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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Mary asks…

How do i let my dog meet my new dog im getting?

well, im getting a new dog and i know my dog will be EXTREMELY jealous, because when i found a lost dog and brought it home, my dog was SUPER JEALOUS!!! and my dog is HUGE!! and the dog im getting is about he same size as my current dog which is 8 years old. and the dog im getting is 1 year old.

How should my dogs meet? i certainly dont want a dog fight, what should i do so they can get along when they first meet?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well i recently done this i have got a chihuahua and a mini foxy my mini foxy is nine at first they were not getting along to well my little chihuahua hope wanted to play with lilly my mini foxy lilly just growled at her but they are doing much better now just let them get used to eachother and let them know they are equal ect if you give one a treat give the other a treat at the same time hope i helped.

Nancy asks…

How to legally own a dog that has been abandoned?

This guy I know left his puppy with me and he has been gone for 4 months and I haven’t seen him since he owes me money for taking care of him and is now in jail. He has been living at others peoples houses for almost a year and has been leaving the dog with others the whole time. I live in California is there a way I can legally own the dog because this is unfair and were the only solid home this dog has ever known.

New Niche Finder answers:

Depending on where you are, the records that other responder suggested will help prove that you are the rightful caretaker. But it sounds like you don’t have the dog right now. Irregardless, he has essentially abandoned his dog. Check with local humane society, and independent rescue groups, to find out what your local or state laws regarding what your rights are.
If you can get a hold of him, he might be willing to hand over the dog if you tell him he doesn’t need to repay you what he owes you. It sounds like he doesn’t have the ability to care for the dog now anyway.

Carol asks…

How can I make our dogs get along?

Okay, here’s the situation. My roommate and I each have a dog. I have a 2 year old Cocker spaniel (neutered). She has a Poodle (teacup-not neutered). We recently bought another poodle (mini-3 months old). When we got home the dogs were okay for a while, but now EVERYTIME the new poodle goes up to my cocker, the cocker attacks the puppy. Obviously we stop her while she’s pouncing and we don’t know what to do. I tried like, putting her in a room by herself for five minutes so she knows she did something wrong, but nothing has worked. The older poodle plays with the puppy and they are fine, it’s just the cocker (who is almost 3 years old) that is the problem
Anyone that could help, i’d really appreciate it, because I want our dogs to get along.
Thanks everyone, in advance

New Niche Finder answers:

This article about fighting dogs, why they fight, and management of the problem may help – it’s long, but has lots of good information:

Another thought: When the cocker attacks the pup, does she break the pup’s skin, or is it all noise & show? Unless the cocker is physically harming the pup, she may just be disciplining the pup for being pushy. If the pup ignores more subtle ‘back-off’ signals such as turning away or a raised lip, the older dog will escalate the ‘back-off’ signals to a level the pup can’t miss. See this article: http://www.flyingdogpress.com/sayhi.html

Paul asks…

Do you think an in home dog boarding business is a good idea?

My husband and I were thinking that boarding small dogs at home would be something people might use instead of boarding at a kennel, with cages and all. Also, making visits to their home and walking their dog, water plants and bring in the mail? How much would they be willing to pay? Any ideas? Your input would be appreciated!!

New Niche Finder answers:

Depends on your location. I ran a pet sitting business for 10 years in a small city in Idaho, and charged $25 a day for 2 visits, overnights were $35. My prices were low, and I had a lot of clients. I moved to Seattle, WA, and did my research, and the prices were around $50 a day and up to $100 for overnights! I really thought it was a bit high, but with gas prices now and all the travel time, I could see why! You could charge less for your home, for the convenience and no travel costs.

Maria asks…

When no one is home & at night dog sleeps on sofa.What can we do to train him to sleep in his own bed?

Our dog suddenly is sneaking onto our sofas. We went away one wknd, our daughter stayed home with our dog & he now sneaks onto sofas and runs to his bed when I wake up during the night or come home during the day. SO he knows not to get on the sofas because he runs to his own bed! How can we train him to not get up on the sofas? I bought him his own soft dog sofa bed.

New Niche Finder answers:

daughter let do it

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