose to sell and it fell through so I now had 2 house payments. Then my husband lost his job. Yes, I know it’s my own pity party, but it just seems every time I go to try and do something for the dog it falls through. Now his chewing is worse, its getting cold and he spends most of his time in our mud room which is chewed to peices and it’s not fair to him. I am thinking of finding a way to get him a new home. But how. I don’t want to take him to a shelter. Any ideas? I feel like such a failure. It’s just getting to be hard to afford to take care of him, I want better for him.

New Niche Finder answers:

If you adopted him it most likely says in the adoption contract that you must return the dog to them. You can be taken to court if you violate the contract.

So you need to contact the the HS. Also they may ask if you can keep the dog while the post him up for adoption. They may tell you, that you can search for a home but the potentail adopters must go through them to be approved.

If the HS is not concerned, you can post ads on PetFinder and craigslist and kijiji.com Ask for an adoption fee, vet references and do a homecheck first.

Everyone is gettin hit hard with money problems. That is out of your control. You do what you think is best for the dog.
You could also contact some local rescues and see if they have room.

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