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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Sharon asks…

Is it illegal to re-home dogs for a fee?

In the state of Texas, it is illegal to re-home dogs for a fee?
I’ve been informed by Austin animal control that it’s illegal to re-home dogs for a fee in newspapers, on the internet, and any form. But people do it all the time though.

New Niche Finder answers:

You mean, as in being an “adoption broker” for dogs?

Not unless there is some obscure law in Texas saying it is.

Richard asks…

What’s a good family dog, but will also defend my family when we are threatened?

Own my own home. Dog will be part of family an loved. I travel a lot for my job and would feel more comfortable with a dog watching over my family. Children range from months to 9 yrs. Plz no PETA type Answers.

New Niche Finder answers:

Cane Corso 100% !!! They are very very loyal, gentile with children and naturally protective. My newest girl doesn’t leave my side! She is very protective by nature, even if she hears anything she’ll get up next to me and be at attention and bark. They are very smart and trainable. Had one that mastered the down stay at 6 weeks. I would highly encourage you to get this breed! They are a bigger dog (100-150ish) low shedders, and big cuddle bugs! They do however need a dominant owner, and slobber. However they are not for everyone! Good luck!

Joseph asks…

Do dogs not eat when they are depressed?

I leave food out for my dog all the time – he doesn’t overindulge and is not overweight. If he’s hungry, he should be able to eat. When I come home, dog is happy. I play with dog, pet dog, all that stuff. First thing after that, that dog wants to do, is eat…I think he’s starving himself all day because he’s lonely and depressed. Anybody else see this too?

New Niche Finder answers:

Serious separation anxiety. He is to busy worrying about you rather than his food. Give him things to keep him distracted when you are gone, like chew toys and hide his favorite treats around your house for him to find.
Another thing to do is train your dog to know it’s ok when you leave because you will come back. Like go out your door for 5 minutes, come back in and give him lots of love. Once he settles in for 5 minutes, extend the time.
And one more thing, do you keep him in a crate? Or a room that is safe and secure? Sometimes dogs feel better when they are in their “safety zone” or a place they can call their own
But in the long run, doesn’t it feel good to know someone loves you that much?

Sandra asks…

How to have my own dog grooming career?

Hi there i would like to have my own dog grooming business at home and need some tips and advice on what is needed.I know i need my small business license, would like to get my certificate online, which online course is the best?I have interned for dog groomers but would like to start my in home dog grooming business.And know all the basics and all breed hair styles.Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

The only thing I actually know to be true about this is that you can purchase dog grooming videos and learn how specific breeds are suppose to be groomed.They teach you step by step.I don’t know where you are going to get dogs to practice on though.Go online and do a search for Online Dog Grooming Schools and see what you get.

Lisa asks…

What Documents do i need to open a Dog Bathing Business in TN?

I am thinking about opening a In Home Dog Bathing Business in the state of TN, and i am needing to know if i need any special licenses or insurances or anything like that.

New Niche Finder answers:

A local business license from the city hall where you will be based, coat is usually under $100, a business checking account at a bank of your choice ans I would suggest a liability policy from a local agent that writes small business policies just in case a dog gets injured accidentally.

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