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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Michael asks…

If you lost your job, how long would it take you to find a new one at similar pay?

Being unemployed myself I am always running into people that are convinced that if they were in my shoes it would take them just a few days to find a new job with similar pay and responsibilities. They are convinced that if they just picked up the phone and made a few calls they would have a new job. In their opinion only fools are unemployed for a long time like me.

So, if you lost your job, how long would it take you to find a new one with similar pay and responsibilities?

New Niche Finder answers:

On average noted in many Job-Hunting and Career Changing informational Books it takes 19 week and a recent report showed 27 weeks.

I completely relate…I had one friend in particular who constantly acted like if she was to loose her job she would be able to gain employment quickly. Infact she requested a new roommate and close friend to vacate her house because she didn’t see any ambition coming from her in her job search even though the girl had only been in the area less than two months, had gained part time work, and was signed up for a 8hrs/5day a week program at a community college in the following month (her reason for moving to the area, which after getting certified would lead her to the job opportunities she was hoping for). Whenever this individual would imply job hunting was easy, I would ask a series of questions such as “Great, who would you call? Could you call them for me or give me their information and allow me to use your name as a reference? I would love to use them as part of my professional network too. What companies would you reccomend me contacting to gain employement? What steps would you take as part of your Job Search? …and then when I’d see her struggling to answer or come up with suggestions or flat out admitting she didn’t know where she would start… I would deliberatly mention how I am the contact that networked to get her employed and I would definitly appreciate the return. My point is I am interviewing with an organization at the present that has listed 1,300 jobs and it has been reported that there are 20,000+ plus applicants. Use those nah-sayers and get them to work for you…push them to prove it. Even say perfect…show me how its done…worst case they can’t and you haven’t lost anything, in general you learn something or made a contact you didn’t have already, and best case they get you a job and you take them out to dinner.

Sandra asks…

How long does it take for you to find a new job?

Do you quit your current job and search for a new one? Or Do you search while you are still at the current job?

I’m thinking of quitting, but it is hard to find a new one without quiting the current one. The reason is that I have to have time for the interview etc, while currently I’m working mon-fri 8-6, sometimes more.
What will you do?

New Niche Finder answers:

Find one before you quit. If you quit then look for one you will be in the same position you are in now.

George asks…

How does my husband find a “head hunter” to help him find a new job?

My husband is in manufacturing. We need to find a head hunter who can look at his resume and realize that he has a lot of knowledge and experience so he can get the best job. How do we go about finding a head hunter who can help him find the best job for him?

New Niche Finder answers:

Do a local search on the internet and then contact 3 or 4 of the companies listed…..go and meet them personaly and then decide which one you feel most comfortable with and whioch one you feel will do the best job

Laura asks…

How do I help my husband find a new job?

My husband lost his job due to his company’s lay offs. It was extremely hard for him to get this job because he has a background. We have been online putting in resumes, revising resumes to fit job descriptions, he has put the foot work in. He seems to be giving up hope. We are a Christian Family with high morals and faith but its hard for us and I just needed to reach out someone who may have an answer.

New Niche Finder answers:

A lot of people are in your boat. My only suggestion is to look for side jobs and conitinue to do what your doing.. My friend has a simular sisuation where her man was a new employee got laid off they did do call backs but he didn’t make the list it’s been over a year. He feels the same.
Also make sure he knows how much he is wanted and needed to you and your family. Tell him now is the time to make money off his hobbies or something if he is an artist or a photographer or even if he goes to aplace and say hire me for the day to file paper work or what not.
Sucky spot don’t lose hope!!!

Steven asks…

How can I find a new job while working at my current one, I’m so busy I can’t take time off to interview?

I am the only accountant on staff and I usually work through lunch and work long hours.

I really need to leave but I can’t quit my present job unless I am hired somewhere else first.

New Niche Finder answers:

Your best bet would be to contact a headhunter. They will do the searching for you and will often be able to set up interviews for you after hours or early in the morning, so you will be able to go without taking time off of work. Good luck!

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