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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Ken asks…

What all is involved in finding a new home/shelter for a micro-chipped dog?

Hi everyone

I have a wonderful dog that I can no longer keep due to a number of issues that have recently cropped up in my life. The dog is a medium-large breed and about 7-8 years of age with an excellent temperment and is amazingly quiet, well-behaved, friendly and playful. All vacinations were recently done along with bloodwork, etc and got a clean bill of health.

Unfortunately (and it makes me very sad but I really have no other alternative at this time) I’m being forced into a position where I either have to find a new (and loving) home for this dog or even make a trip to the local animal shelter (which I dread).

One question/concern I have however, is that this dog is microchipped and I’m not quite sure what the procedure is for getting the chip re-programmed out of my name and into the new owner’s name. Obviously, there is a liability factor here because if someone were to adopt this dog, promising to have the dog “transferred” into their name but fail to do so and the dog were to escape and/or bite someone, I assume I would be the one who’s head this would come down on. How exactly do you go about adopting a microchipped dog out while at the same time covering/protecting yourself?.

Also, what is the procedure for taking a dog to a county (or even private) animal shelter?. I have no idea what is involved. Am I required to bring anything special with me?. Will there be lots of paperwork with invasive questions to fill out?. Will the dog be put down if it isn’t adopted within so many days/weeks (this really bothers me!)?.

I have to admit that I am completely clueless about how any of this is done and what all is involved. When I first got the dog, it was a simple handshake and a phone call. I am already highly anxious and stressed with my current issues and having to part with my dog and this just adds to the stress not know how to go about this.

Any helpful, constructive input is welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks in advance for enlightening me on this extremely difficult situation.

New Niche Finder answers:

When you had the dog microchipped you should have recieved paywork that have contact details of the company she is registers with who can advice you. Iif you have to rehome your dog then you should make sure you take her to a no kill animal resuce . They usually have a waiting list of dog to come in as they have no time limit to how long they keep a animal till they can find a new home so some can take a week and some months . But you owe it to the dog to take the time and wait till they have space for it. When you take a animal in there is some paperwork to fill in as they will need to know as much about the dog as possible to find a suitable home. Take any paperwork you have including vacciantion paperwork and the microchip paperwork as they will register it under there name. You will also have to make a small payment that help them cover the cost of the dog while in their care as they get no goverment funding and you owe the dog that too. Please make sure you take her to a no kill centre .

Thomas asks…

How do i introduce my cat to a new home environment with a dog?

Yesterday i took my friends cat because they couldnt keep it anymore. I gave it to them a year ago when he was old enough to leave his mother (a neighborhood cat had kittens in my yard and i took care of mama and the kittens until they were old enough to find new homes). He knows me and my scent so hes used to me. I brought him to my apartment that i share with my sister, niece, and their rottweiler. I know cats take a bit to get used to their new environment and the dog has no problems with other animals, especially cats but i want the cat to end up being cool with the dog and i just want to make sure everything goes smoothly so any pointers or advice for helping my cat get comfortable is greatly appreciated. Right now the cat hides all day under the covers of my bed and explores the new environment at night when its quiet. The dog will sometimes just come up and smell the bed and then she walks away. She doesnt really pay any mind to the cat other than trying to say hello every now and then so the dog isnt really of any concern. I just want the cat to like the dog and roam the apartment freely and comfortably. What are some things i could do to ease the cats’ transition into this new environment?

New Niche Finder answers:

If they don’t have issues with each other just now then with time they will likely develop a good bond, or at least a mutual understanding. The cat needs time to come to terms with all the huge changes it has just had to undergo. Once it is used to these things it may well become interested in the dog. My cats nuzzle our dogs when they come back in from being outside, and both like to sleep in dog baskets. One of them even likes to cuddle with one of the dogs, but this has taken time to develop. In summary – give them time. Good luck with the cat and dog!

Donna asks…

Is Peaceful Pawz a good in home dog obedience company?

I am looking into in home dog obedience training for my 4 month old pit puppy and so far am most interested in Peaceful Pawz which is owned by Marianne Courey and located in Metro Detroit. I can’t seem to find any reviews on her or her company and was hoping for a little help on here! The price is very reasonable (5 sessions/100$) but want to know if the training is worth it! Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

For a puppy I would suggest that you GET OUT of the house and GO to a doggie obedience school. Why? Your dog needs to be exposed to new people, new places, and new dogs so that he or she can learn that they are all good things. If you want your dog to be calm and confident as an adult, you need to do training around a variety of things and make sure your dog has good experiences with those things as a puppy.

And as far as finding a good obedience school- looking at review online is always good but I’d also suggest that you ask if you can drop by and watch a class (ideally the one you’ll be taking) before you sign up. Then you can decide if it is the kind of place you want. If things are totally out of control and there are 40 dogs running around barking like mad- it might not be a place for you. If you get there and the trainer says ‘we don’t use treats because they are bribes!’ and then alpha-rolls her dog- you might not want to train there either. Best way to find one you like is to just go and look and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the people how long they’ve been training or how they got interested in dogs.

Lizzie asks…

How to set up a home dog grooming business?

What are all the steps in to having a home dog grooming business nd where would you buy the facilities?

New Niche Finder answers:

You would need to have a separate area for your business, away from your living area. The grooming stations need to be away from any pets or outsiders that you have in your home. Most supplies can be purchased through companies that offer sinks, tubs and other supplies for hair dressers and the like.
There are certain laws that need to be followed according to your state that need to be followed when setting up your shop also, it’s best to start there.

Linda asks…

How much is home dog/puppy training?

I’m thinking about getting a home dog trainer. How much does it usually cost? I know it depends and the price varies, but what does it generally cost?

I’m thinking about getting a trainer from barkbusters. Anyone heard of them? Are they successful at what they do? Also, in general, do these (dog training) lessons pay off. That is, are they even worth it/ beneficial?

If it helps at all, I live in California.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well if i was you id do a obedience class that way your training your dog and not some stranger i think hands on is alot better for you and the dog plus you get socialize your dog will be alot more dog/people friendly…now if theres a real big problem you cant solve your self then call a personal dog trainer…at a pet store the classes will cost around $100

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