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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Susan asks…

Where can I find a news report showing how many people found new jobs?

I keep on finding news story after news story of all the people that recently lost their jobs. However I can not find one report that shows how many people found a new job. I thought Obama and Reid was going to create new jobs and lower the unemployment rate. When does that start?

New Niche Finder answers:

I am waiting for the one new job opening when a sign is placed on the door of the Oval Office reading ” Wanted – President – Inquire Within – Community Organizers need not apply “.

Carol asks…

What;s the fastest way to find a new job?

My fiancee lost his job after being off work for 4 weeks due to an automobile accident. I’m worried he’s not going to find a job before his unemployment benefits run out. I’m scared and I really don’t know how to help him anymore.

New Niche Finder answers:

The fastest way is to treat finding a job as being your job.
No sleeping until noon, , taking a few days off…., work at each day, like 800 am to 430 PM. Read the ads, malke phone calls, go out and fill out apps.
It’s like throwing rocks at birds. You may throw 50 and miss, but in the 51st, WHACK!
Keep at it, don;t get discouraged, just keep at it. It will happen.

Mary asks…

Where can I look to find a job near Pittsburgh? How can I find a new job?

I currently am working full time, but will be finished with my job May 15th. I have a Bachelors’ degree in Psychology and would like to one day go on for a Masters (though right now I’m not sure in what). I’ve been out of college for a year. I would like a job with a future in it and also with benefits. I enjoy working with people, and have no desire to do sales (if I can at all avoid it!). If you know of places I can look for a job near Pittsburgh that would be great! I’d like to stay close to the city if at all possible. Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

First, you have to have a notion of what your skills, other than your college degree, are. Second, you have to decide what field interests you, making a list of places, or of people, who can lead you to that field. I, for example, majored in political science and minored in English. I also speak several languages fluently. By putting all those skills together I tried book publishing fields that would eventually permit me to publish – or to represent publishers – internationally. During my career I met many important people and for almost 40 years I traveled and visited 65 countries on my employer’s “nickel”. I was also awarded two honorary degrees for my contribution to the printed word via the scientific field of the publishing areas in which I was involved.

My original “break” came from an ad in the Boston Globe. My second “break” came from my looking at an industry journal at the Farmingdale (NY) PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Good luck. If you wish to know more, please e-mail me at: azorean@yahoo.com after you’ve looked at my Page: http://www.GeoCities.com/azorean/Index.html .( The “h” stands for “html”).

Jenny asks…

If i find a new job while receiving unemployment benefits, how do i cancel it?

I prob have about 1 more month before my first extension starts. If I find a job say next week, how do i cancel my benefits. I’m from California and on the EDD website it says to do nothing, just dont mail in the claim form anymore. But what is the point of the claim form asking if I found work or not? obviously if i did i would fill in the YES. So does EDD want me to fill in the obvious or do they want me to not send anything in.

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t, you get double income, it’s free lunch.

James asks…

Is severence pay void once you find a new job?

Is severence pay void once you find a new job. For example, if my employer is telling me that I am entitled to two months severence (paid like how they would normally pay me if I was working) and if I find a job after one month do they still have to pay me for the other month. Help!

New Niche Finder answers:

If it is in the same company, yes. Different company NO!!

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