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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Robert asks…

How do you handle multiple job interviews or offers?

How about when you want one job and are still waiting for the interview but you’ve already been offered another job? Is there a certain etiquette so you don’t seem duplicitous? Do you take the offer with the other job? If you get the job you want, should you quit the other job even if you’ve only worked there for a few days?

New Niche Finder answers:

Don’t take a job that you really aren’t wanting if it isn’t your first choice. What you should do is ask for some time while you are waiting for the offer you want.

If you want job A and job B has given you an offer tell job A that you need some time to consider the offer. Give them a deadline (no more than a few days, up to a week) and tell them you will make your decision by then.

Tell job B that you require an answer by a certain time and then wait. You can also let them know that there are other offers on the table but your first choice is them so you are anticipating their offer, should you get one. This is the best etiquette and by far the most professional one.

Most companies know that good prospects will be aggressive in their job search and will be interviewing with multiple companies and may possibly receive various offers. It is okay to let them know the truth.

Definitely don’t take a job offer only to quit a few days later. It is bad business practice and you will be burning a bridge that you may need to cross later on. You are also going to be wasting your time as well as those of the company that hired you on. Remember that they hired you in good faith that you actually wanted that job so you are also putting yourself in a position of being dishonest. You don’t want to develop a bad reputation in any industry as it could haunt you later on — plus you don’t know who knows who.

Donald asks…

What is the best way to handle an involuntary separation from a job?

Also my recent work history is spotty after being involuntary separated. I was terminated from a job I had 4 years of service with, then immediately found another job, but was not comfortable and resigned. I was informed that several job offers were pulled due to my job hopping and unable to attain favorable work references.

I put down on my job apps reason for separation from the job I was terminated from “excessive overtime, long commute, and constant on call”, for the job I quit afterwards, to pursue better opportunities.

I am looking for more positive reasons to explain my job history.

New Niche Finder answers:

Employers are looking for candidates that they can train and will remain with the company for a long time. It’s expensive to get a new employee set up – just the payroll paperwork alone takes a long time, and then there’s training, setting up a workstation, etc etc.

So, you can understand why they’d be gunshy to take on someone who looks like they’ll be staying for a couple of months and then moving on.

Here’s where you need to put a spin on your career that sells your talents and minimizes your history.

First thing: tear up your resume. Don’t put your work history out there for HR to look at and toss in the trash. Instead, respond to job opportunities with a positive, upbeat and confident letter.

On employment applications, provide vague time frames for your previous jobs – things like “during the early 90s, I took on the task of…” or something like “served in this post long enough for the company to get a solid foundation in this market…” – but make sure that you note that you’ll discuss the details during the interview.

And finally, in the interview, be honest. Don’t dwell on the time frames, but do point out the wealth of experience you’ve gained from your various jobs.

Good luck.

Steven asks…

How do you turn down a job interview after receiving a better job?

Recently, I accepted a job interview. A day later, I was offered a much better job than I was going to interview for. I want to be as polite as I can. How can I do this?

New Niche Finder answers:

Just call back and say “this is -insert name- im calling about the interview, i have just been accepted at another job that would work better for me, but i’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work you you”

Ruth asks…

What does it mean if multiple agencies have one job listed?

I am about to re-enter the work force and considering a contracting position. For one type of job, there are several contracting agencies for a job that appears to be the same job in the same location. I’ve seen this before for another position and the job turned out not so well. Is there a meaning why so many agencies are posting for this single job besides capitalism?

New Niche Finder answers:

It means that the job has been tendered out to several agencies to make sure there is as much coverage toward potential applicants as possible. It`s not uncommon and it is unlikely that any one agency will get you a better deal than any other.

Joseph asks…

How do you accept a job offer after rejecting it?

My friend interviewed for a job, was offered the job, and rejected it (politely) in favor of his current job (possible promotion). Now the promotion looks unlikely, so he’d like to accept the job offer he interviewed for. What’s the best way to do it?
Please don’t provide links, only answer question, I will not be spammed!
FYI, he didn’t apply for the job, I referred him.
Also, they loved him. He was the only one they interviewed that they liked.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well it’s probably too late, unless he/she was outstanding in some way.

Tell him to approach the potential employers amitting his mistake, but also the reason behind it; he was likely to get a job promotion, which he felt ”certain” he would get, but didn’t due to administrative issues; maybe financial. That ”certainty” is key.
He’ll then have to try get the job on his merits…He ”really” wants the job …he’d be a huge asset etc.

Goodluck! :)

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