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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Mary asks…

What job can you get with a bachelor’s in Biology? And what is the starting pay for those jobs?

And what job can you get with a bachelor’s in Business Administration? And what is the starting pay for those jobs?

New Niche Finder answers:

You can get a laboratory job with a bachelor’s in biology. The pay varies with area and any relevant experience (such as internships). In the SF Bay Area, it would be between $25K (at a research lab in a university) and $45K(in industry).

Jenny asks…

Generally, for an average job what are the usual timings? From what time does work start and when does it end?

For an average, general job, what are the usual timings?

New Niche Finder answers:

A typical full time job, 9-5

but a lot of careers do tend to vary slightly on that, in particular, a lot of jobs require longer hours, like 8.30 – 5, 8-6, some people choose to work from very early in the morning to very late at night (particularly in banking), etc

Sharon asks…

What kind of job can you get in recycling?

I might be changing my major to environmental studies and I want to get a job in recycling, but I’m not sure what types of jobs are available. When I send out my resume I want to be able to put a specific job, but I’m not sure what types of jobs there are in recycling. Can you help?

New Niche Finder answers:

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Carol asks…

What would be a good job for a senior in highschool who doesnt want to work in fastfood or a grocery store?

Im 18 and im a senior. Im looking for job ideas that dont require much experience but would be fun and arent to demanding with time. I know its alot but just ideas will help out alot. Thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

Tehehe. Try not to be too picky, coz the job market isnt that good

but some suggestions are

a bookshop
clothing store
restaurant – you could cook or something. Or waitress
a general labourer position (not much fun and a bit more demanding with time)
depending on whether you are particularly good at anything, you could tutor. Like, if you are good at math, tutor math, or if you can play guitar or speak a language or something then tutor that. There are heaps of sites you can advertise on for free (i wont start listing coz most of the ones i know are australian) or you could stick up flyers at your high school
you could do a paper run/babysit
you could work in a newsagent
a pharmacy. I used to work in a pharmacy, coz it was quite small they let all the sales assistants do the dispensing and stuff with the pills too and i found it very interesting
you know, stuff like that.

Laura asks…

What job would one expect to have after finishing Aviation Management degree?

After finishing the degree, what job would one expect to have? What title also?

New Niche Finder answers:

There are a number of jobs within the Aerospace, Airline, General Aviation, Private(Consulting) and Travel industries you can apply for. For example, you can work in operations at an airline or airport, work for a private company designing GPS approaches, or work for a General Aviation company such as an FBO.

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