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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For My Dog

Donna asks…

Having to find my dog a new home. :(?

I have a great dane mix that I am having to put up for adoption because we no longer have the space or time for him. I am worried about finding him a good home because I don’t want him to be mistreated by whoever adopts him. How do i know whether or not that he is going to a good home?
Im in West valley, Utah. If someone chooses to stalk ME of all people they will be way over their heads lol

New Niche Finder answers:

Okay, try this rescue and see if they’ll take a mix:

if not – this one takes allsorts:

as does this one:

I’m so sorry you have to go through this – but you need to find a reputable rescue – not give him to anyone directly, ever! A good rescue will foster him, get to know him, and then find a home with people who have applied to the rescue and undergone a home visit and reference checks – so they know he is safe.

Going through a rescue is far different than just giving him to “nice” people – the pepole who apply adopt know they will be screeend, and that tends to get rid of the wrong ones immediately. Rescues also share the names of people who are abusers and hoarders, and don’t adopt to them. The rescue would also be there for him, should something happen so he coudln’t stay in that home.

I’m not sure Great Dane rescue will accept a mix – but if you tell me where you are located (you can email me), I will try and find you a GOOD rescue to work with- I have many, many contacts:

Don’t let anyone just breeze on by and take him – and NEVER advertise online, anywhere.
A rescue can handle this process – nothing good comes out of a private adoption, especially for the dog. Just let them handle it.

John asks…

Brother is re homing his dog, how to help him find a new good, responsible home?

My brother got a dog that he wasn’t prepared for and it has lived with us and we have been taking care of him ever since. But now he has decided to re home. Which will be good for the dog. (I would love to keep the dog but unfortunately my parents don’t want it in the house, so it lives his life on a chain all day and night.) Not a good quality of life for a dog in my opinion.

Anyways, my brother is going to come up today and take some pictures of the dog and post an ad on craigslist.
By the way, my brother has contacted about 8? rescues and NONE of them are taking any new dogs in. Should we maybe just wait a while until a rescue opens up? Or just rehome him ourselves?
It could be a long time before a rescue takes him in though.

My Questions: I heard that you are supposed to charge a rehoming fee? How much? I’m sure my brother will willingly give them his food and water dish, all of his remaining food ( he just bought him a 50 pound bag so he still has quite a bit of food left.) his toys, his bed and his kennel at maybe an additional price if they want it, although if they wanted it in the house it would probably need to be washed out first since it has been outside, and his bed would probably need to be washed to.

The dogs is up to date on all of his shots including rabies ( we have proof of everything) he has been fixed, he had a check up when we first got him and got given a clean bill of health, he was dewormed (proof of that as well) and he was given treatment for Giardia, although unsure if that worked or not as my brother won’t pay to get another fecal exam done. And possibly a heartworm test and some heartguard prevention.
And he is NOT purbred. He’s a German Shepherd/Pit Bull and possibly has some Rottweiler or Lab in him, mutt. He looks mostly like a German Shepherd but kind of has a Pit Bull personality (he’s very sweet and “clown like.”
The dog is over 80 pounds if that matters? He has done fine with all four of our dogs even our little dogs and has never shown any aggression to our cats.
But he is mostly untrained and hyper will jump up on you (is getting better though), knows sit, shake and comes when he’s called, know his name.
He is 2-3 years old. And other than possible Giardia he is healthy. And shows no symtoms.

So how much should we charge for a re homing fee? My brother doesn’t want money, just to make sure he gets a good, responsible owner.

Also: How do we make sure he gets a good, responsible home? He is such a sweet dog and we all fell in love with him immediatley and we want him to go to a good, forever home where he will be taken good care of.
What type of questions do we ask? We don’t just want to give him to the first people that show up.
We prefer that he lives in the house as part of the family and not just be outside on a chain all day like he is here. Maybe a few hours a day outside in a *fenced* yard would be fine. And we want someone who is going to take him to the vet when he gets sick and not let him suffer, and prefer someone who is active who will give him lots of exercise, and give him the love and attention he deserves.
So any tips on questions to ask potentional owners and how to tell if they are right for him or not?

Also even though he is an outside dog here, I think he would adjust to being inside dog just fine, especially if he got his exercise and some more training, as he always wants to come in our house.
I also realize that the dogs sounds more like mine than my brothers, but the dog has lived with us now for a few months, and I have cared for him, and love him, I just feel bad for him being outside all day in the heat, when he wants to be in and not getting enough, attention and exercise as he desevers, I feel a dog should be a member of the family.

Anyways the dogs does need exercise (though he can sit on a chain with little exercise and behaves fine just hyper when left off which is understandable.) He doesn’t howl, he does bark though when he sees stuff. He needs more work on his training and seeing how he does with people, (though I’m sure he would be fine as my brother adopted him for the pound and they tempermant test them and he loved all of his immediatly. He does shed (though brushing would help, which he does fine with) and possibly some more giardia treatment.

Sorry this is so long!
Any help/advice is greatly apperciated.
And sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes I’m in a hurry.

P.S. I am sure the dog would be fine with children as well.
And I know a dog is for life but, my brother got a dog without researching and realizing the time, commitment and money a dog cost.

I would love to keep him if we could give him a proper home. And he will be greatly missed as he fits in so well with everyone and all of out pets (even our dogs who attempt to beat him up, he doesn’t care!)

