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Your Questions About How To Find A New Job

Susan asks…

What are some job interview questions for customer related jobs?

My job positions will be customer related. What are some common behavioral questions?
Can you give me some sample answers?

New Niche Finder answers:

Candidates at a customer service job interview are asked a wide array of questions, both standard interview questions and customer service specific interview questions. Customer service job interview questions include: “What does excellent customer service mean to you?” and “What is your customer service philosophy?”. Behavioral interview questions will explore competencies like customer service orientation, problem analysis and solving, accuracy, adaptability, patience and stress tolerance. A complete guide to the customer service interview including behavioral interview questions and sample answers can be found at the site below.

Sandra asks…

My current job is not good. Should I seek for another job or should I start my own business?

My current job is not good. Should I seek for another job or should I start my own business?

New Niche Finder answers:

Maybe it would help us to know:

your age
current job ,and what you dislike about it
where you are
what you would most like to do……..

Maria asks…

What job in the makeup industry is good at 15?

I want a job in the makeup/ beauty/ fashion industry but i don’t know what job is good for a 15 year old. Any suggestions?

New Niche Finder answers:

You could try getting a job at like sephora or something…Might look good on a resume later on. I don’t think anyone would hire you to do makeup, since you probably don’t have much experience. But if you worked at a makeup store for like 6 months and then applied at a salon, you have a better chance of getting it. Hope i helped! Good luck! :)

Lisa asks…

What type of jobs is a sit-down job and has air-conditional environment?

I saw this job from the newspaper and i want to go for this job.
This job is about general production/operators.
But what is general production/operators about?
Is this job a sit-down job and does it have an air-conditional environment?
I have a poor health and i can’t do jobs that requires lots of physical work.

New Niche Finder answers:

Usually its a job where u work on a line on your feet….depending on the factory it may or may not be air conditioned…but typically they aren’t. You need a job as a secretary or receptionist which are hard to get unless you have an education.

Linda asks…

future job opportunities for commercial airline pilots in next ~20 years?

how are future job outlooks for commercial airline pilots in next ~20 years? will their jobs be replaced by technology? if so why, if not why not? thanks.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think there will be lots of opportunities for commercial pilots in the next 20 years. Air travel is expanding exponentially with the continued rise of Asian economies and people are traveling more than ever.

I doubt technology will replace airline pilots in the near future, although it could certainly happen someday. Current aircraft are technical wonders but they aren’t reliable enough yet to eliminate the need for pilots. I don’t think that will happen within the next 20 years either. The A380/7897/A350 aircraft are the ‘latest and greatest’ yet need two pilots just as much as aircraft of the present.

The real question is whether being a commercial pilot will be a job worth having. The days of super highly paid pilots are over. Most major airlines pay decently but nothing like in the past. The trend is not encouraging either, with most major pilot unions all over the world facing layoffs and serious salary erosion. Ultimately salaries and work conditions will probably remain static at current levels. My suspicion is that the need for pilots will be offset by the reduced training and capabilities required of pilots due to more advanced technologies. Pilots are slowly sliding from ‘skilled professionals’ to ‘commodities with specialized training.’ I think a new guy today could expect lots of job opportunities in the next few decades, but I question whether it would be worth it in the end….. Good luck!

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