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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Lisa asks…

How can I find a part time job in chandigarh or surroundings? Job can be of data entry or call center?

I want do do a part time job in chandigarh. Can you please tell me what should I do to get a part time data entry or call center job? Or any other job? I am B.Tech student.

New Niche Finder answers:

“If a company requires initial payment from you in order to work for them, they are not legitimate.”

There are a few legitimate data entry companies but are not hiring and have large waiting lists (1-2yrs). The majority of data entry jobs you seen online are scams. A real company will want you to have skills inc fast typing, may want you to know MS Excel, and will usually ask that you have high speed internet. Once in a long while you may found one online on a job website but thats rare.

If you do an advanced search on yahoo, you will find previous answers, sometimes the info on these is good as the info they gave is likely to have been verified if the answer was voted as ‘Best’.

George asks…

What job titles should I search if I am applying for business jobs?

I will be graduating from college in May with a bachelors in accounting. I have began applying for jobs but I do not know what job titles to search for jobs other than accounting ones. I am not restricting my job search only to accounting jobs but what should I search for other business jobs?

New Niche Finder answers:

You will have to experiment. Any spelling mistake by the employer could cause you to miss a great job.


Financial manager



Account Executive

Betty asks…

How do i find a job in Australia/canada while im still in India?

I want to have a job in austaralia/canada. Can any one help me the procedure to get job there.

New Niche Finder answers:

U can go to the job search website like monster, seek etc and search.
But this will not help as you need to have work permit and preferably in that country to attend interview.

David asks…

What should I wear when I turn in a job application?

I’m planning on turning in a few job applications to some various restaurant chains (first job!), and I was wondering – what do I wear?
I’m 16 and applying for a busser position.

New Niche Finder answers:

You don’t need a suit & tie , for this kind of job, but a button shirt, with a collar, & a nice pair of Slacks, & decent shoes will do. ( also , Jeans that look new works in fast food , they know you wouldn’t be applying there if you were wealthy, & could afford the finer clothes of an Executive!

Thomas asks…

Is massage therapy an enjoyable job? Is it a good job to help through college?

Instead of having some retail or restaurant job through college, I want to have an interesting job that I would enjoy. Would massage therapy be a good choice?

New Niche Finder answers:

Yes. I have been encouraging people for years to consider massage therapy a part-time job/career while obtaining a higher degree. If you think about, during college you want to maximize your earning potential during the limited time that you will typically have to work. Hmmm, minimum wage and possibly a decent amount of tips or sales commissions to earn maybe $8-$10 per hour with retail or restaurant working 20 hours per week, or $15-$25 per hour working 8-15 hours per week? If you work for an established massage facility where you do not need to spend much time marketing and creating clientele for yourself, then that would be the best scenario. Avoid a rental situation unless you know you can commit to the time necessary to develop clientele.

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