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Your Questions About New Niche Ideas

Paul asks…

Would it be wise for me to leave college and attend a professional acting school or conservatory?

I am 20 and an aspiring actress with no experience. I want to do acting because I am a shy person and want to get out of my shell more. I wanna get involved in a community or an activity where I can do something creative and share that with others. I am someone who likes to be creative, but haven’t really found my niche. I love writing and have written poems and stories since I was 5 years old. I have done acting once in my acting college class and really loved the experience! I did this in class play of Antigone and was a chorus member and even though i had a small role I still enjoyed the fact that I was apart of that experience. I wanna do something new and creative with my life. I love the idea of becoming different people in order to tell a story for the audience to enjoy, and one day i hope to be able to write a play too and hope the audience will enjoy it. However, I am currently a theatre major at my college and I don’t feel I am learning anything. To be honest I feel I am learning more about “What happens in acting” than What acting is all about and how to do it well. I want to a rigorous acting training where I can focus on acting and writing for two years or so. I want to be able to leave that acting school or conservatory with the proper techniques/ tools to become a professional actress.

So what do you guys think of this decision? I know I have to audition for these schools as they are competitive, but I am confident that I work real hard and practice and let my passion shine through I can get in somewhere. I haven’t put my idea into motion yet. It’s still a decision I am trying to work out.
I live in NYC if that helps.
Also I currently taking acting classes at my college, but I feel the studio time isn’t enough for me to practice getting into character, focus, building stage presence etc.

New Niche Finder answers:

Hi Giselle,

Good, hard question.

Since you desire to become an actress specifically (and it seems like a stage actress from what I’m gathering) I WOULD suggest you look into specialized schools. It’s not “dropping” out of college. Most of these regarded schools are STILL “college”. They just specialize. And that’s GOOD.

A random “theatre” degree from any random university, frankly, isn’t going to stand you out from a crowd when it comes to theatre. Many people have generic theatre degrees. Many don’t. Many people who have random theatre degrees go on and do things that have squat to do with theatre. For example, I know a girl who recently graduated from a theatre program at ASU. She’s not the best actor. She’s ok. But she was the same BEFORE she started the program. She’s NOT a singer. I have no idea what she plans on doing with a theatre degree from a school that doesn’t specialize in it. It’s like $$ flushed down the drain.

When people KNOW early enough that they want a life in the theatre, or in acting, getting training from SPECIALIZED schools, like Carnegie Mellon or AMDA, really put you ahead of the pack. They are very focused on acting, musical theatre, dance, technique…everything for someone who wants to make a career out of this. It is the SMARTEST bang for you buck. In my opinion.

It’s difficult to change schools. It’s difficult to audition. There IS competition. But frankly, if you were already perfect, why would you need school? They know that – and take it into account. They want to see potential. If they find that in you, it can be a very rewarding experience.

Best of luck.

Richard asks…

Big family problems… What should i do? (do read details below)?

Well, this has been going on for quite some time now, almost 2 years… My mother passed on last year in March and just one month later, my dad met a new woman who is 16 years younger than him and it so happened that she worked at the church where my mom’s niche was. before that, on the day on my mother’s funeral, my uncle(mother’s brother) warned me that this might actually happen, but i didn’t think it would happen so soon. my dad’s girlfriend comes over to our house almost everyday and 6 months ago, my dad decided to move out because he said that our old house was far from our school and wanted to make it more convenient for us. I’m an 8th grader and i have a 11th grade sister who kind of lives in her own world, not caring when i scold her about something. When she comes home, she talks non-stop about her day then turns to the computer for the rest of the night and ignores me when i talk to her. Same for my dad. he comes home, nags about how we’re all messy and stuff, complains about how we’re rude, then ignores me when i need to ask him something or talk to him.
His girlfriend is quite nice and i’m not worried about her mistreating us or something. She’s really nice, just quite stupid to volunteer to do housework and stuff. not that i’m complaining. its just that everytime i see them together acting all lovey-dovey, it breaks my heart. i feel bad for my mother for choosing such an easy guy like my dad. Not to mention i was really close to my mother, she was there for me everyday when i got home, with lunch ready on the table, while now when i get home, its empty, while i have to be the one waiting for my family to come home, only to be ignored when they are back. I guess they are being selfish, so am i but i really need someone to talk to and my friends don’t understand. they all seem to have life so easy.
To make matters worse, my grandma supports my dad – she thinks he’s still young (though he’s in his late 40s) and told my aunt that my mother was a petty woman while my dad’s new girlfriend was so much sweeter.
I really have no idea what to do – my school councillor can’t be trusted, when my mother passed on, she passed the message to half the school, of which i had intended to keep it private. my classmates don’t understand, my family doesn’t listen. i don’t dare to cry, afraid that my eyes get too puffy and they’ll notice. i can’t talk to my dad, he’ll just think i’m being selfish and not thinking about him and its pretty much a touchy topic. I had the feeling he was lost and didn’t know what to do after losing my mom but he’s actions are so unpredictable. my sister doesn’t listen to anything i say, its as though my mom never existed in her life. its just so complicated, i still have school to manage and my family situation is not really helping. What should i do? since i can’t talk to anyone or cry it out?

