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Your Questions About New Niche Ideas

Lizzie asks…

How to add expandable code for following article. how to add it?

I want to add such code, by which in beginning only 2-3 lines of article will be shown. but as soon as user will press “READ MORE” button of that article, full text will expand below . So can anyone help me to get exact code I’m searching for? I have added some part of article below. I want it to show only 2-3 lines in beginning and want to place “READ MORE” button below. so that my space on webpage will be saved.

5) After developing your list, take each keyword and focus an article on it. Focusing an article on a keyword does not mean that you pepper the article with that term. It means that you write an article on the topic of that keyword. You should write naturally–your article should not sound like you’re trying to manipulate that term into it.

6) If possible, find a way to work the keyword into your article title (of course in a way that makes sense).

7) You can use the keyword in your article body and also in your resource box. Again, the idea is not to overload your article with the keyword, but rather to write in a natural sounding way.

8) Do not overload your article with the keyword. Some publishers use keyword density tools to see if a keyword has been used too much. The keyword density limits vary by publisher, but a good percentage of keyword density for an article is 2%.

9) Go all the way through your keyword list, writing an article around each term. Don’t try to put all of your keywords in one article. Remember, article marketing is a long term marketing tool, and you have many articles to write during the lifetime of your website. Take one article and focus on one keyword term. Go through your list, then repeat, writing new articles for each keyword term.

10) Your keyword list should be updated regularly, as this type of information changes.

It’s that simple–if you learn to write articles for your keyword terms in this manner, you’ll be working towards dominating your niche in Google and the other search engines. Also, the more content you have out there for your keywords, the more likely your articles will show up in searches.

New Niche Finder answers:

There is no such guides available to add such costs to the profile…

Good luck!

Mark asks…

I hate college and I don’t know what to do!?

Okay, so everyone always told me that college would be the best 4 years of my life.. i’m more than halfway through my sophomore year, and so far they have been the worst years by far.

My first year i started off at a top university in california, and was really excited to go. Once i got there, i realized how big it was and how lost i felt, and i tried to make friends and find a niche, but still found myself with nobody to hang out with on the weekends… I have always been very academically driven, so i did spend a lot of time doing homework, but so did everyone at this place.

Anyways, I would cry myself to sleep most nights, and really hated the school. I was having an awful time, and decided that i should transfer, in the hopes of creating a fresh start. I transferred to a top liberal arts college on the east coast, and am now having an even worse time. I tried much harder this time to make friends and seek connections and join clubs and groups, and I feel so much worse here than at my old school. I cry myself to sleep quite often, and have had 2 therapists tell me that i’m clinically depressed (and i promise, i was happy as a clam in high school, so this is a new thing.) Also, during november and december of this year, i contemplated suicide multiple times a day, and came somewhat close to carrying it out a number of times.

Needless to say, I’m not having the best years of my life. I can’t drop out of college, because A.) my parents would never allow it, B.) I would never let myself live it down, and C.) I have nothing else to do. I also have no idea what i want to major in, and have lost interest in what i thought i was going to major in (so now i have no way to feasibly fit in any other major before i’m supposed to graduate.)

What should i do? I’m miserable on so many levels.

New Niche Finder answers:

I think your therapist is right. These suicidal thoughts aren’t normal.
Although I can relate. I went to a school I hated where I was bullied and I thought about suicide a lot.
It got better though. I got a private teacher and found happiness again. And you will too.
It gets better, you just have to be strong. What is your goal? What do you wish to achieve through college? Find a dream or a passion and follow it. Know that college is only a difficult step you have to take to reach your dream.
I know it sounds corny but just believe that you are strong enough to handle this. Also read. It will put your mind at ease and know that being alone isn’t such a horrible thing sometimes. If you’re comfortable with yourself and who you are, people will admire that andbecome your friends.
Stay strong and have the nerve to dream and imagine better.

Donna asks…

Thomas Malthus’s 1798 work, Essay on the Principle of Population, greatly influence?

Thomas Malthus’s 1798 work, Essay on the Principle of Population, greatly influenced Darwin. Which of the following statements best summarizes Malthus’s idea?
A) Animals are able to pass to their offspring characteristics that were acquired in their lifetimes.
B) Individuals that can run faster are more likely to survive and pass their genes to the next generation.
C) Isolated populations of organisms, such as Darwin’s finches on the Galápagos Islands, tend to differentiate into new species to fill different niches.
D) The size of human populations, like animal populations, is directly determined by the carrying capacity of the environment.
E) People reproduce much more quickly than their resources do. This results in competition for food and space, and in suffering and death.
Exceptionally large babies increase a mother’s mortality risk when giving birth and exceptionally small babies tend to die at birth or shortly afterward. For these reasons, birth weight in human babies is generally:
A) a strong predictor of adult weight.
B) not a heritable trait.
C) subject to stabilizing selection.
D) subject to disruptive selection.
E) subject to Caesarean selection.

