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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Ken asks…

Why when our front door is open and our car door is open our dog runs outside into the open car and sits in it?

Do your dogs or dogs of people you know do that?Some of us are staying at home while my mom is taking my one of my brothers somewhere and three of us happen to be home our dog runs into our car and sitsin it.She makes us late to our appointments when she does that.

New Niche Finder answers:

The dog obviously wants to go for a car ride, my parents have a mini australian Shepard and if the motor home or car or truck door is open he will sit in the passengers seat until we take him for a ride. He will ride quads or the polaris rzr with my and my family. Your dog just wants to go for a ride, take her for one

Mary asks…

How do you get your dog to like you if he doesn’t like you?

When ever I get home, my dog just sniffs me and sneezes on me and walks away. But when someone else gets home, my dog jumps on them and licks then. While he Ignores ME. How do i get him to like me?

New Niche Finder answers:

It sounds like he sees himself as your boss. Top dogs will ignore those they see as being beneath them in the pack. It is submissive behaviour to lick and fawn on another pack member which is what he doing to your family members. Giving him more petting to try and win his attention only reinforces his idea that he is top dog, only a submissive pack member freely gives attention to a top dog. Going to him and petting him for no reason shows you are submissive to him.
As some have already said, he needs to see you as a provider for him. You should be responsible for feeding him, taking him for walks, letting him outside, getting him a drink, anything. And don’t just do it for him make him work for it. For example, tell him to sit or down and make sure he obeys you before he gets what he wants. This is a non-confrontational way to show him you are his leader. Also, if he’s allowed on your bed, don’t let him for now or at least not without permission. He should also readily move off if you tell him. If he resists ban him from the furniture and keep a short leash on him so you can move him if you must. I hope this helps. :)

James asks…

How do I get my Dog Certified?

I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression, and have suicidal tendencies as well as problems hearing. I’m currently a college student preparing to transfer to a four year university. The only thing that calms me is the companionship of my puppy, though I fear that the school or the apartments near school would not allow for my puppy.

Thus I’m wondering how I would be able to bring my best friend with me. How would I have my dog either certified as a Therapeutic Dog, Service Dog, or Emotional Support dog? I’d be grateful for information on all three as I can also better understand for myself.

It is to my current understanding that Therapy Dogs are used to take care of people for example in nursing homes or retirement homes. Service dogs are used to help people like me with problems hearing. Emotional Support Animals are also used for people like me who have severe depression and suicidal tendencies.

Would it therefore be recommended that I have him certified for my university and future housing situation?

New Niche Finder answers:

In the U.S. To have and use a service dog, the person must meet the legal definition of “disabled” as set forth by the U.S. Department Of Justice contained in the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act.

No legal determination of disability = no service dog.

Simply having a “disorder” does not mean one is disabled. Having a medical problem or condition does not mean one is disabled. Having depression does not mean one is disabled.Having severe anxiety and agoraphobia does not mean one is disabled. “Lack of social skills” does not qualify as a disability. Because one has had anxiety and panic attacks does not mean they are disabled. Being “impaired” is not the same as being disabled. Having a doctor give one a “diagnosis” is not the same as being disabled. Being too lazy to properly monitor ones blood glucose and insulin levels or choosing not to take prescribed medication properly is not a disability. Having problems hearing does not necessarily constitute being disabled.

The person MUST meet the ADA legal definition of disabled. A simple “doctors note” or a mere diagnosis of a condition is not legal proof of a disability. Neither is being a recipient of SSI, SSDI or the use of any other definition. The only definition of “disabled” which matters for service dog use is the USDOJ definition.

There is no legal “certification” of any type of service dog in the US. All the websites who say they can “certify” or “register” a pet as a service dog are frauds and scams designed to separate stupid people from their money.

Then the dog must be individually trained in work or tasks which directly mitigate the effects of the qualifying disability (the dog must do something that the person is unable to do for themselves because of their disability).The simple presence of the animal is not a legal task or work under the law. Because one is more comfortable with the dog around is not a legal task or work under the law. “Feeling better” because the dog is there does not qualify as a task or work under the law. “Helping me stay calm in the stores and other places” is not a legal task or work under the law. “Because he gets me out of the house” is not a legal task or work under the law. “I don’t panic as much when the dog is with me” is not a legal task or work under the law. “She also seems to act weird before I begin to feel bad or have any episodes” is not a trained work or task under the law. “When I am near him and when I can hug him I feel almost whole” is not a legal task or work under the law. The dog must actually be trained to do something you cannot do for yourself, which is related to your qualifying disability. The dog must also be trained to behave properly when in the public venue, and be under the handlers control at all times. The work or task MUST be related to the qualifying disability.

The first thing you must do is to be certain you meet the ADA legal definition of disabled. Begin there.

Robert asks…

How to keep a pregnant dog warm?

We just rescued a pregnant stray. We called the local shelters and they’re all full or have told us that w/ her being pregnant they would have to put her down due to how hard it is to find homes for dogs like her. Plus w/ her being a pitbull it would make it that much harder. So, we’re going to keep her. We’ve already named her Immie-don’t know why but it just popped into our heads when we found her. She’s probably only a month along or so. Back to my question:

I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep her inside yet or not depending on how my small dogs take to her. So, just in case she has to stay outside, what could we do to keep her warm? We bought an igloo house and some straw but we don’t have a way to put a lightbulb or heating pad in there. Is there anything else we can do for her?

Thanks guys
Also, once the puppies are old enough we are going to spay her and fix them and find good homes for them. And the ones we can’t find homes for we’ll keep. I’ve actually always wanted a pit bull so I guess this was just fate.

New Niche Finder answers:

Do not let her have them outside. If your other dog does not like her separate them. Keep her in a nice quiet room alone and make sure she gets plenty of food and water and outside time. Put your other dog in a room alone to give the new one a chance to roam the house to.

You will not be able to keep any puppies you do not find homes for most places have a limit on the amount of dogs you can own. Also what if she has 10 puppies and you only find homes for 5 are you really going to keep 5 Pit bulls? No you wont…

You can still have the dog spayed!! There are enough Pit bulls with out homes…

Please see a vet as any pregnant dog needs to be examined before breeding and she obviously wasn’t. You need to make sure she is even healthy enough to whelp puppies..

Helen asks…

Can dogs tell everything from one sniff?

i was wondering if a dog can tell where another dog is from,how old,breed,gender etc. I’ve been told this before but not sure if it is true.
When i got home my dog started sniffing me non stop & i’d been walking a friends dog before i came home.

New Niche Finder answers:

It can but not everything.
I think it can tell what breed gender…etc. The dog is only if it smells the dog itself.(unless you got some of the other dog’s urine on you)
but it was sniffing you because it wanted to know where you have been and who you were with :)

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