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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Helen asks…

What should I wear to a Job Interview at PetSmart?

I have a job interview tomorrow at PetSmart tomorrow. I know for serious jobs one should wear a business suit, which I have. But….This is a part time summer job for cleaning up mouse pee. Thanks for your suggestions!

New Niche Finder answers:


Just Relax… Be yourself… Have the attitude of even if you dont get it the job, you will be fine…

Stay cool and calm.

Check out the link http://www.prepareinterview.com/tips/tipsdressing.asp. It has everything for interview tips and tricks.

Dressing Right for The Interview

“Although proper dressing by itself will not get you the job, a poor dress sense may exclude you from further consideration,” warns Gerry Ditching, managing partner of Filgifts.com. Besides, given two equally good applicants, the company may choose to hire the person who is dressed more professionally. Here are some tips to give you a headstart.

Long-sleeved shirt and dark slacks. White is still the safest and the best color for shirts. The colour is also appropriate for our tropical weather. Also acceptable: pale shades such as beige, blue, and other pastels.

Tuck in the shirt and do not roll up the sleeves. Never wear a short-sleeved shirt to an interview or any business purpose. Wearing a short-sleeved shirt will destroy your executive image.

Ties. Optional. But if you do wear one, choose a conservative….

For More:
Click http://www.prepareinterview.com/tips/tipsdressing.asp. It has everything for job interview tips and tricks.


Three-piece business suits, blouse and skirt or slacks, and cardigan twin-sets. Sleeveless shirts should be rejected. Short-sleeved blouses are okay when they are tailor-cut or have features such as a sports collar or double breast design to create a business-like look. Skirts can either be long provided it does not create a Cinderella or barn-dance look or short where it falls no shorter than two inches from the knee. Nothing too revealing, please!

Panty-hose or stockings. A must for professional grooming, but nothing with overly fussy patterns. Bring an extra pair, just in case the ones you are wearing run.

Shoes. Closed shoes or pumps……

For More:
Click http://www.prepareinterview.com/tips/tipsdressing.asp. It has everything for job interview tips and tricks.

All the Best.

Robert asks…

How long do job postings remain on a companies website?

I am curious how long companies leave job postings up on their websites. Also, do they keep job postings up, take resumes, then close the job posting and start interviewing?

New Niche Finder answers:

Until the required number of candidates have been selected for interview. If they interview all the applicants and no-one gets the job because the company dont like the applicants, they can put the job back on the website and re-advertise the position.

James asks…

Would a job as a dog walker or what job is good as a second job?

I work part time minimum wage and I’m desperate to find a decent full time job so I can move out of my dad’s home. I’m also enrolled in school. I am thinking about finding a second job as a dog walker or something. What other jobs are good as a 2nd job?

New Niche Finder answers:

I’m not too sure about dog walking and if there would be much money made from it. Unless you live in a higher class neighborhood, I can’t see many people actually paying for someone else to walk their dog. Maybe try getting a second job as a bartender or server at a restaurant. Jobs like those are relatively easy to get and if you work at a busy restaurant or bar you can make very good tips. When I worked as a bartender I was able to save at the very least a thousand a month after I paid off my bills and I still always had spending money. Granted, I worked crazy hours and would have times where I was working for 14 hours straight.

Susan asks…

What kind of job the draw cartoon or animation?

I want to know what do you call this job . People who draw cartoons or animations like in movies or comic . What do you call this job ? Is it an easy job ? Does it involves alot of maths ?

New Niche Finder answers:

In order to get a job you need to know the software, but to do the work – all you need is a ton of paper, some pencils, something to capture your drawings (even a phone would work) and a way to put all the drawings together into a video.

But, above all, in order to get this kind of job you need to be able to draw people and animals realistically VERY VERY well. Expertly well. The software is nice, but employers will hire someone with an exceptional life drawing portfolio over someone who knows the software, but doesn’t know how to draw.

Mary asks…

How do I get a job letter from my job if I work as a consultant?

My credit card company is asking for a job letter which proves I worked at my job atleast 3months and what’s my average monthly salary. I’ve been working as a consultant.. pretty much self-employed. I’m not an employee at my job. How do I get a job letter?

New Niche Finder answers:

See if they will accept a copy of your contract in lieu of a letter. If you don’t have a contract, see if they will accept copies of your payment check(s) for the most recent job you did.

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