In a fish population in a shallow stream, the genotypic frequency of yellowish-brown fish and greenish-brown fish changed significantly after a flash-flood randomly swept away individuals from that stream. This change in genotypic frequency is most likely attributable to:
A) natural selection.
B) directional selection.
C) gene flow.
D) disruptive selection.
E) the founder effect.

New Niche Finder answers:

E, D, A

Mary asks…

What kind of career would I be interested?

I thought I wanted to be a city planner until I realized that involved mostly policy affecting current neighborhoods, but I wanted to design and build new suburban developments which is like the #1 sin in city planning (suburbia).

I enjoy going through area real estate listings, like touring showhomes, seeing new neighborhoods under construction and the whole home building industry in general. Ive thought of working in showhomes selling home’s, architecture, landscape architecture and being a realtor, but each has its downsides to me. Is there any other niches that would interest me? I think being a real estate developer is what would most interest me, but I have no idea how to get started in taht.

New Niche Finder answers:

Planning is a tedious job where you will spend hours looking through city plans to find out if a particular use or building design fits in the rules.

Architecture allows a lot of room for creativity, but still requires understanding of the building codes.

Real Estate Sales is on of the easiest to get into but the weight of payment in the form of commission can turn many people away in the beginning but if you are skilled at sales and really like your job you can make big money, or if you are not you can make NOTHING…

Leasing is another area where you could consider, this is similar to sales but you are simply putting people into the space for the owner.

The upside to the above 2 positions is you will get to know many people and some of these people will be Developers who you could try to get a job with to learn development.

Valuation or appraisal – this requires registration as an appraiser and essentially all you will be doing is applying valuation methods to obtain a value of the property for your client, and create a report for this person. The report is a legal document and is used for financial purposes such as obtaining loans or for insurance purposes.

Another option similar to development is you could work for a construction company. They are different to a Developer in that they simply bid on projects and carry out the construction for the agreed price.

Development is the glory position in real estate, you can get a job working for a developer if you have a degree in business or property and show plenty of dedication to their business, or if you have family like Donald Trump.
Most people get into development by building up their own personal wealth by doing many small property deals, generally these types are builders of people capable of getting the work done at a minimum cost but at the same time creating quality space.
At the larger end of the business Developers are financial businesses who buy land and arrange the various elements to complete the project, usually they will outsource many of the elements including construction.
This is the most entrepreneurial job in the real estate business.

Other jobs you could work at a supply shop selling the various items needed for property such as bathroom or kitchen suppliers.

Remember all the above elements of the Real estate industry need administrative people at the lower end and this is a good way to move in and get a closer look at what they do for you to make money and decide if it is for you.

Susan asks…

Do creationists actualy have any understanding of evolution, how it works, or even what the term theory means?

First things first. Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Monkeys and hominids evolved from earlier primates. Humans are just one of the hominid species and because of the way things tuned out, the only one around today. Another hominid example would be the neandertals which went extinct around 30,000 years ago. They were just as if not more intelegent than humans, and developed culture (art/religion) and had complex social arrangements. (hunters/care givers) They just happened to die out.
Secondly, evolution (not including micro-evolution) only happens after mass extinctions when there are many unfilled eco-niches for organisms to move into and then addapt to. This is why we don’t see macro-evolution today as these changes are fast (geologicaly speaking) and then become fairly stable for long periodes of time. And before you arrgue that many species are going extinct right now remember that humans are the cause and are also filling thoes ecosystems before anything else can invade. There is also a slower process evolution that could be used to describe the change from primate to hominid over periods of goelogic time. These changes generaly happen becuase of seperation due to migration. Hence the reason why many homininds and lower primates have so many simalaritys not only physicaly but socialy as well.
Lastly the word theory is used to describe an idea that is supported by a large body of evidence. It does not make any claim to 100% truth and is constantly updated with new data. This is a good thing because if we couldn’t move knowledge forward we might fall into an intulectual recession. (although it seems many creationists would prefer this outcome) Something like the so called “theorys” of christianity would actually be meuch more appropriatly described as “mythology”.
Whats your oppinion? Do you agree or think I’m a douch bag?
Mostly for the dude with the umbrela in his name,
I read some of the text from the link you gave and just at a glance I could tell there was a severe lack of research and logic.
Of cours the big bang didn’t come from nothing. Just because scientists years ago couldn’t think of a possibility for this event doesn’t mean quality research is not being done even at this moment especialy with the discover of dark energy.
As for Saturns rings of course thier very young geologicaly because they were formed in a recent collision of moons and they will be gone soon.
As for DNA the creation on monomers and polymers is very common. Give yourself a lab the size of Earths hydrospere and a few hundred million years you probaly will end up with protine links simalar to RNA to build simple bacteria. Even a few would quickly multiply given the increases nutrient levels (no trees=mass erosion)
I would also like a creationist to explain banded Fe formations and eventual red beds.

New Niche Finder answers:

I agree that creationists have no idea what they are talking about. I’m not sure about you being a douche bag, though.

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