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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Jenny asks…

How to make two noisy neighbor dogs stop barking without calling the police?

I don’t want to call out the law, and the owner’s aren’t home. The dogs are really annoying, and they won’t stop barking.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well when this happened to me i used to give the dog food and talk to her. Eventually the neighbors just gave me the dog. Her name was Lacy but i called her Barkey. She just needed some attention and of course food!

Richard asks…

how can I make my own dog cookie recipe?

what are some “dog friendly” things that I can put in the cookies? also how do I make the proportions? would I just bake it like a normal cookie for 350 degrees? have any of you come up with home made dog recipe’s ?

New Niche Finder answers:

2 cups whole wheat flour(I subbed rice flour b/c my dog gets no other grains than rice)
1 TBS baking powder
1 cup of natural peanut butter
1 cup of low fat milk

Mix dry ingredients in one bowl together. Mix pb and milk in a separate bowl. Now mix ALL ingredients together. Knead the dough on top of a little flour and roll out. Cut into whatever shape you’d like and cook on a greased pan. Oven set on 375 degrees for 20 minutes! And that’s it!!

I cooked a little longer because mine were too thick. Roll them out with a roller about 1/3″ thick and they will cook in the allotted time. They should be crunchy. This recipe makes a lot of them. I froze most of them so they’d stay fresh and even gave them frozen. My dog loved this and how easy is that recipe! I used doggy cookie cutters shaped like bones and paw prints.

Sandy asks…

I would like to begin feeding my dog home cooked meals?

He currently gets wellness dog food. How can I transition him from that food to home cooked dog food without making him ill? Suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

I like Dogaware as a site to start learning about cooking for your dog and canine nutrition.


George asks…

How do i learn more about dogs and cats?

Later in my life i will get a dog…And get a house for fosters dogs and cats. I asked a question if i need A college degree for a foster home for dogs and cats but they said no. All they said was you need to Learn more about dogs and cats…So just send me a link or tell me :) Thanks

New Niche Finder answers:

Check out some books, talk to people you know that own dogs and cats, scour the internet for information. Start at your library and here: http://dogbreedinfo.com/ and http://animal.discovery.com/breedselector/dogselectorindex.do

Nancy asks…

What should I get my dog for Christmas?

Okay. As of December 1st Perdi is 14 years old. So nothing like a hard chew toy. She dont like them. She likes those bones you get in bags that arnt all dry the ones that have flavor. So what I wanna do is bake her something and wrap it. I don’t know much other than that though. So If you have any sights for good home made dog treats or good toys for old dogs you think that my spoiled pup would like. Please comment. Thanks!
Well. Perdi is kinda spoiled. She dont like to eat her greens nor does she like plain breed. Also she is a Beagle Hound Mix. Dunno if that changes anything but it might

New Niche Finder answers:

Have you thought about a Kong fill it with peanut butter freeze it and let your dog enjoy a treat that way .

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