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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Chris asks…

2 Questions! Home-made dog food 6 – 10kg dogs & Pups w.4?

If you can help with either query – thank you!!!
Home made puppy food
I’ve recentley taken to scaring the life out of myself and have done some research into dog foods. Needless to say I’m highly considering home making my dogs food again – (a trainer convinced us to change to pedigree) – but have some questions to anyone who may have done it before!

My dogs are 6kg and about 10kg respectively, how much meat would each dog require per meal (I feed them twice a day)?
It seem grains are completely un-natural to a dogs diet, but as these make up the most common filler i’ve seen about, what should I use instead? Again, how much p/meal. I’ve heard potatoes and carrots are ideal for dogs (????? Anyone? potatoes gave my old dog the runs – it was the one thing we defo didn’t give her!) and no garlic or onion poison..

What else to provide them with a healthy balanced diet?? Is there any other foods to completely avoid with them? Also they’re pommeranian crosses so NEED to be eating something crunchy – any suggestions?

Also my pups have now reached week 4 and are eating their solid foods – currently feeding them pedigree puppy tins, I’m extremely cautious of any change to their food but also want to get them off to the right start (and commertial dog food doesnt seem to be it!) [adults generally eat bakers complete adult food or pedigree complete to note)
What would you feed your new pups? (bear in mind they’re house pets – not champion show dogs!!)

Pups Wk. 4
I just want to firstly say an enourmous thank you to everyone whose provided me with help through the last 4 weeks – we’re nearly there now!
I just want to confirm my present call of action is right, and see if there’s anything else I should be doing with the pups to get them ready to go to their new houses soon.

I began feeding them baby rice last week, we moved to mushed puppy food this week. I feed them generally 3 – 4 times a day. About 1 tbs p/puppy per meal. I haven’t been giving milk replacer because mom pops up between meals and nurses them through the night. I’ve offered water but they’re not interested so far – they’re not sturdy enough on their legs for me to be comfortable leaving a dish in with them just yet – another day or 2 maybe! (Is it ok they aren’t 100% on their feet yet? they are about 92%, they just loose their balance)

I’ve also allowed other people into them this week to socialize. I’ve tried getting each will-be owner in to play with their pups one on one etc, all going well.
As I say: All this is okay? Should I be doing more/less? What to expect next week!

Thanks ever so much! hope everyone’s having a great day!!!!!
Em, never heard of a vegetarian dog myself!!!

New Niche Finder answers:

I’ve been feeding home-made for about 2 years now and the dogs love it, but there’s a lot of info you need to make sure your dogs are getting a balanced nutrition and all the vitamins/minerals they need.

I use an excellent book I found in my vet’s office called “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats”. It has lots of recipes, all the natural additives you need and what each one is for, as well as a large section on health.

This book is really worthwhile if you’re committed to making your own dog food. It’s very detailed.

Steven asks…

bringing baby home to meet Dogs…?

hey ya’ll… i’m 39 weeks pregnant and i am very worried about bringing the baby home to meet our dogs.. this is our first and our dogs have never been around children… Our American Bulldog(1.5 years old) doesnt seem to like children at all, when ever we take him out to the park etc and he sees a child he freaks out…
our mutt(lab mix) is very hyper and jumps all over the place…
any tips…i would hate to have to get rid of our dogs(our 1st babies)

New Niche Finder answers:

