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Your Questions About How To Find A New Home For Your Dog

Thomas asks…

I need your options about my dog Cooper!?

HE HAS AGGRESSION ISSUES TORDS DOGS! Only inside the house not out side he is fine. But that is a problem for us because we have 3 other dogs and because of that we have to separate then by only allowing Cooper in the kitchen,bathroom and my grandmas bedroom and my 3 other dogs get the rest of the house. That is the only issue but it is a big issue. I have tried everything I mean everything. We have came to the point were it is time to find home a new home! He would go to a home with children over 10, no dogs, cats ok, back yard, no small animals etc. We would also call once in a while to see how he is doing and if he does not work we would take him back and find him another home.

Do you agree? He is stressing me out bad. He would be the first dog I have ever got rid of and I will cry but I know it is best for him!
Please DONT be rude! I have enough stress right now:-/
HE IS NOT GOING TO A SHELTER! As a puppy he was kept in a cage until he was 2 a girl saved him but she was not able to keep hime so we took him. I dont now what breed he is.
Like I said he is only agressive tords dogs in the house not out side!

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m very sorry to hear about your situation. One of my Pugs is KIND OF like Cooper…not nearly as bad. She does it more in a “protection” type way. If she thinks for one second that I’m being hurt, etc., it’s on.

I do know that, many times, when there’s numerous dogs/animals in the house, that there will be one of them trying to be the “big dog”, claiming territory, and so on. If they feel like another animal is in its way…it’s on.

If you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to be helping at all…your idea is a good one. At least you could keep in touch with him.

I wish you the best.

John asks…

how do you integrate a new dog with an older one?

I have 3 dogs and I just found a dog on the street he is a poodle (medium size) I did everything in my power to find his home, he had no collar, chip or anything and I poster flyiers. the inside dogs are: a shi tzu (8yrs) and a toy poodle (2yrs) they get along fine with the new poodle (now named Max). The outside dog is 8 yrs also she is a bull dog mix, we found her in our yard 8 yrs ago and kept her also. the outside dog doesn’t get along with the new poodle at all she growls at him like she wants to attack but she is totally fine with the other two. How do we slowly inegrate them to the point where we can put Max on the ground with the outside one and they can play nice without growling at each ohter

Extra info: outside dog is a girl (fixed) and Max (boy not fixed)

thanks in advance for your help.

New Niche Finder answers:

When getting a new dog, you should always introduce them in a neutral place (IE not your home) to keep your current dog from getting territorial. Understandably, as in your case, it can’t always happen this way. Keep them seperated except for SUPERVISED time between the two… SLOWLY introduce them.

Sandra asks…

Would you call the SPCA on your friend?

I did. Where I live it is illegal to have your dog chained outside for more then 3 hours and they also have to have extensive and well built shelter. My friend has 3 dogs tied to 3 different trees with NO shelter. There is also almost 3 feet of snow on the ground. The dogs haven’t been inside since they were around 3, they are 11 now. I called the SPCA and my dad got into me about it so bad I almost cried haha. He said it’s horrible to do that to a friend and I should have told them how I felt before. I have told them and even offered to find the dogs new homes. Would you do this?
@Vehement: I think knowing something horrible is going on and turning a blind eye to it is the lowest form of cowardice.

New Niche Finder answers:

I totally agree with you on this one! The issue with animals is that they don’t have a voice so they in fact cannot complain for the bad treatment they get!!! I have strong views on this because I really don’t see the point in having pets if you’re gonna treat them like crap. I think any animal that we decide to bring into our environment needs to be treated with compassion and (yes!) humanity… The fact that we are supposed to be higher beings in relation to other species comes into question when you see the way some people treat animals…

I totally agree that you did the right thing and you should not feel bad about it. The one who surely deserves to feel bad is your friend…

George asks…

Someone just reminded me of my situation with my dog and the new baby, opinions please?

