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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Joseph asks…

Best home made diet for dogs?

I have 2 dogs a miniature schnauzer and a english bull terrier, unfortunately the english bull was diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday. She has a bad chest and is on antibiotics for 2 weeks before surgery so I have decided the best thing I can do for her and also to try and prevent poppy (mini schnauzer) from getting cancer is bin the old processed rubbish food and give them a home made diet. So what im wanting to know is how and what to feed them? The last 2 days they have had Turkey thigh pieces with rice, broccoli and carrots and they had lamb with pasta and pea’s last night. Does that sound ok? Any input on diet supplements ect is great, thanks in advance :)
I have been giving them sardines for the omega 3 and fatty acids or what ever :) Thanks for the advise and I will try them with some fishy dinners they seemed to love the sardines lol x
I have tried high quality dog foods but I cant find any that dont also come with bad reviews :/ Plus this could be her last 2 weeks with us she deserves to have the nicest food I can give her :) Thanks for the input though I know that home made food can lack in certain things but I am doing my research all I have done for the last 2 days is google lol x

New Niche Finder answers:

Normally, feeding home-made diets neglects the added vitamins and minerals that a good quality commercial dog food includes.

I too would ditch the old processed rubbish food, but would instead replace it with fresh, new, higher quality commercial dog food and be confident you are meeting your dogs greater nutritional needs..

Linda asks…

Home protection dog…?

Hello all!

Ok I kinda made a pickle out of my last post. So I’m trying to do this once and for all.

I’m looking to buy a puppy in the next few months. I live in England UK. My home is average with a back garden/yard and conservatory. Preferably I’m looking for a medium to large breed dog. I want the breed to be alert and not welcoming of strangers. But also the same time friendly of my household members. The grooming is not an issue to me. It will be taken for daily walks. It will be sleeping inside my conservatory. I do have experience in dogs, I had a Irish staff which passed away sometime ago. I have 3 breeds in mind at the moment:

* Akita
*presa canario
*belgian malinois

Any answers will be much appreciated.

New Niche Finder answers:

As Athena rightly points out, the only breed that will protect you out of pure instinct is the Fila. However the breed is banned in Britain under the Dangerous Dogs Act so it is out of the question. I would also avoid the Perro de Presa Canario because it is too similar in appearance to some of the banned breeds (Dogo Argentino and Fila Brazilero) and the legislation is based on the dog’s “type” not its DNA. If you want a Perro de Presa Canario, be prepared to carry extensive legal documentation with you wherever you go.

Your best bet is a professionally trained Belgian Malinois (or other Belgian Sheepdog type) or German Shepherd Dog, which will set you back at least GBP 8,000, probably a lot more. You will also need to be properly trained in handling it. You can check with the Security Industry Authority to find out if a protection dog breeder is licensed.

If you just want a dog to deter burglars, any dog will do the job reasonably well by barking and alerting its owner, which is why burglars prefer to break into houses without dogs.

Robert asks…

Came home from work dogs were gone .?

Some people out there know kind of dogs i have / had . Any way I have recently been divorced my ex wanted to take 2 of the dogs with her splitting them up with the other 2 . All 4 have been raised together since birth . We both agreed we would never split up the dogs as they are all part of a bonded family , splitting them up was never an option . Anyway came home from work didn’t hear the dogs no big deal thought they were in their bedroom asleep . Couple hrs went by still thought
they were sleeping so i went to bed . Got this morn they were gone ! There was no sign of forced entry into my home and nothing stolen just the dogs were gone . So i filed a police report and told them the situation of my recent divorce and how she wanted the dogs but was the court ordered that they stay with me . SO dogs are gone no forced entry nothing taken only the dogs . Pretty good feeling who has the dogs could care less if i knew where she was and or is until now . so i am at a stand still . Question is have you ever had a dog stolen and could not prove who it was ?
ADD: they are not outside dogs they have their own bedroom in the house mine is upstairs . not the first time i came home without being attacked by wiggly butts and huge tongues 2 Boxers 2 APBT
ADD: I only worked about 5hrs last eve and they were fed watered and relieved themselves before i left so before ANY body makes an accusation as to my being a bad owner i would tell you but yahoo wouldn’t allow it .
@ Julie send me an e mail i will give you more info .

New Niche Finder answers:

Steve, there are few things that just don’t add up here. So, you THOUGHT they were sleeping in the other room when you came home from work AND when you went to bed? WHY didn’t you check on them, and wouldn’t it be normal that when you came home from work OR were going to bed that you would let them outside to go to the bathroom? Also, WHY would your ex have a key to your house? If she did, WHY didn’t you change the locks when she left?

No, I have never had a dog stolen AND I know where they are when I go to bed at night. I’m sorry this happened to you, but you are partially, if not totally the blame for this. If you would have checked on the dogs when you FIRST came home, a police report could have been filed sooner. I wonder what the courts will say now about where these dogs should live.

As stated, I’m sorry but this whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

@ Steve…..so you worked 5 hours, then you have to add in the traveling time unless your job is next door, and then another couple of hours went by before going to bed. At the very least, that would be SEVEN hours. Were these dogs suppose to *hold it* for that 7 hours PLUS all through the night?

Nope, this make NO sense to me.

Steve, if you want to email me, you certainly know how to.

Thomas asks…

Anybody know good foster homes for dogs?

I just rescued a pit bull, and I’d like to find a foster home for it. I already have two dogs and I live in an apartment, and my landlord doesn’t even allow me to have any pets what so ever. If you have any numbers or websites for a good foster home, please answer this.

Thank You So Much !

New Niche Finder answers:

You don’t find a foster home. You surrender the dog to a rescue and the rescue finds a foster home for it. So find a pit rescue.

Carol asks…

finding a good home for my dog?

i have to give up my dog and hes like part of the family so its really hard on us does anyone know a web site on finding good homes for dogs
my cousin works at the humane society so shes helping me with that however surrending him for us is not an option it would tear us apart. we actually did move to have him but the manager chaned his mind and gave us 2 warnings already. Labs and breeders? i didnt even think of that the idea hadnt even crossed my mind i was more concerned with a well home. he is pure bred with a pedigree i think ill consider family memebers instead. he is house broken. hes like my baby!!

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m so sorry you have to give him up, have you exhausted every avenue even the far fetched ideas? Ie moving, temp fostering, long term boarding, friends? Why do you need to give him up?

If without a doubt you need to give him up, never list you guy”free to a good home” or whatever, charge $50 to cover “spay/neuter” this will prevent butchers from selling your dog to a lab, you can always waive the fee for a perfect family. Contact your breed rescue, most likely they will not take him but they may have an owner rehome page where they’ll post your guy for free or a small donation. You can also post him in the news paper or craigslist. Petfinder requires a 501c3 nonprofit status and most other site like 1-800-save-a-pet requires your guy in in an org.

Write a good profile, give your dog personality, list good and bad, full disclosure. Address any possible red flags owners may have ie. 3yo outgoing friendly m breed neutered, housebroken, good with dogs, kids and cats, does not chew, well trained knows sit and off leash recall and walk. Dog needs a new home because of forclosure. Require a phone and in person interview with homecheck.

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