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Your Questions About New Niche Markets

Lizzie asks…

Dream Job, but I am having issues?

My problems are:

1. I am working much more than my maximum 8 hours internally, whether it is on marketing, sales, internal biz dev, etc. But I am simply not getting paid for it. I don’t want to slack off and not do it because I am not getting paid, but when I come in to work everyday and my weekly timesheet has 8 hours on it, I make very little money and it makes me look like I am doing nothing for the company.

2. My bosses say that they want to give me stuff to do, but there just isn’t anything for me to do project wise (which means I don’t get paid). Which is why I was surprised when they hired an older, experienced person a week ago to provide support for projects. It shocked me because they keep saying there is nothing to really do.

One of my bosses knows that this sucks for me, and he is understanding. However nothing comes of it. This week, last week, etc. there is just nothing for me to do that I can get paid for. Neither one of my bosses get on the ball and give me anything to do. They know I get 8 hours of work max per week, so I am wondering if they a) forget b) realize it sucks c) want me to leave because I am getting paid so little.

I looked for new jobs, but this is a pretty niche market, and there aren’t a whole lot of things available for someone in my position (not enough experience). Should I stick it out, and see if new projects come my way, and keep reminding myself this is a good thing? Or should I quit and pray I find something else?

New Niche Finder answers:

I know that it sucks where you are working right now, and that things look fairly dismal, but just wait it out, and things will improve. When you least expect it, you will find another job in the field of your dreams, and then you will be able to say hasta la vista to these people, who have not really been giving you the respect that you need. GOod luck!

Lisa asks…

Do albinos have any super powers I should be made aware of?

X-ray vision, Telepathy, That Darth Vader Choke Hold, Dr. Spock Vulcan Neck Grip, anything long those lines? What do they eat – and how much of it would I need to feed three albinos of average stature for 90 days (lbs or cubic feet)? Also I am assuming direct sunlight is deadly to them so what would be the safest way to transport three albinos from Texarcana to Detroit, and what special gear do I need to buy for my henchmen to wear (or do henchmen typically provide their own tools and protective gear when they are on a lump sum contract? I already agreed to pay for any special immunizations the henchmen might need (which was a rookie mistake on my part) but hey I am still new to this. It’s a niche market but a growth industry.

New Niche Finder answers:

This is a ridiculous question

Laura asks…

Importance of Google+ in new SEO rules for 2012?


Google wants to keep search results relevant and correct for users, while some search marketing companies are out to get their websites to the top, even if they are faulty or misleading.

To protect this type’s work Google now following rules to make ranking in Google search.

First: Google wants sites with great content that is relevant to specific keywords.

Second: Google looks to links from other authority sites to give it credibility.
Example: If you write a blog for your site about new legislation being passed in your state, link it back to your local newspaper. Google loves that.

Third: Google is watching what people are doing when they land on a site. Are they clicking on things? Are they on the site for 5 minutes? 10 minutes?

How Google plus work??

It’s nothing much to do with the SEO, but is good to make your website at the top of Google. How you do that:

1) first select your targeted website.
2) Open a Google+ profile.
3) Now try to add lots of people in the Circle.
4) Wait for they follow back you.
5) Now what you do is just +1 your website.
6) Result????

The result is whenever the people who have followed you searches any term related to your niche; they see your website at the top of Google.


My technique to get top rank under new search engine optimization rules!!

Suppose I have website “A “and my targeted keyword “Money making tips” Now I have Google plus account and I have 20,000 people in my circle then what will happen!!

When they searches any term related to my niche they will got my website top result. So my website will get huge real traffic in my website and they again and again will visit my website because Google will focus my website in top position.

As a result Google think that “A” website have good content about “money making tips” because traffic again and again visit that website and they also spent time in that website. So Google will provide my website high marks to get top ranking in Google search to all users.

So I think if you write one good quality article to your website and just apply Google plus methods you can get top rank under new search policy.


How to get Google plus Circle in your Google plus account??

1.Import Emails From Friends and Contacts

2.Follow Back people who add you to their Circles

3.Find Interesting Topics and Interact

4.Offer New and Valuable Information

5.Comment on other users’ status updates

6.Share your updates with your friends via Email

7.Promote Your Google Plus Profile on Social Networking Sites

8.Use Email Signatures

9.Use link of Your Google plus profile in Forum Signature

This is so long time process to get huge Circle to your Google plus account.

You can get Google plus from here http://itearn.com/buy-google-1-votes

Thank you.

New Niche Finder answers:

In the new Google update, social media activities are now counted in optimizing our site. I just love now that Google+ exist. :)

Carol asks…

a marketing question?

You are on the management team of a rapidly growing privately owned apparel company.

Your company has succeeded by targeting a niche market that will pay more for fashionable styles, making the speed and flexibility of operations more important then the price. A fundamental tenet of your company is the belief that apparel manufacturing should be profitable without exploiting workers.

This summer your team found the company couold not keep pace with orders. You added a second shift and hired 1000 new sewers to staff it, bringing the total number of sewers to 3000. During the summer months, all employees worked full time and often overtime to meet sales needs.

Its now september, and the companys inventory is growing too large. Sales are slow during winter, so your company must slow production. max production is 400,000 pieces, each of the 3000 workers produces 20 pieces a day.

We need to slow production down. What is the best way to go about this?

New Niche Finder answers:

I would have hired temp workers during the summer so that when I let them go in the winter it would not have been a big, ethical deal.

You could try to produce winter wear so that everyone could work all year long (like snow gear, ski gear, etc).

If you had the “inventory storage” you could work ahead, (if you can anticipate orders) so that the company doesn’t have to lay anyone off.

Mary asks…

Introduction to business?

Alax Corporation – a sports cars manufacturer is in the field of manufacturing racing car for the last 120 years. 6 years back, it introduced a very expensive new sports car – CX09. The target market of this car was determined as very rich non-professional racers who want to enjoy speed and thrill on city roads. The distinctive feature of this car was that it could also be used for normal drives. Due to this feature, with the passage of time, CX09 has become a successful brand in the local market. Now, CX09 has successfully entered into the growth stage of its life cycle. Owing to rapid growth in the sales and its popularity, other local car manufacturers have also entered in this niche market. This has alarmed Alax as the competition may be intense in the days to come.

To manage with this situation, the Marketing Division of Alax is planning to organize a small conference to devise strategies. In the conference, the company is planning to invite a few students from local business universities. If you are invited there then what strategies at this growth stage of CX09, with reference to pricing and advertising, would you suggest to the company?

New Niche Finder answers:

I suggest you use your own imagination, research and hard work to develop your answer. You’ll get more out of your graduate tuition and avoid your professor finding out you plagiarized.

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