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Your Questions About New Market Niches

David asks…

If libs had something interesting to talk about they would be able to compete on radio?

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative talk-radio pioneer, has been called many nasty things before, but never a “structural imbalance.” That’s the fancy term a liberal think tank uses to characterize his success — and to dress up its proposal for counteracting that success through new government regulation.
The report of the Center for American Progress on “The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio” marks the latest phase in liberaldom’s grappling with conservative talk radio. First came the attempts to create a liberal Limbaugh — Mario Cuomo, Jim Hightower, et al. — that fell flat. Then an entire left-wing network, Air America, was founded, and foundered. So there’s only one option left — if you can’t beat them, and you won’t join them, you can agitate for government to regulate them.
The report looks at a slice of 257 talk stations and concludes that more than 90 percent of total weekday talk programming is conservative. The supposed reason for this is, essentially, that media companies are conspiring to shove conservative radio down the throats of listeners in a way they couldn’t if, among other things, government required broadcasters “to regularly show that they are operating on behalf of the public interest.”
This is a pinched view of radio. There are upwards of 2,000 talk stations in the country that deal with news and issues, according to Michael Harrison of Talkers magazine, and they encompass all sorts of formats from National Public Radio to urban radio to shock jocks, none of which are dominated by right wingers. Conservative talk radio is a vibrant niche within that market, but there are many other places to go for news and opinion.
What is hard to find are liberal replicas of Rush Limbaugh, and that is due to the deepest structural imbalance of all — talent. Limbaugh and other top conservative talkers are silver-tongued, informative, and — importantly — entertaining. These are qualities that can’t be conjured out of nowhere, and designated liberal-radio saviors have tended not to have the requisite talent “on loan from God” (as Limbaugh puts it).
There have been conservative failures at talk radio for the same reason. Without the right mix of substance and entertainment, a host will fail to get ratings, and, with that, be yanked from the air. “Ratings” is a word that appears only once in passing in the Center for American Progress report, because then it would have to acknowledge that conservative radio is successful exactly because it gets listeners.
Broadcasters go where the money is. If a liberal could draw the kind of listeners — and hence the kind of advertising dollars — as Limbaugh, he too would be on more than 600 stations. This is why Spanish-language radio is such a growth commodity. Not because broadcasters have an agenda to Hispanicize America, or because there’s a structural imbalance that favors Spanish-language over German- or French-language programming, but because there’s an audience for it.
The Center for American Progress wants to short-circuit the market. Having bureaucrats determine whether radio stations are serving the public interest is inherently dangerous. There are times — like now, in the debate about the immigration bill — when Democrats and Republicans in Washington will agree that conservative talk radio is not serving the public interest, because it brings to the table public sentiment that the establishment prefers to ignore.
The report avoids directly calling for a renewal of the constitutionally dubious Fairness Doctrine that mandated equal time for conservative and liberal opinions, although some Democratic lawmakers aren’t so circumspect. After five years of opposing most assertions of government power to fight terrorism, these liberals are ready to wield it to fight conservative talk radio. After maintaining that the First Amendment protects nude dancing, they are ready to argue that it doesn’t quite apply to people broadcasting conservative views over the airwaves.
In our toxic contemporary politics, it’s a sign of success if you drive your opponents batty. Rush Limbaugh might be a structural imbalance, but his critics appear simply imbalanced.

New Niche Finder answers:

If cons had the intellectual ability, they’d compete online. So what’s your point?

Politics is not about ratings. If you think that’s important, you should have your right to vote revoked.

Lizzie asks…

I’m leaving teaching – what exactly am I qualified for?

At the end of the school year, I’m leaving the teaching profession. Nothing major, I’m just burnt out and looking to explore other options while I’m still young.

A bit of background – BA in Political Science, MA in Education. I’m 25 and am finishing up my fourth year of teaching. I originally got into teaching through Teach for America, so I’m still at the struggling underprivileged school at which I started.

Ideally, I’d love to get into nonprofit fundraising for local education, but it’s a niche job market with very little turnover. I also have an interest in marketing and public relations, but I’m not exactly sure where I’d fall in terms of level. I ran into a problem last year when I tried to look for a new job: where I had no discernible skills in a non-education field, but I do have a few years of career experience under my belt.

