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Your Questions About New Niche Markets

Steven asks…

Generating backlinks for product review sites?

I’m new to the whole affiliate marketing and IM thing. Any tips? It’s hard to find relevant blogs with a decent PR for my niche that I can guest post on (or maybe I need to look harder).

Should I just look to buy a program and spin and submit articles?
Dougie, what you’re looking for is people who keep coming back to your website. What I’m looking for is people who just come for the review. I just need to be ranked higher on Google. noFollow links may be of some help to you, but they wouldn’t do me any good.

New Niche Finder answers:

Since Yahoo Answers embedded links are noFollow spamming them won’t really help your search ranking and can get you banished.

Some say backlinks to a brand new site might not be ‘credited’ with link juice for a couple of months, try to use a variety of link sources, maybe forum profile home page links and post signatures, it seems that getting questionable links rarely causes a site to be penalized, though some may be discredited. You can buy low quality links for pretty cheap, though adding too many links in a short while can raise red flags.

Linda asks…

How to do Facebook marketing?

I read an article that said you can make money from facebook marketing, how does this work, maybe im dumb but i dont understand where or when financial gain comes into it

this is what it said’8.Facebook marketing

Our goal is to make a popular fan page on a niche topic. First you need to setup a new Facebook account. You don’t want to lose you actual account if this goes wrong, so make a new one. Add a nice looking picture as your profile of someone who looks real. Now you need to add as many friends as possible. There are methods to speed up this process but the goal is to get a few thousand friends. Lots of people are vein with facebook friend numbers and want to look like they know lots of people, so will happily add you if your normal enough looking. Once you have a good amount of friends, you setup a fan page about your niche topic. Something like weight loss is good, or acne if you have lots of younger friends. Title your page with a catchy title that has good keywords, as it will show in facebook search. Now suggest your page to all of your new friends. When someone “likes” your page, a link goes in their newsfeed saying they like your page. If you get enough likes things can go viral here and it can grow pretty fast. Once you have a good amount of likes, you start adding regular content relating the niche to your page.…”read this great inspirational weight loss story” etc. Every now and then put an affiliate link to a CPA offer that relates. Content you add to the page gets added to their feed, so it will get looked at by many of them. If you have a good amount of followers you can make good dosh using this method.’

New Niche Finder answers:

Here are nine tips for effective facebook marketing as followed:

Complete the Info Page
When you create a Facebook page for your business, fill in the Info tab completely and check it for accuracy. A vital rule of marketing is to provide customers and potential customers with multiple ways to reach you. Enter your phone number, email address, physical address and the names and direct numbers of people in your organization, if applicable.

Interact With Customers
Facebook is all about being sociable, so businesses should interact with their customer base as much as possible. When someone posts a question on your Facebook page, answer it promptly and accurately. Customers view your answer as a sign that you put a high value on customer interaction.

Cross Promote
Promote your company’s Facebook page in several ways to draw in potential customers. Cross promotion with Twitter is important if you use Twitter, but if not, include your Facebook page’s URL on your company’s website and business cards and in the email signatures of your employees.

Share Content
When you post photos, videos and other updates to your page, set your privacy settings so followers can share it. Every time someone shares something related to your business, that information is exposed to another potential customer base. When you allow others to share your content, they’re helping you market your business.

Sponsor Contests
Many businesses use contests as a way to draw people to “Like” their Facebook pages. A contest can be as simple as a giveaway to every 100th or 1,000th person to join your page or as complex as a monthly drawing for a substantial prize from all the people who like your page.

Update Regularly
A website or Facebook page needs to be updated regularly to keep the customer’s interest. If the information on your page is stagnant, customers might visit a competitor’s page. Post several times a week, but don’t post so frequently that customers feel you’re spamming them.

Add Multimedia
Adding photos and videos to your Facebook page is useful for most types of businesses. If you’re a manufacturing business, for example, upload short videos that demonstrate and explain the manufacturing process. Photos of your store, warehouse, company events and even customer-uploaded photos of your products are also ideal.

Be Different
If your business has many competitors, each might have a Facebook page. Strive to give your customers content that makes your page and your business stand out from the rest. Content depends entirely on the nature of your business, but think creatively. Monitor what your competitors are doing and do something different.

Place Facebook Ads
Facebook allows businesses to create small advertisements that appear on the right side of pages that are chosen by criteria the advertiser specifies. These ads are available for a wide range of budgets and take only minutes to create. They can link directly to your website or your Facebook page.

Carol asks…

Should I stay for a job or move back home to friends?

What would you do if you had to choose between a job with a prestigious company OR move back home where all your friends and most family members are located for a medicore job with less pay.

