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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Mandy asks…

What are important things to look for in a good job?

I have a good paying job with no benefits. My fear is going to a job with good benefits would cut my pay drastically and I would hate my work environment. So what are important things to look for in the new job?

New Niche Finder answers:

If you don’t need benefits then I say stay where you are. If you do need benefits then you might take a bit of hit in salary but can make up for it with things like an employer match of a 401(k).

What do I think makes a good job?
You like what you do.
You like going to work every day.
You work for people who respect you.
You are treated well by your supervisors and your co-workers.
An easy commute (important to me).
Good health insurance coverage (I have a family).
Retirement plan.

You aren’t going to know if you will hate a new enviroment until you are there. You can get a feel for a company’s culture during the interview but often that is like a first date. Everyone is on their best behavior and you don’t find out how things really are until you are in the relationship for a while.

Daniel asks…

How do I find a job doing photo retouching work?

I would like to find a job as a photo retoucher. Where do I start?

New Niche Finder answers:

You’ve got some good answers already, I just have a couple of notes to add.

In the U.S. (probably everywhere), networking is absolutely the best way to get a job. Hands down. No question. So make sure that your family and friends know you are looking for a job as a photo retoucher.

Go to local photo club meetings, if there are any (do a Yahoo search), Web developer groups, or other group of potential co-enthusiasts or clients. Meet people. Once a year doesn’t work – be an active member. Volunteer. The best job to have is checking people in for meetings – gives you a no pressure way to meet everyone who attends.

* Craigslist.org – http://www.craigslist.org

As mentioned, Craigslist can be very effective. It’s a giant online classifieds site, organized by location, with the opportunity to post a resume, which you can do in HTML to include the links mentioned above. 2 problems with Craigslist (both manageable):

1.) Privacy – even in a job hunt you want to protect your privacy (identity). So identify yourself only with an “anonymous” type e-mail address (like @yahoo.com or @msn.com, etc.) and an unlisted phone number like, hopefully, your cell phone. Google your phone number to see if it’s unlisted. If it’s not, don’t use it.

2.) Re-posting – you’ll need to keep reposting your resume because Craigslist operates like a newsgroup – newest listings at the top, oldest at the bottom. They seem to drop off the bottom in about 30 days, so just repost every 30 days to stay in the search results.

* Indeed.com – http://www.indeed.com

Indeed is a job aggregator, collecting job postings off the giant sites (Monster, HotJobs, CareerBuilder), the niche sites and other small sites, and employer sites.

I just did a quick Indeed search on “photo retouching” (with the quotes), and Indeed found 91 results (which is very low for Indeed). However, the employers included Time Warner, Aquent, and AOL!

Good luck!

David asks…

What is an appropriate “reason for leaving” to put on a job application when you quit a job?

Usually, when you fill out your previous work information on a job application, it will ask you to state the “reason for leaving” your previous jobs. So, if you quit a job what should you put for that?

New Niche Finder answers:

Another job, Personal reasons, you went back to school. Got another job
basically this is what i would put down

good luck

Jenny asks…

How do I find a job finding information online?

I am very good at finding peoples phone numbers, jobs, addresses, etc etc online. Is there a job out there that I could put these skills to work?

New Niche Finder answers:

There is also a company called Professional Job Finders out there. You just send them a resume or they will build one for you and for a small fee they do all of the distribution for you the rest with a 91.8% success rate. The site was: https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=2410484&referrer=iolo73

John asks…

How hard to get a job in finance after graduating with a Bachelor in Finance?

I am not talking about my dream specific job, I am talking about ANY job in the finance field.

New Niche Finder answers:

Go back to the college’s Placement offices
and get them to help u get a job.

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