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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Steven asks…

Help! Heartworm questions!?

Background information:

My Chihuahua passed away in July 2009 of congestive heart failure because of heartworms. I don’t regret spending thousands of dollars trying to medicate him and keep him alive, but sadly my efforts were in vain. Ever since then, I have been mourning my best friend and miss his presence.

I have been longing for a new canine companion, but I can never get myself to acquire one from the pound. I visit my local humane society every week. I enjoy petting and walking them, but I can’t get myself to commit. My family has been wanting me to get a new dog for quite a while and even acquired one for me, but my depression was so severe that I could not function well with the dog. I would constantly cry or get headaches around the puppy, so we found him a new home where someone could give him the attention he deserves.

The Situation:

My family’s new suggestion was to give me one of my parent’s dogs. They feel it is time I moved on and what better way than through the familiarity of the family pets. My parent’s have three dogs: a yorkie, Maltese, and long hair Chihuahua. The yorkie is an inside dog (and is not one I could pick since she is like their child) and is on heartguard; however, the other two are not on it. Just recently (a month ago) the the dogs were introduced to heartguard. I am comfortable with these dogs, and my parents are allowing me to take either the Maltese or the Chihuahua. However, I am reluctant only because I am scared they might be infected as well with heartworms (my Chihuahua used to live with them for a couple of months while I was in school and it is possible he got it around that time).

I am TERRIFIED of going through that again. These dogs are my family and I would hate to see them suffer. Also, I don’t want to bring home a dog that might infect my other pets (2 cats who are under Advantage Multi which covers heartworms for them). These are my questions:

How long does it take for the immature larvae to die? I know with Advantage Multi it takes one month.

Would heartguard be enough to contain the heartworm reproduction and not allow it be passed on to a mosquito and then to another pet?

I have seen that a lot of rescue services tend to find homes for HW positive pets and just say that it will go away in a few month or years by simply giving them medicine every month which I could only think is heartguard. Could it be controlled with just that????

The dogs are going to be tested but I honestly don’t want to know what they get. I can only pray and hope they get negative readings. But, I am hoping one of them could come home with me and keep me company like my old dog used to.

Thank you for your time. All answers are appreciated.

New Niche Finder answers:

I wouldn’t suggest you take one of the family pets away from the others. I suggest you find yourself either a very reputable breeder or, better yet, go back to the shelter, visit each cage, sit, be still and calm, watch, listen. The one that is meant for you will show itself. Give yourself more time if you need it, to get over the loss of your other pup. Start your new one immediately on regular vet visits. Most shelters check for heart worms before they allow the animal to be adopted out. Allow yourself to grieve, but remember, there are a whole lot of animals in need of your kind, loving heart and warm hugs. A shelter dog is so wonderful, I have 4 !
Make a day of looking, take as long as you need to find that special one. Look at Pet Finders.com, they have so many shelters listed, and you just might fall in love with one stray, homeless darling that has just been waiting for you.
Good luck, and remember, you can take as long as you need to find that special one. Going to the shelters and petting, and loving on them, does everyone a lot of good…perhaps you could ask if you could walk them or play with them as a volunteer?
Also, the vet can give you all the help you need in protecting your pet from diseases. Heart Guard is the best possible way to prevent heart worms, and will give you peace of mind.
Treatment for heart worms takes a very long time, and is very uncomfortable for the pet. You are, in essence putting toxic chemicals into them. If you still feel as if your choice might have it, take it to the vet for testing, if it does test positive, take the animal back and demand a refund. I don’t know where you live, but a reputable shelter would never tell you that it will go away in a week or so. Try the SPCA .

Daniel asks…

My dad is so evil and vindictive he lied all this time he wanted our dog dead how can i forgive him! 10pts?