I moved to mom’s house here on the east coast from the southwest in Dec06 for a job. That job didn’t work out. I do have another job lined up later this month; however, I’m sorta second guessing myself on whether the scene out here is for me.

I have made an effort to meet people thru internet groups, bars, old job, etc. However, no solid friends have resulted. They’re more of acquintances at this point in time.

So I could stick it and see if this job is my niche‘ as well as keep trying to meet new people OR just go back home where I’m comfortable with the environment, i.e. commute, cost of living, etc, and my core group of friends. However, the job market is not as good but I know I can get a job eventually with my credentials.

New Niche Finder answers:

Dont give up on urself. I feel you on the whole new place, no friends. The best thing would be for you to give this 2nd job a try. U may end up meeting someone at work, become friends and find ur niche there. Its totally possible. Also try going out and maybe joining a local community softball team for guys. U could meet people your own age, young professionals and have something to be apart of. I think u should def give it another shot and try to make friends and maybe even meet a gilr! If u feel like in a few months its not right then move back. U will leave with the satisfaction u put ur best foot forward. Good luck!

Joseph asks…

how would you summarize this article, because i dont get it?

A new global fund that invests in the world’s top clean-energy companies is to be launched in Canada today by Criterion Investments Ltd., which sees huge opportunity in efforts to “de-carbonize” the environment.
Ian McPherson, president of Criterion, an affiliate of VenGrowth Asset Management Inc. of Toronto, said clean energy has matured beyond being a niche sector that until recently could only be tapped by seeking out and placing bets on individual companies.
“The sector has matured; it’s no longer nascent,” said McPherson. “You have very strong capital flows and now there’s some investment management talent in the area, whereas historically there’s been a real shortage.”
The timing is right to launch a managed fund, he said. “It’s on people’s radar screens. Clean energy has more mainstream acceptance.”
The company is billing the RRSP-eligible Criterion Global Clean Energy Fund as the first Canadian fund of its kind focused on the clean-energy theme. Geneva-based Pictet Asset Management SA is investment adviser for the “high-risk” fund, which the Swiss company launched in May and is currently available throughout Europe and parts of Asia.
Phillipe de Weck, senior fund manager from Pictet, said in a phone interview from Geneva that concern over climate change and a worldwide drive to reduce greenhouse gases, backed by ambitious government targets and incentives, has primed the sector for long-term growth.
“We believe it will outperform the economy as a whole,” he said, pointing out that the fund has jumped 7 per cent in its first four months compared to a drop of 2 per cent on the MSCI World Index, which measures the performance of market indices in 23 developed countries.
“We’re at the phase where policymakers have set targets, and now they have to move to the next stage where regulations are needed to move to those targets,” he added. “We want to take advantage of that, and we think it’s a long-term trend. The transition to clean energy is a trend that will last our lifetime.”
The fund was most recently invested in 59 companies, about 40 per cent located in the United States. Top 10 holdings included wind giants Gamesa and Vestas, and solar suppliers Suntech Power and Q-Cells.
Three Canadian companies are currently in the fund: hydropower developer Plutonic Power of Vancouver; wind and hydro developer Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. of Calgary; and Westport Innovations Inc., a developer of natural gas and hydrogen combustion engines in Vancouver.
De Weck said natural gas fits within the theme because it’s an important “transition fuel” to clean energy, though the fund doesn’t invest in nuclear power technologies or providers.
“The safety and waste issues are still unresolved,” he said. “Yes, there are plans for more nuclear, but let’s be realistic. We’ve been in a nuclear winter in terms of skills and expertise. We haven’t had that brain influx in the field and we simply don’t have the experience.”
Nicholas Parker, co-founder and chairman of the Cleantech Group, a provider of research and investor services targeted at the clean technology sector, predicted the Criterion fund would be received well in Canada.
“Canadian retail and institutional investors have been underserved in this space relative to their European and American counterparts, so I think this is going to meet demand,” he said.
Parker’s group launched a Cleantech Index in partnership with the American Stock Exchange last year that tracks more than 70 publicly traded U.S. companies in the sector. He said his main concern is that the Criterion fund is focused on clean energy and excludes technologies aimed at cleaning up water and soil, reducing waste and creating “green” materials.
Limiting the fund to just energy makes it more volatile, he argued. “Which is why we’re advocating the broader cleantech space.”
Last October, PowerShares Capital Management LLC launched an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on the Cleantech Index.
Like most ETFs, the fees are more affordable than managed funds – for example, 0.7 per cent for the PowerShares fund compared to between 2.65 per cent and 2.75 per cent for the Criterion fund, which is near average for the mutual fund industry.
McPherson said the Criterion fund adds value by being actively managed. “Our portfolio manager will be trading to take a view on valuation, whereas those ETFs are a static portfolio for certain periods of time and don’t take into account if something is undervalued or overvalued as an index.”
So far, however, the passively managed PowerShares fund, while traded in U.S. dollars and vulnerable to foreign exchange exposure, is performing well – it’s up more than 20 per cent since its launch 11 months ago.
Since mid-May, when the Pictet fund was launched in Europe, the PowerShares fund has increased nearly 9 per cent.

