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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Richard asks…

How do i convice a lady to find a better home for her dogs?

Well there is this lonely lady who is 52 yrs old and is single in a run down home. She has a small yard and 3 very large dogs one is a purebred wolf (yeah i know she has a permit but still its mean) and a 87% wolf hybrid and a coyote wolf shepherd mix dog. she works ALL day and her dogs only go on walks on the weekends she feeds purina dog food (thats horrible dog food) and she acutally eats wet dog food because she is so poor. She just breeds the wolfs two. i dont feel its fair for the dogs in a small home alone all day and she does take okay care of them like she does provide vet care and stuff. to help her out i bought her some candiea (or how ever you spell it) dog food. i offered to wak her dogs everyday but she ways i cant handle them wich is bull becuase all of my dogs are 10 times worse
how to i get her to find new homes for the dogs she doesnt seem like she provides enough attentionj

New Niche Finder answers:

Oh boy what a tough one! I would call the local humane society, unfortunately they might not do anything about it since they are being fed.

What do your neighbors say? Maybe you can get a petition together.

I don’t know but good luck keep us informed as to what happens.

Michael asks…

How do I convince my mom to find a new home for her dog?

My mom got a puppy this summer, and it is causing a lot of problems. I’m allergic to her, so I can’t go to my mom’s house anymore to help her with housework. She jumps up and has scratched, drawing blood, more than one person. She gave my mom an infection that had her in the hospital for five days, and my mom still defends her and says she is trying to be good. She chews everything up, including my mom’s shoes, slippers, and the woodwork in her house, and my mom can’t afford to keep replacing her footwear, let alone the hardwood fixtures of her home! Any advice would be appreciated.
Alright, listen. Nobody tried to answer the question I was actually asking. I didn’t want to write a whole novel about the situation, but apparently there were more details you would have needed.
I am pregnant and can’t take any allergy medications right now. My mom needs help around her house because she is disabled, and I can’t afford to hire someone else! I need to be able to do it. The infection she got from the dog was life-threatening! What if someone else gets it from one of her scratches while she’s being trained? I am not a fricking monster, I didn’t say my mom should put the dog in a shelter, there are friends of hers that are willing to take her! I needed to convince her that she would not be failing the dog if she let her friend raise her and train her. She would still be able to see the dog. Jumping to conclusions and attacking me was completely uncalled for.

New Niche Finder answers:

Grow up and start acting your age. So you have allergies, unless they are deadly sever you can take meds. As for your mother’s puppy, find her a GOOD obedience class to enroll in and make sure she keeps up with trimming the pup’s nails.

Jenny asks…

How can I find a new home for my loving Boxer male?

We live in PA, have a 1 1/2 year old great tempered pure bred Boxer, AKC registered,neutered, up to date with shots. Great with kids and very friendly. We need find him a new home. He is free to a good family that can give him the time our family can no longer. We love him but have his best interets at heart. He has to spend to much alone time and that is not fair to him. Help if you can be the new loving family this dog needs.

New Niche Finder answers:

Surrender him to a boxer rescue. They will try to find him the best home possible. They will take applications, do home visits, call references, get the dog vetted, etc. All in all they will everything they can to ensure that your dog will get the best home possible. Good luck to you. Be wary of every potential adoptor if your giving him away free. Please surrender him to a rescue so they can do the necessary checks.

If you love your dog, give him to a rescue. They are experienced in rehoming dogs.

Mandy asks…

How can I find a good home for my chinchilla?

I have a Chinchilla who is about 10 months old. She is very sweet and gentle if you handle her nicely. She loves to be pet and loves to jump up on my lap or sit on my shoulder. She was very nice with our cats and they all got along beautifully. But we got a puppy and the puppy freaks her out. Where can I advertise to find a new home (without dogs) for my sweet little chin? I don’t want to sell her, just give her and her cage and toys to someone who will care for her and provide a dog-free environment.

New Niche Finder answers:

I found on yahoo here a site for people with exotic pets in my area and a lot of the time there are people looking for new homes for their pets. The best thing about this is that most of these people are associated with animal groups which insures that your chin is getting a good home and the person is aware of the chins needs not just that it is a cute animal. You can also look for a local rescue in your area that takes in exotics. In my opinion they are better compared to humane society because they meet future owners and chose the right owner with the best of their judgement. Chins are expensive animals to care for and need certain care to meet their needs you want to avoid advertising in the paper for free. Alot of people will be more than willing to take the animal and not care for it. It happens alot when it comes to animals like these just like hamsters and such, they get forgotten in some corner. Good luck, I hope this helps.

Paul asks…

How do I find a new loving home for my dog?

I am 24 weeks pregnant and my house just isnt big enough for our 2 year old weimeramar and a baby my husband and I were hoping to be moved into a bigger house by now but due to loss of job This year plans on hold and we just dont have ther room for new baby and the dog. We live near cleveland Ohio and would like to give him to some one we know will take as good care of him as we do but now isnt a good time for any one we tried the local breed rescue and they are full any suggestions would be appreciated
Well bob I actually was told I wouldnt have children so this is actually a miracle and as for my dog toby he is the love of my life and this is a very hard thing for me to do as he has been my so called son for 2 and a half years now I lost my job due to my pregnancy this was unexpected and you must not know the breed he is 90 lbs and loves my bed couch, and lap we have a 2 bedroom house on an acre of land if he enjoyed the outdoors more I could keep him but he loves helping mommy with everything so yes therefor not enough room for both him and baby and no plans as of now to get any other dogs!
We walk every night one mile thats not the problem

New Niche Finder answers:

I live in Oxford Ohio and I could help… But tis like a 4 hour drive… Email me. Sarah_johnson45013@yahoo.com

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