To cut a long story short my dog bit someone my dog is a 10 months old staffordshire terrier and bit someone. Now to everyone saying o my god keep your opinions to yourself because my brother let him of the leash and somehow he nipped someone i wasnt there. Since then the police took him into custody to evaluate the situation. Meanwhile my dad told us the dog was coming back then he changed his tune and said the police were not giving the dog back however this was a big lie because the police said he could pick it up which he didn’t. He said he wanted to get rid of the dog for many reasons but when we gave him justifyble reasons he changed his story. For example he said that we dont look after him whereas thats a lie because the 4 of us do im 15 and my 3 brothers. Then he changed his story he said that my brother who is 18 should find a home for it! He said the person who takes ownership of the dog has to go to court for it. We were all crying and sad and my dad didnt care at all he just acted as if nothing happened eventhough he took away our pride and joy. My mum realising how much it would affect us if the dog did truely get taken stepped in and said fine ill take ownership and it will live with me so the kids can still have it she had a dog when she was younger who died and she said she never ever got over it and doesnt want us to feel the same way about our dog. Now my dad refused and said no eventhough this is what he wanted all along to give the dog away.

Now to the other part all the stuff above is what he told us about the dog nipping someone and about him saying it would come back and then saying we have to find a new home for it. My sister who lives with my mum shes 21 phoned the police to see what happening with the dog and she uncovered the fact that all the stuff he said was all LIES!
Infact he had signed papers and FORGED my older brothers signiture in relation to having the dog killed. He lied to us and said it was coming back and we have to find it a new home when all along he had already signed papers for them to kill it. The police men phoned him to clariffy his stance on the situation with the dog and as quoted he said “Yh whatever get rid of it”. Him and my older brother are recorded as part owners to the police eventhough it is my 18 year old brothers dog without his consent the dog would have to come back so he forged it and lied to us. For all he known the dog was dead and he still carried on lieing saying it was going to a new home. This happened two weeks ago so for 2 weeks he was lieing. My mum and sis phoned the police and were crying that he my dad told us he was alive and well. Our dog was on the euthanized waiting list for 2 weeks so he could have been killed at any time and my dad knew this. He was supposed to be killed today and we didnt even get to say good bye. Apparently my sister said to me that my dad has changed his mind and the dog is coming back i dont know why though. He said it was coming back to us when it was dead in his mind because he had already signed papers for them to kill it so in his mind the dog may have been already killed and he still said it was coming home. I think its because my mum knows about the forgery he commited if she tells the police then he will get in ALOT of trouble so he changed his mind. Btw my dad doesnt know i know all of this info no one does! So all that time even if my brother had found him a home he was already dead in his books because he thought he was dead but still aloud us to believe theres a possibility of him coming back.

Now my dilemma is i should be overjoyed and be like dad i love you for doing this i am happy about the dog coming home but how can i forgive my dad i mean. What he did is terrible i cant even look at him its so so evil what he did i mean before my sis told me this i kind of hated him then for getting rid of it for no valuable reason but now after uncovering all of the behind the scenes info of what he did i hate him even more i mean how could he do this its so evil even if the dog comes back i cant forgive him because the only reason would be because he wanted to cover his tracks and didnt want to get in trouble. I was told all of this today and to think today when i was in a pissy mood because of the dog he asked me whats the matter and i was thinking your asking me what the FCUK is the matter you got rid of the dog and this was before i knew all the background info!

So what should i do please help if you need more info just ask!


New Niche Finder answers:

First of all, I think you should call the police and find out what the truth is for sure and then decide whether you are angry enough with your father still to turn him in for what he did just in case he is saying that your dog is coming home until after it’s dead and then it’ll be too late. You still won’t get your dog back then. So, call the police right away and find out the facts right away so if there is a chance your dog’s not dead yet but is still on the list to be killed because the police officer your mom spoke to last might have been a different one who didn’t want to bother with a dog case and just told them what they wanted to hear. So, find out, and make sure you ask which officer handled that case. You still might be able to stop this from happening if it is going to.Good luck!

Sandy asks…

Anyone else concerned about having a pit bull with your new baby?