New Niche Finder answers:

A new global fund that invests in the world’s top clean-energy companies is to be launched in Canada today.

A good reporter summarizes the whole story in the leading sentence.

Thomas asks…

Which way the West Bengal politics is going towards?

Election of West Bengal is round the corner.In this time of World cup fever,I take the liberty of using some cricket parlance while taking stock of the present situation.
The Left front and the opposition Trinavul are in the field .In the final hours of the game ,Goutam Dev Barman has played some spectacular shots in slog over and earned his team some valuable scoring points.His eye caching shots around the wickets deserves high encomium. Didi would most probably open with Mr Pranab Mukhopadhya.We know she can take shots both through front and back.

However ,there is a lingering uneasiness about her speeches in the recent meeting convened at the venue of Gandhi Statue.Her proclamation to free the political prisoners if come to power,arouse a sense of mischievous political game they wants to play.What does the phrase ‘political prisoner’ means? Is it the maoists whom the Government have taken under detention after thorough legal process? Is it a call to people to brace themselves for the situation where real culprits would be absolved from the charges levelled and common man would be thrown into dungeon? In a nutshell,did she evoke the possibility of a crony judiciary?

Only nursery hymns would not suffice to answer the questions which are casting a deep shadow in peoples mind.Total area of land under agricultural cannot be increased suddenly.So,if the opposition party cannot chalk out a plan of sowing the grains in the sky,they would have to depend upon the time tested formula of using high growth varieties of seeds etc.That process have been started years ago.Everyone now is even acquainted with new technologies like deep sprinklers and weed free harvesting or about the pros and cons of overwatering and better ways of using pesticides.

I am not saying about GMO.The species which are genetically modified still needs proper scientific evaluation about their effects on ecology.
We have the objectives the sustainable development of agriculture in mind.The process is not electrifyingly quick.It takes time to show results.We have been taking care of everything .What new a party can give us which is comprised by some motley group of people from here and there and having only very moderate track record good governance?

The state is also in dire need of industrialization for rooting out the problem of unemployment and for fair ,gradual but incessant development of economy.Plug yourself into the fantasy world of double decker trains or ecstatic ports in the see,and you would mess up everything.Heavy industrialization is not only required for generation of jobs,but also to create a niche in the process entity which is called market and the presence of which ,undoubtedly, we can not ignore at this stage as it is the some total of technology,human aspirations and economic forces.

I saw some barefaced speeches of some opposition leaders about groups of people who allegedly were disenfranchised and even dont know about adult suffrage.They have taken over the responsibility of conveying them about the rights of those peoples. Can that be deemed to be true in a state like West Bengal where powers are decentralised and where panchayti model is a resounding success? I would advice them to put their head in mummy zone.I mean , to look towards ezypt.Thats what is called disenfranchisement.And thats where the communist movement to break forth towards a new democratic era is gaining ground.Any doubt?

I will be back.Till then,can you tell me what would lead us to more improvements?

New Niche Finder answers:

Sir ,you have posed the question in a nice way! Today many of our political leaders have grown up in ideological vacuum and with a distorted world view find themselves bankrupt of ideas to solve India’s problems! So is the case with mamata and her cohorts in TMC. She tries to gain political leverage in any way whatsoever. We have already seen how promptly she changes her allegiance to come to power. She can join hands with NDA and UPA depending upon the power preferences. Also she stalled development work in WB when she drove out Tata from singur. Now as a railway minister she herself is not getting clearances from her state people to set up her dream projects in bengal. What an irony, huh!

We have also come across her illicit liaisons with the maoists. It’s her party that promotes them! Top maoist leaders attend her party rallies., what more to say! Communists ruled for 30 years but now they are losing ground not because they lacked in ideas (the communist ideology is laudable but too fantastic to be put in practical use. Actually true communism can never be achieved, neither it was present in bengal) but because the leadership got weak! Karat is a learned man but he lacks the knack of basu or somnath or surjeet. His futile attempts for a third front are a testimony to this. Also his many decisions were literal blunders( ousting somnath etc)

Anyway the bengalis desire a change and let them have it! But the fact is– the cong-TMC formula is heading towards huge disappointment for bengalis if elected to power! There will be chaos on streets and mamata’s henchmen– the maoists will make her dance on their tunes and she will be helpless. And imagining developmental works in such a scenario would be a glib attempt! God save us!!

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