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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Robert asks…

Who is responsible for a dog after given away?

Scenerio: A family takes in a dog who can’t be cared for at previous home. The dog snarls and bites the young children and after trying to work it out between the dog and kids, it only increases each time. The family is afraid the dog with seriously harm the children and vice versa. The family puts an ad up to give the dog away to a good home and states exactly why. The dog is not good with young children. A couple with no children agree to take the dog and weeks later says “it’s not working out because she pees and poos at night in the house, come get your dog.”

Who is responsible?
SERIOUS answers please.
I have cried rivers this passed week, sick and worried she will not find a good home. My husband is refusing to take her back because of her temperment with our two young sons. Understandable and frustrating.

I have contacted the lady who gave her to us in a desperate attempt… I asked if she would take her back. I wish I could take her back until she found another home but my husband absolutely won’t have it.

Please do not judge me. I love this dog and am sick to my stomach thinking we gave her to someone who is hurting her. They did not appear that way. We did not have any kind of agreement when they agreed to take her in. They live in a different city.

She did NOT soil in our house at night (she did the first week or so when we first got her, but it stopped not long after working with her). They had her for almost 2 weeks now.

She is one year old and is a L’hasa apso mix.
I don’t know what to do right now.
We had her for 3 months.
Just so you all know, we have agreed to take her back. The humaine society here has agreed to help us find her a “forever” home. They will take her in and make sure she is not aggressive, then find a family suited for her.

Thank you all for your advice!

New Niche Finder answers:

If the person who gave the dog to the last people really care about the dog they will take it back and contact rescues or shelters to find another home for it. The last people who adopted it obviously don’t care for the dog as housetraining is something that needs time and patience to work on and they don’t have the time or the patience.

James asks…

Best couch fabric for a home with large dogs?

What is the best upholstery material to use for a home with large dogs? I am going to reupholster our couch, and I want to choose a material which will hold up in a home with dogs. I was thinking about leather because it is much easier to clean dog hair off, but I am afraid they will scratch the material. Does anyone have any recommendations?

New Niche Finder answers:

I have big dogs and we have Leather because I hate hair on a fabric couch. We only buy Football leather material. It stands up to EVERYTHING. It is the best thing for people with dogs. It cleans easy, brush the hair right off, never gets a dog smell, and the football leather is very tough but comfortbale!

Carol asks…

How do I make my cat meet my sisters dog?

I have a cat, and my sister got a dog. In the christmasholidays my sister are coming home (the dog also of course). He is a puppy, so he is constantly filled with energy. The puppy has met my cat twice, and he immideatly runs towards her to greet her. As a cat, she feels threatened, and runs away. I can’t lock my cat away for the whole Christmas, I would rather have the dog and the cat to become friends.
Please help me, and tell me what I can do?

New Niche Finder answers:

Listen to Ocimom, please. The dog shouldn’t be able to roam the house while the cat is off frightened.

Maria asks…

Should my boyfriend re,home his dog or am i being un fair?

i want my boyfriend to re,home his dog as i am 8 months pregnant & he wants to move in with me but i wont let him with his dog. the dog is v jelous and has previously hurt his friends baby by trying to bite it. the dog is a bull mastif and can not be trusted, is it not better to be safe than sorry? we tried training but its not working.

New Niche Finder answers:

Hmmm so, you decided to get pregnant with a dog that supposedly isn’t good with children .. How brilliant !

Supervision is the key with children and dogs of any breed or age along with the owners actually knowing how to train and handle their own dogs.

Dogs do not attack or bite for no reason they have to be provoked in one way or another and honestly kids shouldn’t be allowed to be near any dog unsupervised as a dog can only deal with the antics of kids for so long.

BTW .. “the dog is v jelous and has previously hurt his friends baby by trying to bite it.”

Trying to bite and actually biting are 2 different things

His dog his decision .. If you force him to re-home his dog because of your inability to understand dog behavior and training he will end up resenting you at some point.

Guess you should have thought about getting pregnant by someone who has a dog if you are not a dog person huh?

Steven asks…

is a healthy home cooked meal okay for dogs if served just once in awhile?

Just wondering about other peoples experiences with home cooked dog food recipes. I would like to cook healthy, delicious food for my dog. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do it regularly.

New Niche Finder answers:

They’re probably better off eating that than the store bought dried garbage in the pretty bag.

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