We got a German Shepherd and then shortly after found out I was pregnant. I fear she could be a danger to the baby. She was from a pound and has a few problems we’re working with her on.
She snaps. She is not super aggressive and not vicious but if she gets scared she will sort of snap at the vets or groomers and even us when she gets her nails trimmed. Never hard and she has never broken skin and when you scold her after she always seems to feel so bad and she will get down and look down and and have that oh no, what did I just do look. She has also snapped at me when I went to take her food bowl after she was done eating. Not hard she really only mouthed me. So she shows food aggression to some degree. Her tail has gotten stepped on and then she has tuned around to bite. It is this behaviour that really worries me.
I feel that if I keep her long enough and work with her she could be broken of this behaviour. But I worry about how long it will take and she is not good around children or other dogs at all. I feel that once she is a bit older she may mellow down, she is also very hyper, she is also only about 7 months old. The pound did not know for sure but when we got her they said she was about 4 months old.
The problem is should I keep her and work with her in hopes she will get better or be okay with the baby or should I not risk it and find her a new home? I do feel bad about it and want to give her a chance because she is a sweet and good dog but not at the risk of her injuring my child.
I want her to be able to be in and around the house and be with us but I know when the baby comes I will not want her by the baby until she can be trusted.
What do you think? And have you ever been in this situation and decided to keep your dog and work with it and had it turn out okay?
I know I can find her a good home, I will make sure of it but I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t keep her. She is also not house broken yet but she has gotten so MUCH better and we are still working with her. I still clean pee and poop up atleast once a week and also worry about sanitary issues when the baby comes.
Opinions please?

New Niche Finder answers:

My opinion, is until you can trust this dog 100%, the dog should not be in your home with a baby.
But that being said, I can say that I have seen many dogs in the 6-8 months range be nippy and mouthy and with proper training come around and turn into wonderful adults, so I wouldn’t condemn such a young dog to euthanasia just yet. If possible, I would consult a German Shepherd rescue group to see if they’d be willing to help you evaluate the dog and see if they think the dog just needs training or if it needs to be in a home with no kids or if it’s best to put the dog down.

Charles asks…

idiotic flaggers on craigslist pets keep flagging puppy ad….whats your opinion?

ok recently my cousin passed away and has a 2yr. old now with no mother.Now my other cousin who lives out here in southern cali with me(i came out here 2yrs ago from nyc/she came 8months ago and evryone else is back home in nyc)has decided to step up and take care of the baby as if she were her own and I have decide to help financially(maternal instinct never kicked in for me.BTW if anyone knows what a diaper genie is please let me know I have to go get one)Anyways this is her first child(she has no kids)and now needs to rehome her pup(4months)She is asking a small rehoming fee of ike $100.00 and just want him to go to a good home,She spent $900.00 on him(husky)and doesnt even want any of that back.She keeps gettimg flagged though on craigslist and doesnt know why.I thought people who were breeders got flagged not people looking for good homes for there dog.He has his shots,been dewormed and neutered.Why flag her.Whats your opinion.Is it wrong for her to find tis dog a new home.She needs to focus now on this baby and no one else in our family can take her in(AND NO FOSETRING HER WOULD BE CRAZY BECAUSE SHE HAS A FAMILY)So whats your opinion and how can she find the pup a good home without taking him to a shelter.
BARBIE:she cant keep the puppy because she kow has to turn all her attention to this baby.She didnt give birth to her she is taking her in so she needs to really focus on raising this baby and doesnt have the proper amount of time that needs to be given to the pup.
Just so everyone knows we didnt know craigslists was this bad.We heard it was a good place o adopt out your pup.Thanks for the info
LEIGH:do me a favor you are a sorry fucken excuse.Mind your fucken business and have all the facts before you accuse us of tossing out the dog for these reasons.I know dogs and kids can be raised together but the little girl is bilnd from one eye and will need special care.We arent dumb trust me duh i think its obvious i see kids and dogs together all the time i dont live in a fucken box

New Niche Finder answers:

My opinion is that she needs to contact Siberian Husky rescue and relinquish the dog to them. There should be a link on http://www.shca.org It’s unlikely she’ll be able to find as good of a home for the pup as they will be able to.

She also needs to check her original sales contract. If she used an even slightly good breeder, the contract will REQUIRE that the puppy be returned to them.

As far as the flagging, CL is often a craphole.

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