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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Sandy asks…

What dog name can be contracted to AJ?

Our family are re-homing a dog soon, and I want the dog to be nicknamed AJ after Applejack from MLP:FiM. However, I don’t’ want to call my dog Applejack, weird name for a dog huh? So, what can I call my dog that I can contract to AJ?

NB: I guess a contraction to RD would work too, much rather AJ though. Points for creativity and suitability for a dog! The dog is likely to be border collieish.

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s a dog, there is no need for it to have a ‘Sunday name’.

Just call it AJ

Donna asks…

What breeds of dogs are relativly low maintinance and are small. Like toy breeds.?

I live in an apartment. It’s not to small but its not big enough to have a large dog. I have time to spend with a dog but i cannot have a high maintinance dog. I cannot run around all day so i would need a dog that can handle being alone until i get home. A dog that will not rip apart my home. I also have a mild allerge. Its not bad but i cannot have a dog with a ton of hair or something that sheds too much.

New Niche Finder answers:

Really consider no small puppies should be alone too long, consider an adult

Check your local pound first!

Mini poodle
dotson (short hair really nice)
Pom Pom

I personally dont like cats but that might be good for you (if you like them) because they can be alone and if you get a male still loving and playful

Michael asks…

What happens when a dog has its ears cleaned at a vets?

In two weeks my dogs being sedative to have hes ears looked at and cleaned. Hopefully its nothing serious. After 3 years of hes ear infections will be able to know whats wrong.

Do they just clean them like you would do at home?
My dog has to be sedative as he had a very traumatic past with hes previous owners and therefore very nervous when at the vets. What happens afterwards? Do they wait for him to come round from sedation before taking him home or? Thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

Ask your vet
sounds like surgery to me

Susan asks…

How to help dogs get along?

We have to temporarily re-home our dogs. My grandma and grandpa have offer to take them. The only thing is that their dogs are twice he size of my dogs. 2 of the dogs are male and one female. My dogs are both girls. How can I help my dogs get along with these dogs when they meet tomorrow?

New Niche Finder answers:

Have your grandparents bring their dogs and meet you at a park near their house, or somewhere neutral like that where the dogs can meet on leashes in a place they don’t feel protective about. Let them play, have a snack, drink water together. Then put them all into the grandparents car and ride home with them, letting the grandparents take all the dogs into the new home together, still on leashes, until you can see they’re getting along.

You bring in their special bed or pillows, help them feel more at home. Give all the dogs lots of snacks so that they don’t feel the need to be protective of their dinner bowls.

David asks…

Why does my dog make this loud noise when I come home?

When I come home my dog gets excited and makes this noise that sounds like a yawn but exaggerated he is a yellow lab and I just want to know what or why he does that thanks please help.

New Niche Finder answers:

Interpreting Your Dog’s Barking

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