What u need to do is have your husband(or whover) bring home a baby blanket from the hospital that has the babys sent on it That way they can get used to the smell before the baby gets there. I would of advised to take them to obedience classes if u weren’t so far along.BUT SINCE U ARE I would suggest getting a baby doll and treating it like it was a baby (sounds weird but i have heard it works), And showing them the proper thing to do around a baby. Now since alot of what dogs want to do is just smell the baby that is why someone takes the blanket home while u are still in the hospital. When u get home u need to let the dogs be introduced one at a time (since they will both get each other rialled up) have your husband hold them by the collar and let them sniff the baby (watch out for feet). Make sure u tell the dogs how good of a boy they are … Keep saying good boy if they are being good..
Alot of times they see the baby as u do. A baby. So even if they are a bit crazy now most realize that the baby can get hurt.. If u let your dogs on the furniture now.. It is a good time to put a end to it.. Because it is a hard thing to stop u don’t wan’t to have them doing it or training them to stop when u have the baby home. The hardest things for dogs is to not have attention… So u need to try your best to balance your time with baby and dogs, Make sure to always give praise when the baby is home if they are being extremely gentle around the baby.
A friend of mine just took her new baby home a few months back and she has 2 of the craziest dogs I have ever seen. I make her put them up before I will even walk in the house, But they are so good around the baby. Congrats on the new addition to your family, I hope everything goes very smoothly and u are pain free~

Lisa asks…

Dog nursing home volunteer question?

I want to take my dog to a nursing home to visit the elderly. I wanted to know what my dog needs or what is required to do this and how the process is.

New Niche Finder answers:

All three of my dog visit a nursing home. Your dog must be well trained and confident around strangers and accept being handled by strangers. The dog must be housebroke and not a big barker. The dog needs to be used to wheelchairs, walkers and any other equipment that is used in nursing homes. All in all you want a calm quiet dog. The dog should be clean (this doesn’t mean you have to bath the dog every time you visit) but the nails should be cut and filed before the visit. The elderly residents have very thin skin that scratches and tears easily.

If your dog fits the bill then contact the activity directer and ask about bringing your dog in to visit the residents. The seniors love seeing the dogs and if your dog knows any tricks it is better yet. Enjoy yourself it is fun.

ADD: Your dog does not have to be a registered therapy dog to visit a nursing home. They will require that the dog be up to date on shots. Hospitals do require that the dog be a reg. Therapy dog.

John asks…

Leaving my dog at home for 8 hours…?

i’m going on a trip tomorrow, and will be leaving my one year old dog at home alone. I will be leaving at 9am and will be home at around 5 to 6pm. I will be leaving him some food and water, but I’m really worried that he’ll bark and will definitely miss me. Is there anything that I can do to keep him happy?

New Niche Finder answers:

Dogs of his age should not be left alone at home for more than 5 hours but there are some things you can do if you have to leave for an emergency.
Get one of those water dispenser things for dogs, that’ll make sure he has water throughout. Give him some good, filling food just before you leave, so he won’t be too hungry.
For such long time periods, you might have to put him in a room (block the door with a fence) with some newspaper for him too pee on.
Give him a comfy dog bed and at least 4 different toys. Something he loves, like a blanket or something with your smell like a shirt should calm him down fine.
A big, raw, nasty bone should make him very happy!
It would be best though, if you could get a neighbour or friend to come by at around 11:00 am and then at 3:00 pm, just to check up on him.
There are also plenty of doggy day cares around, why not try those, there he will get full time attention and place to run and other dogs to play with!
You’ll also be more at Peace!

Sandy asks…

Simple find at home dog treats?

Hey I just found out that my dog eats carrots! This is cheap and easy treats for training. I am wondering what other yummy find at home treats would be good. ( I dont want like raw meat, table scraps, or like ordinary stuff). ALSO, I was wondering what simple things at home help doggy breath? I thought having my dog lick a candy-cane would be ok. I read it was, but im just checking.

New Niche Finder answers:

I make my dog treats at home using whole wheat flour, peanut butter, toothpaste, baking powder and milk. Dog LOVES them and I can use cookie cutters and make any size I want. Plus it’s cheaper than buying them from the store.

My vet actually recommend green beans for my Bischon. She’s only supposed to weigh about 10lbs and the vet said these wouldn’t make her fat.

It’s OK to give dogs the little star mints peppermint candies as long as you do it sparingly.

Baking chocolate is HIGHLY toxic to dogs. They can however, have white chocolate.

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