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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Donna asks…

How much would you pay per night for your dog to stay in somebody’s home?

If you were going on holiday, how much would you pay per night for your dog to stay in somebody’s home?

The dog would be the only dog there so it receives full attention of the sitter, it would be allowed to roam free in the house and garden and sleep on the sofa at night. So obviously a contrasting environment to a cold, damp kennel.

Just looking for a rough figure. Thanks.
I should mention this is as a business income, not for a friend or a casual thing. Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Where you live dictates how much you can charge … Where i live it is 40 dollars a night for what you described … You can check on your local craiglist pet services section to see what others are charging in your area …

Ruth asks…

How to get my kitten to get used to dogs?

my dad found a stray kitten in the road and brought it home. My dogs love it and try to get near it, but the kitten hates them. Lately I have been petting my dogs and than petting my cat. It hisses when i get near it than starts to mellow out. Is this a good way of getting my cat used to my dogs???

New Niche Finder answers:

You can also let the dogs sleep on a blanket and then let the kitten sleep on it so it’ll get used to them.
Also, you hold the kitten in your arms so it feels safe and order to dogs to lie down, not move, not make a sound, and get the kitten as close as you can without stressing it too much. A little closer each day till it sniffs them.
Cats get scared when an animal, or human, runs toward them or makes noise and dogs get excited when seeing a new member to the household. They want to greet it with running, jumping and barking – a very bad start.
Or let them look at each other through a glass door.
Good luck. Don’t worry. It’ll come around. They always do, especially if introduced properly.

Ken asks…

Are my dogs getting the proper nutrition?

I cook my dogs (4 of them) home made dog food. I use chicken, rice – sometimes white, some times brown, vegetables- usually carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, celery and an apple (for flavor). I boil the vegetables and then combine it with the chicken & rice and feed it to them. Are they getting proper nutrition? Thanks for your help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Not all food items should be cooked in order for dogs to get the best nutrition possible.

The meat part should be left raw. This is safe for dogs and will give them maximum nutritional benefit. Vegetables and grains should always be cooked because dogs cannot digest raw plant products.

Never boil vegetables. Boiling destroys more nutrients than any other method of cooking. Lightly steam vegetables for maximum nutritional benefit.

Raw meat really is best (all the amino acids and digestive enzymes critical to the health of your dog are left intact and in their most bio-available form this way). If you absolutely must cook the meat, slow cook it at low temperatures for several hours. The less heat you use, the more nutrients remain.

Variety is also key. Your dog will suffer nutritional deficiencies if you feed the same meal every day long term. Rotate meats (beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, duck, fish, rabbit, pork) on a weekly basis. Also rotate the vegetables and carbs. Use sweet potatoes one week, rice the next, oatmeal the next, etc. The more variety, the better. Home made diets should be about 50% meat, 25% veggie/fruit, and 25% carbohydrate (sweet potatoes count as a carb, not a veggie).

You can always include a vitamin powder like Missing Link if you are still concerned about proper nutrients.

Richard asks…

How to get my dog to quit eating kittys food?

Just thanking everyone for suggestions but we got the head removed and all the ticks…There was only 7 total but still could have harmed her. As for some of the rude comments I ask in the future if you dont know all circumstances then dont comment. I did not breed the dog nor let her get pregnant. She was abondoned by some people in Missouri and I just drove 800 miles to help the friends of mine out and went n got them before they lost their home and dogs went to pound because they did not have the room. I however live on a farm so I have the room. In missouri they had only a one bedroom and it was near woods. I did call a 24 hr animal clinic b4 posting question. I also have one more question…How do you get a dog to quit eating the cats food…lol…Was just curious…I have heard several ways like squirt her with water and other things. Please let me know. Any rude comments or answer I will report. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

Cat food is sweeter than dog food, so I am told by my vet. This sorta explains why so many dogs develop a liking for what is left in the cat box (ICK!!)

I never got my dog to stop gorging on the cat’s food. It’s really high in calories and he had saddle bags and a fat roll over his tail (Chihuahua). He quickly learned to never eat it if I was in the same room, so if your dog is as clever, the squirt bottle trick won’t work for long. I finally gave up and put the cat food where the dog could no longer get to it, but the cat could. That’s likely your best option IMO.

James asks…

Why does my dog pee every time my dad comes home?

Every time my Dad comes home my dog seems to pee when he comes near him, or sometimes it happens when my dad just calls him over. My dog never does it when I call him or when I come home, and I was wondering what could cause thi?
The marking territory doesn’t make sense since it’s literally EVERY TIME My Dad comes home. I can come home during the day from class and he’s here and he’s completely and utterly fine.

New Niche Finder answers:

Submissive urination.

It’s very common especially in young dogs. Submissive urination is caused by high excitement or emotional states. Fear, anxiety, or high excitement can cause a young dog to submissively urinate. Punishing the dog for this behavior will only make the dog do it more.

Most likely the dog is either very excited to see your dog, is very fearful of your dad or is very anxious, either way, submissive urination is very common and your dog is normal. Thankfully, most dogs grow out of it as they age, there are a few that don’t though and they need special owners who understand them.

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