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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Maria asks…

What is a business job that involved interpreting?

While I know that being bilingual is great for any job, I am in high school but I have an interest in cultures and languages. If anything, I would love to learn french, arabic, italian, etc.. What are business jobs or any jobs besides being just an interpreter that incorporate knowing of languages?

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t know the formal name for this job, but many international companies whose executives travel from country to country need a host or hostess to chaperone groups when they’re out of their usual element. Inside Europe, multi-lingualism is common, but between America and other countries, and between Asia and other countries, the need for a guide who knows 2 or more languages is great to enable short-term employee and executive meetings that cross borders. That guide should have the flexibility, poise, and broad vocabulary to function both on the street and in meetings. It’s often the Americans who need the “hand-holding” outside the meeting room so they are not a burden on the office staff where they are visiting.

To find this kind of job, you’ll have to find the companies that are shuttling executives back and forth because they’ve split their management across oceans. Then you’ll need to approach a high level executive in those companies, perhaps the COO, and sell yourself and your abilities. That will not be easy. You probably will need to get some general education in that 2nd language, some tourism experience in other countries, and some business education (or technical education) where you use another language or two. Spending enough time overseas to make friends and socialize may also be necessary.

William asks…

How hard would it be to find a job with a Bachelors degree in Computer Programming?

Just wondering what types of jobs would I find. Anyone have this degree? What kind of job do you have? What is it that you do?

New Niche Finder answers:

Just search for job openings and apply to as many as you can

Sandy asks…

What job sites are for junior web and graphic designers, and other related positions?

Can you list of job sites that are for junior designers and other entry level jobs in the design field?
What are good sites to find a job as a junior web designer or any design field that show full-time employment in the US?

New Niche Finder answers:

Search job to you


Good Luck!

Helen asks…

What are some good tips for excelling in a job interview?

I have a job interview soon, been out of workforce for awhile, yet I really need this job. How do express interest with out seeming desperate. What was your trick to landing your perfect job?

New Niche Finder answers:

No matter what the field/industry, I have found these tips to be helpful.

Exude confindence
Know company history, background, products, ect.
Look around the office of the person who is interviewing you and look for something you may have in common and mention it.
Practice standard interview Q & A
Answer their questions, don’t go around it.
Never bad mouth a former employer (show loyalty)
The biggest thing is to ask for the job. Tell them that you are very interested in this position and state the reason why you are the best candidate and say “I would be honored to work for….”
Send a written thank you letter

Best of luck in your job search. Now is the best time for jobseekers. Oh, speaking of thank, if they ask you what salary you want, ask them, what has been budgeted for this position.

Laura asks…

How can someone get a job with no steady work history?

I have a friend that needs a stable and steady job, but doesn’t have stable work history. She did a lot of job hopping in the past and really hasn’t had a job longer than 4 months. Now she understands the importance of working and keeping a job, but job hopping in the past is hurting her with finding a good job now. What is the best advice for a person in this situation for finding a good paying job?

New Niche Finder answers:

Start at the bottom, fast food. Then while working there build up to management and go from there. People do not get jobs at reputable, high paying jobs without putting in the work.

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