*i know its in the wrong category, there’s something wrong, i can’t change it though i’ve tried three different browsers. Sorry bout that:(

New Niche Finder answers:

Aww i know how you feel a parent passing is really tough. Try talking to your dad tell him you miss your mom and if he really loved you hed break up wiit this chick or whatever good luck

Charles asks…

I’m moving across the country. School tips?

Im 13. Right now, I’m in a perfect position. I have a great school, perfect friends. I guess you could say im in my niche. my mom is moving us across the country in February. Im popular at my school, and really nice. When I go to my new school, however, I’ll know no one, with no idea what that class has learned when everyone knows each other and where they belong. PLEASE DON’T SAY ” JUST SMILE AND SAY HI.” because that doesn’t seem to work. People glare at me like I’m a plague. Bleh. I’m just wondering what you would do in my situation. My sister in law lives across the country and says people act and dress a lot different than the people here do.I kind of want to be homeschooled, but I won’t really know anyone then. THANKS IN ADVANCE:)

New Niche Finder answers:

The moment of awkwardness will last first week or at most 2nd week. Bytheen, if u dont make any friends, then u gotta make greater efforts to do so. If u’re pop in old school, u ought to be so in the next one too. Albeit a little slower. But try u must to make friends. Smiling is not enough. Go ask and start talking about school work, or ask about the weather . There r millions of topics that young people talk about.

Joseph asks…

How to extend the range of my existing wireless router?

I have a D-Link DIR-615 wireless router operating to 802.11n installed in my office. Unfortunately, the signal is very weak in the room and niche where my LG DVD player (with wireless capability) is, making watching streamed Netflix shows on the main TV nearly impossible. Plus, my house is not wired for ethernet, and there’s no easy way to run an ethernet connection from the router to the DVD player. I’ve heard that I could get another router that will act as a repeater, buy a repeater (one Yahoo Answer mentioned a bi-directional Wi-Fi signal amplifier; not sure if it’s the same as a repeater), or perhaps buy a newer router that has longer range. I’d greatly appreciate your ideas on a cost-effective solution. Thanks in advance.

New Niche Finder answers:

When there are range issues with wireless access points or wireless routers it is usually the combination of 3 factors:

1. Signal strength of the wireless
2. Absorption of the signal
3. Signal threshhold of the wireless receiver.

Now after a search I could not find webpages about the 615 showing screendumps of signal strength configuration pages, so I am not sure whether you can increase the signal. You can obviously turn the antenna’s, but I am not sure whether you can replace them with antenna that put out a stronger signal (and whether the 615 can put out enough power to detachable antennas

Signal absorption is strong in reinforced concrete buildings; wireless phones, microwaves and your neighbours wireless equipment may interfere with the signal strength too.

The wireless receiver may require a strong signal to function or may be shielded by other equipment.

The 615 is a N300 wireless router. It is not the latest and greatest but imho should do what you want from it. I would not replace it before trying out a few things on the second 2 aspects.

– is it possible to move the 615 a few feet to have a clearer path to your DVR
– are its antenna’s positioned so the DVR is perpendicular to it.

– any wireless equipment around that might interfere (if so, change the 615 channel – 11 is a common one, but you might want to try e.g. Channel 2)

– can the dvd be positioned so there is a path with more doors and less shielding.

If none of this helps, I would change the 615 to a n300 router with detachable antenas and use a 5 -12 Dbi antenna.

A repeater listens to signals and broadcasts them stronger , this is the same as an amplifier.. – good ones are costly, double or triple the price of a wireless router.

Lisa asks…

What are your thoughts on the longevity of Facebook?

I understand that the gist of this question has been asked before, but I am not looking for a simple answer. This is for an essay I am writing and I am very curious about what people truly think about how long Facebook will be the social network everyone is using. Social networking websites have constantly been rising and falling since the dawn of the internet, but Facebook seems to be taking on a life of it’s own. We all thought that Myspace was the be all and end all in the realm of interconnection, but then our views were shattered with the sweeping coup by Facebook. I am just looking for serious opinions on how this whole thing will pan out. Unlike other varieties of social networking, Facebook seems to be coming out with an update before it has been necessary. Facebook comes out with a new update, feature, or overall improvement faster than it’s users can comprehend. It is akin to a record holder beating his/her own previous record before anyone else has a chance to try; Facebook developers are producing new material before anyone else even has a chance to come up with the idea. It’s truly brilliant in my opinion, but in retrospect this makes me question how far this can go. The only other website that I can think of which rivals Facebook (but not actually at all) is Twitter; which basically took the “status” feature, and made it the center aspect of the website. Twitter basically fell into the niche Facebook left for it: a hub for celebrity’s updates. As of now, Facebook seems to be keeping up with technology and pop culture, but all good things must come to an end, no? And with Facebook going public this year, I am just wondering; will I be the annoying Father (or even Grandfather) trying to friend my children on Facebook, like my parents are currently doing, in 20+ years? Does Facebook have what it takes to keep up with our out-of-control/insatiable culture?

Serious responses only please.

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, the key difference is that myspace was just a simpler version of geocities where you could “friend” other people. Thats all it was. Facebook has all the intercommunication features necessary for longevity, unless they really screw up, I don’t see them becoming significantly less popular any time soon. They have become the de facto standard for communication/interaction on an interpersonal level.

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