I have two pits, One I am not worried about at all- she is a nice girl and she is very small and always friendly…. My bigger one Ava hasnt been aggresive with people but I am concerned how she will be with my baby… I am willing to find her a new home if she isnt but my boyfriend is not willing to find her a new home. He saidwe will just put her in the basement which i think isnt very fair for the dog… Dogs dont care who loves them… I am going to play things by ear but has anyone else been in my shoes? And what was your outcome? I dont want to chance anything with my baby but i dont want to get rid of my dog unless i have to….She is okay with my cat that i have now but i wouldnt bring a new cat into our house- it seems like what she gets used to and is familiar with she is okay…. I dont kow i am worried abou this though

New Niche Finder answers:

Eek, I’d be terrified. No offense to you, but my husband is a cop and he’s dealt with way too many pitbull attacks. Even some on kids which have not ended well. No deaths, but some pretty injured little kids. He himself had to get 36 stitches in his hand/wrist last year after one bit him when he responded to a call.

Robert asks…

How to move and keep your pets.?

I love my dogs, I have two of them. A 10 year old female large mix breed, and a one year old male small hyper mix breed. I want to keep them, but we have to move before summer, I’m afraid for their lives if we turn them over. How can I convince my mom theres a way to keep them…and believe it myself? I don’t want to loose them, but I would if it was better for them, but I do not for an instant believe they can find new homes. Shay is ten and Coopy is too high maintenance. How can I keep them after the move?

New Niche Finder answers:

It is not that much trouble to move with dogs. Pets are NOT disposable! They are famly members, and I would no more consider moving without them, as I would to move without my kids..I have moved several times over the past many years. I have always had at least 6 dogs to move with..I have been been able to find homes that will rent to us by running ads in the papers of the place that I am heading.

The ad would go something like this: Family relocating to (name of town) in June. We need a 3 bedroom home with room for dogs. We will fence the yard if needed. Please call after 4 (PST) or weekends (555)255-5555.

You can find the newspaper for that town by searching online for “newspaper town name.” or ” newspaper zip code”

Lisa asks…

If you had to rehome your dog, would you do it yourself, or would you turn your dog over to a rescue?

Completely hypothetical situation: You can’t keep your dog anymore. NO MATTER WHAT. I don’t want any “I would never give up my dog, I would find a way to keep him/her!” You have no choice, you’re dying, and you have to give your dog up. AND you have no friends or family that can take your dog. The dog has to go to a complete stranger.

Now here’s the question: Would you try to rehome the dog yourself (posting ads, interviewing potential owners yourself, visiting potential new homes, etc… and just hope you made a good choice), or would you surrender your dog to a reputable rescue organization (rely on their greater experience in rehoming to place your dog in a good home)?

Many users here (myself included) often recommend a rescue to people trying to rehome their dog. I just wondered how many of us would actually take that advice. I’m not even sure I would, when I really think about it. While I would trust the rescue, it would be scary to not know exactly where my dog would be living. If I was actually in this situation, I would really have to think about what I would do.

So what would you do if you were in a situation where you could no longer keep your dog, no matter what? OR is there a third option that you would use instead? Please give your reasons for making the choice you did.

Legit (just in case): How many dogs total have you owned in your life (include childhood dogs).
Just to clarify, I’m not talking about a shelter, I’m talking about a rescue organization where the dog would be in a home foster situation before being rehomed after a careful screening process and home visit. Thanks all, for your answers so far.

New Niche Finder answers:

I would surrender to a rescue with a good sized donation. I would volunteer to foster my dog until it found a good home and try to be involved in the process to a point. But use the rescues good judgement as I am sure if I was ever in this situation I would be quite emotional and not thinking clearly enough to re-home by myself.

I am currently involved with basset rescue and they do a wonderful job of finding and screening good homes I would be very comfortable surrendering to them (or another rescue I would be involved with) if I had to.

Add: I know somebody who has their dog set up in her will with rent/food/a weekly cleaning service/toys, the whole sha-bang for the dogs entire life. That would be a great alternative for somebody who had the $$

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