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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Steven asks…

Can I use K9 advantix II for small dogs on a medium dog?

I asked the guy at the store which one to get and he gave me the small dog (10 lbs and under). I, like an idiot, did not read the box until I got home. My dog is 20lbs. Is the difference just the amount of medicine in the tube? Will this amount still be effective?

New Niche Finder answers:

Why do you think they have different ones for different sized dogs? You can use it, but who knows how effective it will be.

Nancy asks…

can a dog be left outside for 7ish hours?

This does not mean that the dog will be living outside, it will just be staying there during the day when NO ONE is home. The dog will have shelter and something to cool them, lots of water, etc. I can buy 7000030492 toys and put the dog in a kennel made of diamond (so no one can harm it/steal it.). Iv’e read that dogs need to be with their pack. But what if their pack is away? Remember NO ONE is home. I’m interested in a GSD or Doberman but recommend another breed if those two breeds are unsuitable for staying outside for 7 hours. Please answer this question and don’t tell me that dogs are human babies and are fragile. Thank You. I live in a warm, tropical climate BTW.

New Niche Finder answers:

If you can afford 7000030492 toys and a diamond kennel then hire someone to come over and care for the dog or put it in a doggie day spa.

Mark asks…

What are some natural treats to give to dogs?

I have sickly dogs it seems. I got them both from a shelter so back off. Anyways, they both seem to have hot spots and one has them in her ear really bad. She been to a vet sevral times. She also has had bladder stones and I have to keep her on a special food for urine health. We usually buy just regular crappy beggin strips for them for treats. Now that we are battling allergy issues I am going to stop feeding them these kinds of treats. What can I give them that is more natural that I know doesn’t have a bunch of junk in them. They expect treats…lol so I have to give them something. I was thinking I could make them something. So what are your healthy home made dog treat ideas? I would also like some without wheat just in case that’s what they are allergic to.
I don’t think this matters but they are both Shih Tzus :)
Well, Obviously I can do an internet search, I wanted to know of other people who make their own treats. They don’t like fruit and veggies, so I need to make something tasty.

And pig ears…Seriously, those are terrible for your dogs, gives your dog terrible gas and also the runs.
The bladder stones were because of too much protein, we actually used to buy the fish treats but my male dog is allergic to fish. He was having terrible problems with his ears and once we stopped giving them to him he stopped itching and his ears cleared up. We have also given him salmon and he had allergy problems all night, only happens with fish.

New Niche Finder answers:

Yogurt, dehydrated sweet potatoes, or baked sweet potato fries. Canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie. Cottage cheese, peanut butter, apples, salmon and eggs. Pineapple contains mostly sugar but it also contains calcium and potassium. Frozen pineapple can be a fun summer treat for your dog. All in moderation.

George asks…

Should I find a new home for my dog, part two?

Great suggestions, But I do have a four year old son, I take night classes, and I am on the parent meeting commitee for my sons preschool, Most of you said I should just make time, but that isnt alway that easy. I work full time, and when I get off work, I pick my son up and drop him off at a sitter three nights a week, so what little time I do have I spend it with my son. I also have homework, and late evening with my new job, and early mornings. I dont need a lecture, about responsiblity, but just some honest feedback, or suggestions, about finding a good home. My dog is almost three, this isnt a situation I just got a puppy and realized I dont have the time for her. Serious and compasionate answers only please.

New Niche Finder answers:

We all make mistakes. If I were you, I would give up my dog to a No Kill shelter. They will keep her untill someone adopts her. Good luck with everythings else

Jenny asks…

Why do my dogs ignore me when my parents are home?

Whenever my parents are out, my dogs spend the entire time my parents are gone with me. But when my parents are home, my dogs walk away if I even try to PET them, they won’t sit with me, and they don’t respond to my commands. Its frustrating/: Why do they do this?

New Niche Finder answers:

It might seem weird my dog spends about 16 hours a day with me she sleeps in my room most of the time on top of me and she will cry when I leave to go to work or skl I even take her for a walk everyday and I take her swimming but something when my dad comes in she goes straight to him it’s like I’m. Not there anymore but I know she still loves me cause she still spends most of the time with but don’t worry dogs are weird just try to spend more time with him/her and try to take it for walks and things it loves to catch that stuff hope this helped

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