Theoretically, I could take the “apply at any job that moves” approach, but there are certain companies and foundations where there are a number of openings, and I don’t want to compromise myself by over or under shooting my potential.

Am I entry-level? What sort of jobs in marketing and public relations should I be eyeing?

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t know too much about your field specifically, but yes, it sounds like you are entry level outside of an educational environment. I sort of ran into the same problem. I left teaching for other interests. Unfortunately, the majority of the jobs I found were looking for someone who had experience in a non-academic setting. So I essentially had to take an entry level job.

If I were you, I’d re-consider teaching. I never wanted to be a teacher, it just so happened that I they were hiring and I needed a job. But, if you do like teaching, perhaps you can just recover from a long vacation or something. Teachers get the summers off and they get to talk all day about the subject that they love… Hard to beat that.

Steven asks…

What is the oldest Colony in the world today?

The Oldest Colony in the World: Puerto Rico…


On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States

The People of Puerto Rico are US citizens since 1917

The citizens of Puerto Rico pay full Medicare payroll taxes but their benefits are capped at 30% of the national average.

The government of Puerto Rico lacks legal personality and therefore is unable to make commercial treaties and pacts with the rest of the world. The commerce which we can establish with other countries must be via the United States, its customs, and subject to the conditions of the international treaties that the United States have agreed to, of which Puerto Rico has had no participation or voice. Obviously, Puerto Rico cannot open a niche in the world markets, nor can it establish and implement plans of economic development oriented to foreign trade due to this limitation. In this era of free trade and economic liberalization, Puerto Rico is essentially, because of its continued colonial subordination, a captive market of the United States.

Puerto Rico does not have the authority to regulate affairs and policies related to the establishment of communication systems with the outside world. The United States government is the one who has this authority in its exclusive form.

All merchandise between ports within US territory must be transported in ships of the American merchant marine. Puerto Rico is obligated to fulfill this disposition while it cannot benefit from the lower costs of ships with foreign matriculation. In this way, the products that arrive and leave the island are made more expensive due to the excessive costs of transportation. It is estimated that in 1999, the costs added to merchandise, due to the transportation costs of the American merchant marine, was over $500 million.

All nations need to regulate migratory movements for social reasons, security reasons, and economic reasons. The absolute authority in the matters of emigration to Puerto Rico rests with the federal government. Puerto Rico must admit all persons that the United States authorizes to reside in its territory, including colonies. In such a situation, we lose control over any measure of economic protection that could be established for ourselves and new emigrants.

The fact that Puerto Rico must accept the dispositions of laws imposed by another country, without its consent, clearly demonstrates the colonial character of our relationship with the United States. In Puerto Rico, this is called “Estado Libre Asociado”(Free Associated State or Commonwealth). In international law, it is called “colony”.

Only 2 percent of the People of Puerto Rico support the independence for Puerto Rico

It is clear that there is a democracy deficiency in the United States.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans have shed their blood defending the United States in the name of freedom and democracy in all wars since World War I. Yet, they are not allowed to vote for their Commander-in-Chief. The people of Puerto Rico do not have voting representation in the U.S. Congress, even though all federal laws apply to them. Therefore, Puerto Ricans have no say in the making of the federal laws that apply to them. Likewise, the U.S. Supreme Court has absolute jurisdiction over Puerto Rico and all its rulings apply to Puerto Rico. However, the people of Puerto Rico do not have representation in the U.S. Senate to vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees. In all, the people of Puerto Rico are ultimately governed by an Executive whom they did not vote for, a Congress in which they are not represented in, and a Supreme Court whose justices they did not confirm.

The 4 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico are disenfranchised citizens and are treated as second-class U.S. citizens. Are we going to tolerate this un-American and discriminatory treatment towards a particular group of U.S. Citizens? Are you willing to keep contributing $22 billion per year to support this unjust territorial status? After 112 years of service and sacrifice, it is time to add an additional star to our American constellation.

Our sons and daughters have made their mark on the US honor roll. I invite you to find a state that has earned more Purple Hearts per capita in combat than our island. Our people are never afraid to defend the red, white, and blue.

Being a colony of the United States has changed the lives of five generations and granted them a shot at democracy and an abridged version of the American Dream. But after 112 years of playing in the minor leagues, don’t we deserve our shot at the big leagues?
Marko: No Congressionally-mandated plebiscite has ever been held in Puerto Rico.

