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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Lisa asks…

Is it weird to be so attached to your dog…….?


Okay i will try keep this short, I have had my dog since he was a puppy hes just over a year old now. I have never been an animal person, and could never understand people who loved there dogs so much.
I find puppys very cute and really wanted one so got him, he was so cute and i fell in love with him, he is honestly like my best friend!! I couldnt believe how much i love, hes so gorjus! I hated when people dogs you to sit near me i used to feel like they was dirty but i love my dog cuddling up to me.

But it upsets me that i love him so much, i hate it when hes sad, he hates being on his own he hates being without me he crys so much! :( If i leave him and there is another dog he wont mind though. I used to work alot and had to leave him on his own in the day 4 times a week and i felt soooo bad, i give him so much love and the thing i find hardest is he doesnt understand how much i care for him, and if i have to leave him with someone for a few days I cant explain to him why and that im coming back, he just thinks im horrible for leaving. I still everyday find him so cute!!

I just feel like im really weird, and I feel like i dont want to have a baby because I dont want to love him less than something, and if i did have a child obviously if i did have a child i would love it more than the dog, but that scares me!!

Ahhh i feel so attached :( and im worried one day maybe soon i wont have a choice but to find him a new home (long story) i cant actually bare giving him to someone else incase he was really unhappy! :/


New Niche Finder answers:


Sharon asks…

How did you get your dog?

Sam: We think he was abused because he has scars on his body or at least neglected. People found him running stray so they turned him in to the animal shelter. A lady in her 50s then adopted him out after she got a divorce because friends convinced her she needed a dog to keep her company, though she was never a dog person and had never owned one before. Well she got a lab mix thinking it would be a good dog because labs have the reputation of being perfect dogs. She thought wrong though. She had no idea how to care for a dog. he was mostly left outside, free to roam the neighborhood, and she also always had food left out for him…no specific feeding times…so that caused him to get a little overweight and somewhat food aggressive. The lady decided she did not want anything to do with this dog any more so she decided to give him away. Thats when our friends found him. Also thinking a lab would be a great dog, she got him with her 3 little boys who had a minor fear of dogs. he bit all three of them after just 3 days so he needed out of the house. we offered to take him and find him a new home since he had no where else to go. what used to be just a week long thing turned into forever. Sam now lives happily in our home and he isnt leaving us for anything.

Fox: After volunteering at the animal shelter for about two years a small one toothed pom was surrendered because he was having seizures and the owners wanted him euthanized. We convinced them to just turn him over to us. Fox was said to be about eleven years old at the time. After around two months we realized the dog had never had a seizure and wasn’t going to. It was just a silly excuse to get rid of him. My mom couldnt stand seeing a poor pom (her favorite breed) stuck in the dirty shelter like that so we decided to foster him. After getting him home and cleaning him up he gradually started to look younger. The dog who was 11 and having seizures magically became around 6 years old and perfectly healthy. Later, after about 3 months of fostering him, the animal shelter gave him to my family as a gift for all of my hard work down there. We cant imagine what it would have been like if our Foxy would have been put down that day. We are so thankful to have him.

So now I want you guys to tell me how you got your dog. Is there an interesting story behind it or did the dog just give you “the look” saying take me home…im yours”??? Cant wait to hear your answers!

New Niche Finder answers:

I got my dog at a local rescue shelter S.A.D (society for animal in distress) but there is a lot behind this story………

My cat Butchey had just past away at the age of 21, It was very hard on our family but about 3 days after it felt sort of empty in the house and I started wanting an other animal in our house. Later a friend of my dad came by who had heard what happened and told us he new this guy that had found a black lab a little younger than a year old and was giving him away for free because he had very bad allergies so he couldn’t keep him. My dad turned down the offer he was to sad to even start thinking about an other pet. A few days after I looked online on the S.A.D web page (I walk dogs there) and I could not believe my eyes a black lab was up for adoption I was soooo happy labs were my fave kind of dog ( I didn’t know about the dog offer at the time) I showed my mom and she seemed interested and told me yo ask my dad, I begged and pleaded but it was a still no. My mom had tried talking to my dad without me knowing and had told him to go look just to see.

After he looked it was a yes but he wanted to surprise me so he asked me if I wanted to walk a dog, of course I said yes. I t was so fun and Gage love me so much.

After the walk my dad asked me if I wanted this dog I said yes so quickly.

But that’s not the end. Later on my dads friend told us that was the same dog and then he told us the story. On a vacation to B.C a man and his wife found a dog in the Rocky mountains. They stayed 3 extra night but didn’t find th owner after word he tried to keep the dog for himself but allergies were too bad and you can tell were the story went from there.

So his name was changed to rocky and he is now around 3 years old happiely living with me.

