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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Linda asks…

Is it better to feed your dog home made food?

I feed my dog homecooked food with Solid Gold vitamin supplements. I cook chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots and broccolli together. (Veggies change from week to week and I somtimes add liver). This diet consist of 1/3rd meat, 1/3rd rice, 1/3rd veggies. I make crunchy home made dog biscuits with wheat germ and brewers yeast for treats. My dog appears very healthy and full of energy but I am wondering if this diet is really better for my dog than commercial dog food? I was feeding my dog California Natural lamb & rice dry dog food (a high quility dog food) until the last couple of months. Now she is completely on homemade food. I am wondering if she is missing any thing in her diet. Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t know about your dog but I would love to have that diet. Seriously though, your buddy is fine. Our dogs are all top breed and have always been fed home cooked meals. If the meal is well prepared and high in vitamins/minerals/fat/protein- which sure sounds like it is, they are fine. But just to be sure send me a dish or two and I’ll try it.

Steven asks…

Why has my dog all of the sudden become aggresive toward the cat?

My dog and cat have been best friends ever since we brought the cat home as a kitten. My husband and I, left for two weeks on vacation, and when we returned home my dog is showing her teeth at my cat every time it comes close and snips at it at times aslo. How can I stop my dog from doing this, and make them become best friends again.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think your dog is jealous, it has missed you while you have been away on vacation and now it wants your time all to itself!
If she keeps it up, give her a slight poke with you finger to get her attention and tell her firm but gently “no”. She will eventually get over it, give her some quality time alone with you.

Joseph asks…

How do you socialize a dog that was obviously not socialized as a puppy?

My neighbor got this Chihuahua yesterday and she said he is very fearful although he is already 8 months old. The person who gave him to her said that the dog had been fearful since he was 8 weeks old when she brought him home. The dog is not agressive but is afraid of everything and she has to struggle just to get him so she can hold him. It is obvious that somewhere along the line this dog was not properly socialized. My question is, how do you socialize a dog this late in life when he has passed the puppy socialization stage?

New Niche Finder answers:

You do it slowly, at the dog’s pace so as not to frighten the dog further. At this point your neighbor should NOT be “forcing” the dog to be with her/him – they should be working on building up the dog’s trust so the dog WANT to be near them.

Forcing the dog to be held is NOT the best thing and could push the dog too far or make the experience even worse for the dog. If, for some reason, the dog NEEDS to be held it should be done carefully, quickly, and with no fuss on the handlers part – just get in, grab the dog, hold the dog, let go.

When approaching the dog, do it from the side. NOT head on. The owners body should be sideways and they should move slowly but confidently. Preferably, the owner should BACK UP towards the dog AT THE DOG’S level (ie on the floor.)

For now, the dog should be generally IGNORED. This gives the dog time to adjust to the home without being pressured. The owner should carry around treats and drop them at random intervals (or better yet, some of the dog’s kibble so the dog isn’t overfed) and walk away. Not AT the dog, just onto the floor.

The owner should spend some time at the dog’s level (IE on the floor) with treats and toys. The owner should set and enforce any rules NOW so the dog knows what is expected of it. Daily walks to drain energy help. Obedience training should begin soon as well.

Do NOT reach OVER the dog – this is a threatening or dominant behavior to the dog and can scare the dog even more. Reach under the chin and don’t grab.


Carol asks…

Do dogs like the person who walks them best?

My mom is the dog walker of the family, and walks the dog every night after work. Once my mom comes home, my dog follows her around, never stops pestering and being ever-watchful, barking when she locks the bathroom door to change, sits by her side etc. This behaviour only happens when my mom is here. If my mom is away, then the dog sticks to me. So is it true that dogs like the walker best?

New Niche Finder answers:

I wouldn’t say they will like the person who walks them best.

Dogs are naturally pack animals and have particular roles in the pack (i.e. The hunter, the ‘boss’).

Your dog probably looks up at your mom being the pack leader.

This doesn’t mean that he/she respects your mom more that you.

They will usually always follow the pack leader so your dog is just doing what he/she would naturally do.

As for when your mom leaves and goes to you. He/she is going to the ‘next’ in charge – in his/hers eyes.

So, no I wouldn’t say the dog will like the one who walks them best – its just they will look up to the ‘master’ first

Michael asks…

How do you get your dog to pay lots of attention to you.?

Ex: When you walk through the door when you get home, your dog comes up to you and gives you lots of love. How do you get your dog to do that?
My dog is a Lab/Shephard mix.

New Niche Finder answers:

With chihuahuas which is my breed, you don’t have to make them that way, that is just how they are. They demand love and attention. It is the right and provilege.

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