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Your Questions About New Market Niches

Linda asks…

I want to start doing Internet Marketing but where do I start?

I’ve got the idea alright of how you need a niche market, a product within that market and traffic to get to your website to sell that product. I know about eBooks, affiliate marketing and the like. I even have a plan that I want to earn from the Internet full time in two years. It’s just that I just seem to have difficulty “putting pen to paper” Should I pay for mentoring because I seem too overwhelmed by it all?

New Niche Finder answers:

Mentoring is a good way to help you because it demands accountability on your part, however it can be costly.

You already have a two year plan, but it has to be specific, like how much will you be earning in two years. The most important question is Why do you want to earn that much, what is the reason. The more compelling the reason, the more likely it is that you are going to make it happen because from a “Want” it becomes a “Must”.
Once it becomes a must, you have to focus your mind on achieving it.

Mark Twain said:
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.“

A Chinese saying; A journey of a thousand miles, starts with the first step.

You already have a two year plan, that is very good, many people want to get rich but don’t have plan or target. You are already several steps ahead.

Break down the 2 year plan into quarterly plans or milestones, the first quarter into monthly milestones, turn the first month into weekly actions, and then the coming week into daily actions.

Every day just do whatever your daily action plan is don’t worry about tomorrow, just get today’s action plan done. Make this a routine task. Somedays (not to many please) you might not do it, don’t worry just do it the next day (take two days off every week, rest your mind do something else)

Review every month (if possible weekly), and compare your plan to your results. This will keep you on track. Once this becomes a routine you will be well on your way.

To get a free mentoring program on how to build a successful online business, please check out
You will receive ebooks, videos and periodic emails that helps you step by step. By following the training, you will see progress and once you see progress you will be more motivated to stick with it and do more. Without realizing it you will be well on your way to make it happen.

Hope this helps


Carol asks…

How can I successfully market my black & white social documentary photographs?

I studied photography in Garry Winogrand’s class in Austin in 1979 and have been photographing as a street photographer for thirty years, have a website, a presence on other websites, had many exhibitions, received many favourable comments but few sales. What is the best way to reach the niche market of fine art social documentary photograph collectors in the USA in particular and the world at large?

New Niche Finder answers:

Start with magazine submissions.
Even gorgeous color mags like National Geographic prints the occasional B & W pic.
Send to every mag you can find….and then wait for the collectors to contact you.

Ruth asks…

How do you propose to market to an untapped market? What are the best ways to advertise?

I work for a direct marketing company and we sell heaters among other things. I have been asked to come up with ways to market to untapped markets. Should I go the traditional route newspaper ads, commercials and so forth or try to think of something outside of the box.

New Niche Finder answers:

Are you talking about portable heaters?

Untapped markets to me would be specific Niches. Elders/home health care. I.e. One person hot, one cold. Put heater on side of room of colder person (usually the one ill, or older)

Construction/contractors companies. Portable heaters for winter time work doing re-models.

Portable heaters for those in manufactured homes, cabins, etc.

How to reach? Speciality newspapers and publications.

Develop a brochure showing how heaters are more green than central heating …tap into green movement. Advertise this in newspapers. Just some quick ideas. Feel free to re-ask if I didn’t understand the product you are selling.

Also, consumer trade shows is a good well for direct marketers to sell

Thomas asks…

a desirable and timely innovation that creates value for interested buyers or end users is referred to as a?

A. business initiative

B. entrepreneurial opportunity

C. market niche

D. value added product

New Niche Finder answers:

Well it can be a Entrepreneurial opportunity creating a product that reaches a market niche… But when you add value to the product drives the interest of the buyer… And then sometimes its called a business initiative…
So guess I have to say all of the above would fit…

Betty asks…

How did the organic food market gain popularity?

I have been loosely following the news lately because of traveling and being busy. I was wondering how did Whole Food Market gain popularity in a down market? I looked at some news saying that its stock rose by a whooping 300%. While all other big-stock values with big names were flip-flopping like pancakes. I don’t understand did I miss something on the news? Did the government promote some bill so that organic food can be sold more? Or did some impossible protest made organic food popular? I don’t understand it as a person looking at a regular view point or as a financial researcher. Please tell me what happened.

New Niche Finder answers:

You’re kind of asking a few different questions. Your main ones seem to be about organic foods gaining popularity, and another question asks about the success of Whole Foods Markets, which does sell a lot of organic food, but not exclusively.

Organic food has been around a long time. Probably the 1970s is when it really emerged as a niche market, and specialty stores began offering organic foods. The popularity of organic foods has pretty much steadily increased since then, to the point where now it makes up about 5-7% of all food purchased. That may seem small, but keep in mind the food market is huge. Although it’s emergence may seem sudden to you, the development of the organic market has been anything but, instead growing over many years. The rate of growth of organic foods has increased in recent years, perhaps as a response to conventional modern agriculture’s rapid adoption of new technologies. Things like genetically modified crop varieties and drugs that accelerate weight gain in animals make agriculture more productive but turn some people off, and as the amount of technology used on farms increases, the number of people who wish to buy food produced without some of it grows.

Around the year 2000, the organic market had grown to a point where national standards and enforcement of them were neccesary to ensure integrity to the organic brand, and the USDA national organic program was created. Some feel the USDA takeover of the organic brand gave it an increased legitimacy, and helped grow organic sales.

As far as Whole Foods goes – yes, they’ve been very successful, but they’re certainly not an overnight success. Their website has a pretty good page with their history, so I won’t repeat it here, but they more or less mirror the organic story – they started as a single location health food store and grew both through expansion, and later, acquisition of similar chains. No other “health food / natural food” store or whatever category you want to put them in has managed to achieve the kind of scale and geographical reach they have.

As far as their stock performance goes, yes, over the past 5 years they may be up 300%, but YTD, they’ve actually underperformed the S&P 500, and they’re well below the return of conventional grocer Kroger. I think their long term prospects remain bright, but I’m not sure they’re going to produce big gains in the short term.

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