New Niche Finder answers:

They have the opportunity to become a state or leave the United States through a popular vote but to this day the people have not wanted to do either.

Donald asks…

PLEASE HELP!! much thanks!!! i really appreciate it people :)?

39. The part of the atmosphere that filters out most harmful ultraviolet radiation is the: (Points : 2)

40. Which of the following is true? (Points : 2)
The pyramid of biomass must always be inverted.
The pyramid of biomass must always be upright.
The pyramid of energy must always be inverted.
The pyramid of energy must always be upright.
The pyramid of numbers must always be upright.

41. Which of the following is true according to the second law of thermodynamics? (Points : 2)
Animals with high body temperature, such as humans, have less entropy than animals with lower body temperature.
Efficiency of 100% is impossible unless energy is expended.
It is impossible for complex molecules to form from simple ones.
The entropy of the universe always increases.
Time moves in the direction of minimum entropy.

42. The place where an organism lives is known as its: (Points : 2)
Trophic level

43. In late successional stages: (Points : 2)
Ecological efficiency is high
Efficiency of nutrient cycling is low
Most plants are annuals
Most species are r selectors
There are few, mostly generalized, ecological niches

44. Which of the following is an example of a nonpoint source of pollution? (Points : 2)
A power plant smokestack
An automobile tailpipe
A drainpipe from a chemical plant
A nuclear power plant
Runoff from cropland

45. Which of the following hypotheses would likely be the most difficult to test? (Points : 2)
Baseball players taking adrostenedione supplements hit an increased number of home runs.
Moderate alcohol consumption decreases heart disease incidence.
The Detroit Lions will win the Super Bowl in the year 2015.
The price of gasoline in the U.S. will hit $10.00 a gallon by 2015.
The stock market crashed in 2008 because New England lost the Super Bowl.

46. Which of the following supports the argument that attempts should be made to limit the world’s population? (Points : 2)
Any attempt at population regulation can be viewed as genocide.
Global life expectancy is higher than ever before.
It is against some people’s religion to use birth control.
People may have any number of children, but only if it does not lower the quality of other people’s lives.
Restricting the number of children people can have violates their privacy rights.

47. Whenever the frequency of an allele in a population changes, the process said to take place is: (Points : 2)
Gene flow

48. Which of the following is true of exponential growth of a population? (Points : 2)
It cannot continue when a population nears its carrying capacity.
It is caused by competition for scarce resources.
It is typical of endangered species.
It is typical of K-selected species.
It primarily occurs in species with a long life span.

49. The theory of plate tectonics does NOT explain the: (Points : 2)
Extinction of the dinosaurs
Formation of mountain ranges
Occurrences of earthquakes
Restriction of marsupials primarily to Australia and South America
Shapes of the continents

50. In the past century, U.S. urban areas have seen: (Points : 2)
Increased air pollution
Increased incidence of waterborne diseases
Increased green space
Reduced traffic congestion
Safer public drinking water supplies

New Niche Finder answers:

Biosphere,2,1,habitat,3,1 try more by your own.

Mandy asks…

please see bellow?

A maturing industry is one that is moving from rapid growth to significantly lower growth. In
maturing industries there is no new technology, no or little innovation, price and services are
main demand, buyers are more aware and conscious and profitability is reduced.
In your opinion what types of strategic moves a firm has to take in order to strengthen its position
in the industry.
Following is the example of moves for declining or stagnant industry.
Many firms operate in industries where demand is growing more slowly than the economy wide
average or even it is declining (Stagnant or declining industry). Achieving competitive advantage
in stagnant or declining industries usually requires pursuing one of three competitive approaches.
• Focusing on growing market segments within industry
Stagnant or declining markets, like other markets are composed of numerous segments or niches.
Frequently one or more of these segments is growing rapidly, despite stagnation in the industry as
a whole.
• Differentiating on the basis of better quality
Either enhances quality or innovation. Differentiation based on successful innovation has
additional advantage of being difficult and expensive for rival firms to imitate.
• Frequent product innovation or becoming low cost provider.
Companies in stagnant industries can improve profit margins and return on investment by
pursuing innovative cost reduction year after year.

New Niche Finder answers:

So what’s the question. Your essay seems to be a reasonable explanation.

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