Thomas asks…

what are your best tips for stopping urine-marking?

and if you’ve sorted out this problem yourself, how long did it take?

i’ve had to make the tough decision to find a new home for my dog i’ve had for 2 1/2 years. the couple who are about to take him on after getting to know him have mentioned concerns about his territory marking he did in their house. they say they don’t want to put me through the stress of rehoming him just to have him back a few days later. (that bit i thought was cheeky). they had a dog that passed about 6 – 8 weeks ago. to me, as someone who grew up always having dogs, it’s common sense to me that he can smell the other dogs scent and doesn’t know the dog is no longer there.

although what i’d really like to do is say to them ‘if you’re not prepared to take time to iron out the creases in the first few days while he settles in then don’t waste my time’, asides from this little thing they’re the perfect couple for the dog, so i’d rather seem helpful than rude. since the last thing i want is for the dog to go from what he knows to be a good home, just to be rehomed again….that’s not fair on him.

so any help you can offer on this would be appreciated, be it tips for abolishing the urine marking or how to deal with this couple who would be ideal for the dog, but just don’t seem too clued up with the most basic of dog issues.
and in the event the dog is neutered at 18 months old and is now 4 years old?

New Niche Finder answers:

Neutered dogs usually don’t do this.

Linda asks…

Is this wrong in your opinion…what would you do?

Ok a friend of mine is a craigslist fanatic.She gets on the craigslist pet section and bashes everyone who needs to rehome there dogs.So today we were having drinks again here she goes rambling on about a person who was rehoming there 13yr.old pekingese.She was sending her nasty emails telling her what a bitch she was and how she should have been dumped when she was a baby.I felt so bad as I know people are going through things.So when I got home I decided to go on craigslist and see what goes on in a section where you are suppose to be trying to find potential homes for your dog.Well they were bashing this person and had her email and number posted up along with other posts about other ads.I called her and asked her why she was rehoming her dog and she started crying.She said she has had the dog since she was 12yrs.old and that now that she is done with college and in the real world she just cant afford to pay high rent.She is on her own and had to move out of a place where she had a roommate.The only place she could afford did not allow animals…She tried alot of plaes she even offered to fax me all the applications she put in where she begged them to let her keep her dog.She has asked everyone but no one will take her dog in.All she wants is a place for her dog to live happily for whatever amount of time she may have left.I feel for her..Would it hve been better had she thrown the dog in the streets like I have seen people do.Is this wrong of her to rehome her 13yr.old dog.I know the dog is old but she seriuosly cant keep the dog.Finding a new place is crazy also cause thats another 1st months rent and security
BTW she was asking a rehoming fee(which they suggest you do)of $20 for those who were wondering if she was selling the dog or something
Chzbrgr:her had was very touching and she just didnt post an ad saying she had to get rid of her dog.Her posts was long and explained everything about the dogs.She was giving all the vitamins,shampoos,clothes basically all th things that belong to the dog.Whoever read her ad knows this dog like if it were there own since she went into so much detailShe even wantes to visit the dog as often as possible

New Niche Finder answers:

I think people who rehome their dogs because of ignorance shouldn’t have been dog owners in the first place. However, many people have to rehome their beloved pets for very hard reasons and it’s like losing a member of their family for them. People who bash them horribly for it have no idea what living in the real world is like and have no thought or concern for other people’s troubles. People like your friend are ignorant and heartless. You should remind your friend that continuously harassing people online is actually illegal. Cyber bullying can lead to jail time if someone reported her. Someone should report her.

Susan asks…

How do you tell someone they cant have your dog, after you told them they could?

The situation is that my friend has this puppy dropped at her house. Where she lived she tried to post LOST DOG posts up ..and after about 3 weeks with no response, she was going to take him to the pound. I couldnt let that happen so I took him home.(planning on finding him a home) I took him to the vet to get him neutered and shots. They told me he was around 6 months. I kept him until he was well from the surgery and everything. Then I placed an add for him on craigslist to find him a new home. I would love to keep him but I already have 3 other dogs and cant.
Well this couple emailed me about him, and we talked for about a day through emails. She told me she wouldnt be about to come get him for a week, because they live 2 hours away. I told her that I would keep him until then. After we started talking more, I’m kind of getting the feeling that she wouldnt be the best place for him to go.
I mean they seem like really nice people. I was hoping for someone local to take him, so I could actually go to their house to see if they have a fenced yard and all. Plus I really just dont like the idea of a 2 hour car ride on my little guy. I know people take dogs on trips all the time, but he isnt use to it.
How should I tell them that I really dont want them to have him anymore?
I have had about 20 people that are local interested in him.

New Niche Finder answers:

It’s difficult, but tell the truth – you have changed your mind. You don’t owe these people anything (I assume you didn’t take a deposit?), and in fact, they are strangers who you will probably never ever meet now. It might be difficult, and you may get some verbal, but after that, just be thankful you didn’t put this puppy into a bad situation.

I did something similar with a puppy I’d bred – after I just started getting the wrong vibes. At the time it’s not nice, but think always of the well being of the puppy!

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