We are just trying to do what his best for the dog in this situation.
Julie: I feel really stupid for saying this, but I honestly don’t think there are any Humane Society’s near me. I think the closest one is about four hours away. And I can’t drive and I really doubt my brother or parents would drive that either.

We have a few pounds but they are all high kill shelters, and I coudn’t stand the thought of having him euthanized. (Hence, the reason we have kept him so long.)

They are a bunch of rescues in my area and surrounding areas which are either no kill or kill very few animals but my brother called maybe 5-8 of them about 5-6 weeks ago and they were all filled up and not taking anymore.

Perhaps, we should just wait and keep calling them until they have more room and can take him?
That’s what I would feel best about anyways. Because they make potential adopters fill out an application and they do a home check. And make them sign a contract stating that they will not be chained up outside and won’t spend more than a few hours outside, and th

Perhaps, we should just wait and keep calling them until they have more room and can take him?
That’s what I would feel best about anyways. Because they make potential adopters fill out an application and they do a home check. And make them sign a contract stating that they will not be chained up outside and won’t spend more than a few hours outside, and they if for any reason they ever need to get rid of the dog it goes back to them. And they check up on people to make sure they are following the “rules.”
And he is a good dog and I’m pretty sure that the rescues wouldn’t put him to sleep.

So maybe this is our best option? Wait until a rescue opens up and take him there?
Or how do you know if you have a Humane Socity in your area or not?

I was worried as well about giving him away on craigslist.

Thanks for your answer! And everyone else’s too!

New Niche Finder answers:

When you put an ad on craigslist, you don’t need to put a price. A re-homing fee is necessary, but the price of the dog should be about $50 and debatable. You are right, this will ensure that he goes to a home that actually wants him as a family pet.

To further make sure that the home he goes to is a good one, you can talk with the potential owner about visiting the house. That way, you can see for yourself that he is going to a forever home. If you want, even go to the vet with them and make sure that he gets registered. Ask questions about what type of food he will be getting, how long he will be left alone for, if he will be crated when they are gone, if they plan on keeping him inside most of the day, and if they have other dogs on the premises. Talk to them, and make sure that EVERYONE in the family is on board with wanting the dog. If everyone is not on board, do not let them have the dog – because this could result in family arguments and an eventual rehoming.

You also need to do a test run and see if the family and the dog get along well; that includes letting him meet the other dogs.

Donald asks…

Best place to find a new home for my beloved dog?

I have a one year old dog that is very much a part of my family. I love him very much and I can’t live with my self unless I know I’ve found him a great forever home. Someone that will take care of him and love him until the day he dies. I have to find him a new home because I’ve decided tO join the navy and can’t bring him with me. Anyways my question is how do I find him the best possible home? What websites are good? Any organizations that are super picky about who they let adopt? Although I really HATE the possibility of him ever being in a shelter. I would prefer to place him directly into another home. Any suggestions welcome. Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

Give it to a relative!
In that way, you know who you’re giving it to AND you can visit him anytime possible!

Mandy asks…

What’s the best way to find a new home for a dog?

I have an adorable and sweet , black mini schnauzer puppy. He is 7 months old and a great dog. We picked a mini schnauzer after a lot of research because my son has asthma and they are supposed to be great dogs for people with allergies and asthma. Also we had friends with a mini schnauzer that he played with occasionally with no ill effects. Unfortunately since we got Baxter my son’s asthma has gone crazy, he’s sick constantly, and using his nebs and inhaler all the time. After ruling other causes out, the doctor really feels that the puppy is the problem. We are so upset to have to give him away, but want to find him a good quality home. We really don’t want anyone to breed him either. How do we go about finding the best home – do we charge or not? There are not any no-kill shelters in our area (and we really don’t want to send him to a shelter) or breed rescue groups anywhere nearby. Please help!

New Niche Finder answers:

Some breed rescue groups will actually come get your dog for you, depending on the situation & how far away they are. Definitely don’t put him on a site like Craigslist, there’s too many bad stories about the kind of people that ‘adopt’ a cheap/free dog off there. *Before anyone gets offended about the Craigslist comment, just think about it… It’s the easiest way to find people trying to dump off their ‘problem’ dogs, as you can’t charge a substantial ‘rehoming’ fee on that site… People get those dogs from unsuspecting people & either use them for breeding or ‘bait’ for fighting dogs.
Instead, since your dog is still a puppy, I’d go through your local paper or breed specific website. Charge a reasonable amount of money for him to avoid irresponsible people from adopting him. If you’d like, have a neuter contract with the new owners if you don’t want him bred, require references both personal & vet if they own another animal, & even a home visit before approving the new home (make all this clear up front in your ad). That way prospective new owners will know that you are not ‘dumping’ the dog due to bad behavior & that you are also not willing to give him out to the first willing person you meet.
You could also ask your vet to place an ad in their office- at least that way you would know that the new owners provide vet care to their animals! If the dog is purebred, see if & when any upcoming dog events are in your town- then place an ad there if they allow it. Finally, if you got your dog from a reputable breeder, it’s very possible that he or she would take the dog back. Most decent breeders are willing to take back the dogs they sell if it doesn’t work out for the new owners.

Maria asks…

i am being rehoused a nedd to find a new home for my collie dog how do i go about it?

i can not take my dog with me is there any organisations that can help with this problem

New Niche Finder answers:

A lot of vets are great about finding homes for dogs.

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