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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Paul asks…

How can job agencies survive if no one gets job from them?

I have worked for ten years over 14 jobs, none of my job was acquired from a job agency. I have beed inteviewd more than 30 times by job agencies but they offer no job. I asked my sister, friends, and other professionals, I never heard from someone saying that he or she got any job from job agency. But I am confused, while I see the job websites, almost all of the jobs are from job agencies, where those jobs go to?

New Niche Finder answers:

Some of those jobs may be scams, trying to cheat people out of money. Especially those that say you can earn lots of money for little work.

Laura asks…

How much does a nice car paint job cost?

My son wants a nice paint job, custom with a fade or something like that. What do paint jobs run now day? Very little to no body work needed. Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

Depends what region your in, I live in ND, we wanted to get our Caddy a paint job, took it in to a body shop and they were going to charge us somewhere around $4,000 for a basic paint job. I have a friend from Texas, her husband used to work as paint tech and said they would have charged $1,500 tops for a premium custom paint job. So like I said, really depends where you are. It seems you would get a better deal in a big a city where there are 100’s of paint shops competing rather than a city like this one, where there are 2 or 3 and they all charge the same.

Steven asks…

What job did you end up with when you disliked your previous jobs?

I am 21 right now and I don’t know if this job field is right for me. What are the steps to take when you are feeling a different job/career change? What job are you doing right now and it makes you happy but you had previous jobs before you hated? If so, how did you get there?

New Niche Finder answers:

I think the key to my happiest with my job, is that I developed skill and knowledge that allows me to do work appreciated by not just my boss but customers and my fellow employees.

I went to college and got a degree. While in college, I worked and gained work experienced. All the jobs I worked before then I think the only thing that my boss appreciated was that I show up on time and worked diligently, but I felt that I could be replace at any time who could be trained to do my job in a couple of week at most.

Mandy asks…

How do you find the perfect job for you? And how do you pay for the education?

For jobs, is there a website for jobs where you write about what you like and it finds a job for you? And how do you pay for education since it is so expensive?

New Niche Finder answers:

The perfect job for you is one that seems effortless. One that you enjoy doing, no matter what the pay is. The cost of education can depend on the job and degree you choose. There are grants and loans you can take out, depends on your income or that of your parents. NEVER and I repeat NEVER go into a profession based on “because you want to make a certain dollar figure” If you hate something, It wont be worth the cost of your sanity. I told myself I would never work at a job that I hated….no matter what the cost.

Chris asks…

Can i deduct job hunting costs if i do not have a job?

My wife is looking for a job but has not found one as yet. She is was a house wife in 2008. Can the costs for job hunting be deducted for tax purposes ?
just to add here.. she did have a job but no income from it.. she had taken a sabbatical from work since she delivered our son (and then she kinda quit). She hasnt received a W2 though.

New Niche Finder answers:

Job expenses can only be deducted if your wife is looking for a job in the same line of work. Since your wife did not have a job in 2008 then she would not be able to deduct the cost as an expense on your taxes. Finding work in a new trade or business is not deductable.

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