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Your Questions About New Market Niches

Robert asks…

Can someone recommend a good email list broker?

Id like to market niche products via email. Ideally Id like to find a service that rents the list and emails the message as well.

Double opt-in would be best.

New Niche Finder answers:

I have used dunhill in the past. They are professional. Their database is huge.

The list I got from them returned a 3% response rate.

You will not get the emails from them, but they will send things out for you.

John asks…

How can i contact my potential market via emails without disturbing them? Or other ways?

My target market is small business owners. I’m thinking to get on their websites and send them email about my product. Is that going to work? I don’t want to be rude. Is there any other effective ways to reach them regardless of locations? Thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

Being a “small business owner” and a business consultant/coach, sending unsolicited emails will not be appreciated or opened. There are other more effective ways you can get your presence known to your market. You didn’t define which small business owners would be in your market or what your product is, so this limits how I can answer your question. So here are some general questions to answer for yourself. Do you have a presence on Twitter? Do you have a profile on LinkedIn or FaceBook? (These 3 social networking sites give you the ability to market nationally/internationally.) Do you belong to local networking groups? Do you have a blog … Where your niche market can find you and get to know, like and trust you? Do you have any articles or You Tube videos posted? Have you visited forums where business owners meet to see if they have the problems your product solves? If not, this is where you can begin market your product and yourself, create your presence and start reaching those people who may be in your market niche.

Linda asks…

How can I successfully market my black & white social documentary photographs?

I studied photography in Garry Winogrand’s class in Austin in 1979 and have been photographing as a street photographer for thirty years, have a website, a presence on other websites, had many exhibitions, received many favourable comments but few sales. What is the best way to reach the niche market of fine art social documentary photograph collectors in the USA in particular and the world at large?

New Niche Finder answers:

You are in a tough market. Usually your genre of image do not reach any popularity until fifty or sixty years after the fact. I would think you could self-publish a book, but then again, you will have to market it. Your question indicates to me you have no rep.

I would think with your skills you could connect with either a writer (magazine or newspaper) or find a political action group who can use your images to press their agendas

Paul asks…

What are some clever niche business ideas that someone can learn and start of a business of their own?

I am looking for business ideas that are kind of a niche market. Kind of like chimney cleaning, window cleaning, fire hydrant recharging and replacing, bar code scanner repair, etc.

What are some good ideas?

Something that doesn’t take 4 years of school but is indeed a skill. Maybe more of a self taught or short stint in training skill.


New Niche Finder answers:

I am currently working as a cook and cleaner in a two different restaurant. And earning well from both. I am also not good at study so i went a training class for sometimes then i joined as a waiter in a restaurant then they promoted to cook after few months. I hope you will get some idea now.

Ken asks…

How would I know if my topic I am writing about is targeting the right niche marketing?

Example: I want to market an ebook on supertips about in affilaiate marketing, no specific type of affiliate marketing.

New Niche Finder answers:

You could be more successful by doing market research into your potential target niche markets. If you research the market niches that seem best, to find out what the people in each niche are thinking, you then know which niche is best and what to write.

In other words, don’t write your ebook first and then try to find a niche market to try to sell it into. Instead, first find the niche market that’s best for you to write for (fewest competitors, best keywords, enough market size, topics you understand, best info on what people are thinking, etc., etc.) – only then do you write your ebook, specifically talking to exactly what the members of that market are thinking.

To sell online you need to find out what people want and then deliver it better than your competition does.

You may think you know what to write for affiliates, but you’ll do better if you get real insight into their needs and desires and address those directly in your writing.

So how do you do this market research?
Find out affiliate’s needs, fears, frustrations, desires and other motivations by:
1. Reading their forum posts. After you find a few with certain “need words”, do a forum search to find more of those and dig deeper.

2. Just ask in affiliate forums what people’s biggest problems and frustrations with affiliate marketing are. You might be surprised how much you can learn by just asking.

3. Make a fast one-page blog and put a survey on it, asking affiliates what their biggest problem is. After you get 300-400 responses, you’ll have a decent statistical sample and can stop advertising it. Advertise your survey blog on affiliate forums and (by far the best yet if you can afford it), with Google AdWords PPC. PPC can be very expensive long-term, but you only need to get 300 responses, then you can pause or delete your PPC campaign. Use an online survey service to setup your survey and to track your results in their database.

3. A bit of online searching for more free or inexpensive online market research methods will turn up more good ideas.

Hope this helped…
_jim coe

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