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Your Questions About New Market Niches

Donna asks…

What Interface is used on Urban Dictionary and StackOverflow?

I am trying to create a website in a lovely little market niche I’ve found, and would like to use a system like the one used on Urban Dictionary. I assumed they had coded it from scratch, but then I noticed one extremely similar to this one on StackOverflow, and thought that perhaps they had an open-source framework, like a WordPress and Prestashop kind of thing. Does anyone know?

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t know anything about Urban Dictionary, but the details of the technology behind StackOverflow are here:


So, no. It is not built with any open source framework. It is written in closed-source C# using the ASP.NET framework.

Sandra asks…

Canadian investing in American market, what do I need to get started?

I am a Canadian citizen looking to invest in an american real estate market niche. In simple detail, I will be aqcuiring properties and selling them.

What I need to know is what do I need to get started? Do I need a Canadian business? An American Business? Both?

I am currently working on getting an American mailing address and an American bank account. Are there any other things that I need to consider?

P.S. I know I have to submit form ss4

New Niche Finder answers:

You need a US Taxpayer ID number and a business license…

Linda asks…

is the facebook smartlist a good feature for a business?

Let’s say I ran a company and I added all my contacts to the list I wanted to know if this feature is a good marketing niche to promote my company.

New Niche Finder answers:

Any promotion that is free is good for business, right?

Maria asks…

what is a possible small business proposal in an developing country such as Albania?

I have to make this business proposal and project for a small business option in Albania. Can you please suggest me anything? what may be a possible market niche I can focus on?

New Niche Finder answers:

It depends on what you are trying to emphasize with your proposal.

Small business in Albania would be a club – disco – pub – restaurant – bar – cafe. It is the most profitable thing to do there. People hang out way too much.

Another could be a clothing shop (just one shop not a whole store) which is fashionable and cheap.

For these things, your target age is from 14 to 35 or 40. Over 40 they think they are too old so they would not buy anything and less than 14 they are kids and they still won’t buy anything. So you want to find something that people along those ages could do/buy.

James asks…

How can I generate a lot of traffic to my product review website?

I have a website doing product reviews for a specific market or niche as some call it. How can I drive traffic to it without costing a lot of money. It’s a pretty competitive niche so I can’t really afford the pay per click costs and SEO just takes forever or I’m just not doing it right. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t know if you have heard of George Brown but he came up with a pretty sneaky little trick that you can do with Youtube. He just released a video describing it for his Traffic Ultimatum course. What he suggests you do is to find a video on Youtube that is related to your products. Make sure the video has a lot of views with a minimum of 50,000 views. Then he tells you to contact the maker of the video and ask them to include a link to your website in the description of the video. You may want to offer a donation of some sort to make them more agreeable.

This method of traffic generation allows you get a lot of targeted visitors that are warm to what you are promoting. I hope this helps.

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