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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Carol asks…

Jobs jobs jobs…?! help!?

Hi ok im 19 and about to start college to do an acess course into a university. Ive been browsing through all the courses and im tottaly stuck!
I thought politics but im scared ill end up with some really dull job. in an office .
i thought art but i dont know what kind of jobs are in that?
Then i thought journalism but i HATE the idea of having to interview people, i really wanted to be a journalist of a respectable mag or newspaper in london but im afraid its far too hard to get jobs….

Im kinda open to ideas now i just want a job with a future something i can work towards and be proud of, without it being really dull and pointless (like filling out papers to permit someone to make thier fence a foot higher…)

i did really want to be a in politics because ive always wnated to work in the houses of parliment but i wouldnt want to have people voting for me or anything id rather be behind the scenes really , are there any jobs there?

anyway thanks for any advise or comments on anything ive talked about!

New Niche Finder answers:

Jobs are getting scarce in this country and the way things are heading there will be no jobs left at all. The jobs that eventually will remain are going to be reserved for the super elite i.e. Overseas professionals,

Jenny asks…

City jobs?????????????????????????????

What are some type of city jobs ??

New Niche Finder answers:

Jobs located *in* the city, or jobs working *for* a city?

Jobs located in a city would primarily include white collar jobs, but could include blue collar jobs as well. Some examples of “city” jobs would include an accountant, lawyer/attorney, business owner, computer programmer, and pharmacist.

Jobs working for a city would include government jobs such as a police officer, firefighter, sanitation worker (aka garbage man), road work crews, activities directors, and secretaries.

Mark asks…

what are the most enjoyable jobs?

what careers/jobs are most enjoyable, in general?

New Niche Finder answers:

No job is enjoyable. I’m sure everyone dislikes SOMETHING about their job. I am realizing that there is no perfect, and great job. Unless it is your dream.

Sandy asks…

government jobs for12thpass?

What government jobs can one get after 12th?

New Niche Finder answers:

Govt jobs India is the best employment news portal in India .
Find latest updates for all state and central government jobs.
At Govt Jobs India find all new sarkari naukri opportunities.
Jobs in Bank , Railways, UPSC , SSC , Police , Army , Navy and Many more.
Govt jobs India update latest employment news in India daily for central and state government jobs 2012.
Look also for all other kinds of Jobs.

Ruth asks…

bank job vs software company job?

i am a btech graduate and recruited as po in bank of baroda …..shall i go for it sector …which sector has more growth aspects and job security???

New Niche Finder answers:

Bank job is a comfortable one when compared to an IT job.
Bank job:
-No night shifts in a bank job.
-9 to 6 or even 10 to 5 job schedule.
-job security
Growth aspects are the same in both according to me.
IT job:
-gives back pain and other health problems.
IT job is better if you want to earn more money in a short time.
If you have interest in an IT career.

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