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Your Questions About New Niche Businesses

William asks…

Will you invest in Sunset House Hospice for a note for 10 Years @10%?

Sunset House Hospice; Inc., is a new corporation committed to providing the highest quality hospice and palliative care services in York, County. Owned by Ms. Vicky G. Russell, RN and the Reverend Andrew W. Russell, BCC, the Sixteen (16) bed inpatient state of the art facility, will provide the highest quality, dignified inpatient, interdisciplinary “Hospice” and “Respite” care services to patient’s and family members entrusted to our care.
Sunset House Hospice; Inc., will serve a highly targeted niche within York County and will be he only direct care inpatient facilities in the county.

1. We are looking for a $650,000.00 investment. We are willing to look at all options. We prefer a Note payable in 7 to 10 years at around 10% APR.

2. The $650,000.00 will be used for the 10% down payment a small business loan from Wachovia Bank that is guaranteed by the Small Business administration and initial legal fees.

3. Will consider other options.

New Niche Finder answers:

This appears to me to be a loosing proposition. Only 16 beds. Cost of facility is $6,500,000. Operating costs will be in excess of $150,000 a year, probably much more. Each bed will have to generate $100,000 a year just to about break even.

James asks…

Having an issue distinguishing our company.?

My partner and I have been working for the past year and a half developing a marketing system to help promote local businesses in a certain niche market (sorry wont say what the niche is). But when we go to pitch our service we are running into problems. First this is what we do:

Basically we have developed a website much akin yellow pages which only caters towards this niche, over the past year and a half we have become highly optimized for almost every category in the niche ranking in the top 3 spots in Google Yahoo and Bing (MSN). (outranking even yellowpages, yelp, yellowbook and others)

However we are not only offering a subscription into the directory (which gives the clients more exposure). We build each client a website, they get to choose their domain name, we create a custom classified advertisements to use, and we promote their businesses through Google Adwords, (this is done by having adwords drop the click through onto their listing page on our site.) In addition we give the clients access to a backend where they can track how many impressions their classified ads recieve, how many clickthroughs to their website, and a host of other statistical tools.

This is above and beyond yellowpages, in fact many clients we talk to say they spend 150-300 a month on yellowpages and recieve NO results.

We have a few clients who are very satisfied with the service, and it has helped them land additional business. In fact for most of our clients, only 1 job from a lead covers a months charge or more, and we only charge $50/mo promotional rate for 6 months then it goes to $80/mo from there.

Now here is the problem we face when trying to get new clients…. Many of you may have been cold called and pitched by some internet search engine optimization company that promises that they can get you on the front page of Google for a fee.. Most of those companies are shady and provide no results. For some reason when we start talking to people this is what they think we are doing… when in fact this is NOT what we are doing at all!

I’m kind of at a how I can effectively market our service without being confused as one of these shady businesses. Since this is not what we are doing.

New Niche Finder answers:

Once your business get established, potential customers will get over their skepticism.

Steven asks…

Ok What the HELL do they expect from me?

I started this new radio advertising sales job with a VERY reputable company. The quality of life is excellent as I don’t really have to report to an office daily and I can work from my laptop anywhere. The problem is, I feel like they misrepresented the job to handle. Those “accounts” were businesses that the previous AE called on and was not able to get business from. Now looking back on it, my boss seemed to have been saying whatever it took to get me to work there. What I was not told is that not only is the job 100% cold calling with no territories assigned but the bigger businesses in town have already been claimed by the veteran AEs. so basically I am calling on small businesses to sell a niche product during a recession. I am fine with this, but I don’t want expectations to get out of hand. I have been here a month now and have had 3 deals fall through and while I have a couple pending deals I have not closed a sale yet. Thoughts?

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, if they are willing to lure you in under false pretenses, that tells you something about their sales ethics.

If you asked these specific questions (will I have a territory? How much of the job is cold calling?) and they lied, then I would start looking for another job. If you didn’t ask these questions, and they just never mentioned it, then chalk it up to experience. Next time you’re looking for a sales job, you’ll know what questions to ask.

The thing you have to remember is that you are the low man on the totem pole, as it were, and they’re not going to give you the big juicy accounts…you have to earn them. If you can pull in these smaller accounts that the more seasoned reps failed to contract, you’re going to look good to the boss, and when a promotion comes up, you’re going to be a good candidate. Sales reps who are creative and think outside the box get the accounts that no one else can.

Even if you don’t get a promotion, keep track of your own sale stats, so when you go looking for another job, you can show them what you have done to increase revenues for your past employer.

Paul asks…

Was this sent to the wrong person?

I gotten an email that landed in my junk mail. Read below

Special Situation Report‏
From: karina montesinos olivares (karina_cool_9@hotmail.com)
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as safe
Sent:October 19, 2009 6:07:49 AM
Successful companies aren’t born, they’re made – and they have to work their way from humble beginnings and through the ranks just like everyone else. When it comes to our microcap stock investing, I’m in it to win and win big � and that means the goal is never to hit less than a few 10-baggers in every microcap bull cycle. This week we’ve identified one microcap stock that is on its way to changing the game in its respective market, The Wyncrest Group, Inc. (Pink Sheets: WNCG – News), an innovative a niche insurance consortium. The company has six planned acquisitions that could catapult the company�s revenues to

$50,000,000.00 in 2010! The stock is currently trading at $0.05 and our near term target is $0.43. Load up on WNCG before all the trend chasers… and cash out while short traders continue tripping over themselves. Watch for big swings upward and momentum trading in WNCG as the stock continues to gain momentum and trade under the radar of the Wall Street traders.

WNCG is also in negotiations with several acquisition targets developed over an ongoing two-year campaign to find distressed agencies and consolidate contract assets under one lower cost platform. Through its Wyncrest Offshore Services Division, the Company is expanding into the growing offshore insurance and reinsurance market by offering a variety of services and products, including a liability program for helicopter flight training schools and non-owner helicopter pilots, and a line of Warranty Service Policies operating as a controlled foreign corporation. Royalty income is expected from licensing insurance products patented under a new category of business methods, a strategy taken only by a few in a new class of small innovative insurance companies leading the industry! Don�t let this super gem slip through your hands. – BUY

that dancin_dan@hotmail.co.uk isnt my email but is close to mine (dancin_danny@hotmail.com) so my question is, why was this sent to me? I sent the other dan guy an email and never said it was not delivered (failure email never came up as it usually does when the email address is wrong so this email does exist.)

New Niche Finder answers:

It is an OLD SCAMMERs trick.

They hope it will “excite” you enough to do whatever they ask.

They deliberately SPAM millions of people.

They don’t need many to fall for it to keep doing it.

Please report them as SPAM and to the FCC.

George asks…

retired entrepenaurial ceo’s ?

|Like to pick your brain on how to get a brand new company started , that is a service business, I think could be niche related. Denver living even better ! Very new concept, interesting

New Niche Finder answers:

What you need is a business consultation, and that costs money. I don’t let anybody pick my brains for free, sorry.

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