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Your Questions About New Niche Markets

Laura asks…

Question about American Eagle?

who else thinks they should go in a new direction, like more classy, preppy and conservative look
i mean, i like to wear clothes like brooks bros/j crew/lacoste/ralph lauren, etc, but they are awfully expensive for a teen

AE and and Hollister have a stranglehold on teen trendy clothing market ya know?

i just think AE find its own little niche if they get rid of their silly flamboyant designs, i mean the LITTLE eagle logo in the corner suffices, there is no need to have the word AMERICAN EAGLE plasters all over the place.

i think if they changed it up they would do quite well with the teen-mid 20 crowd ya know?

what do you think?
i meant AF/hco have stranglehold on teen trendy

New Niche Finder answers:

I don’t buy anything with logos from American Eagle. They have some really nice stuff that doesn’t have a logo on it.
I have off the shoulder tops, plaid shirts, vests, cardigans and such. They even have really nice blazers, which I would buy if I had a chance to wear them.

Linda asks…

What did Ronald Reagan say about Puerto Rico?

Ronald Reagan on Puerto Rico:


On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States

The People of Puerto Rico are US citizens since 1917

The citizens of Puerto Rico pay full Medicare payroll taxes but their benefits are capped at 30% of the national average.

The government of Puerto Rico lacks legal personality and therefore is unable to make commercial treaties and pacts with the rest of the world. The commerce which we can establish with other countries must be via the United States, its customs, and subject to the conditions of the international treaties that the United States have agreed to, of which Puerto Rico has had no participation or voice. Obviously, Puerto Rico cannot open a niche in the world markets, nor can it establish and implement plans of economic development oriented to foreign trade due to this limitation. In this era of free trade and economic liberalization, Puerto Rico is essentially, because of its continued colonial subordination, a captive market of the United States.

Puerto Rico does not have the authority to regulate affairs and policies related to the establishment of communication systems with the outside world. The United States government is the one who has this authority in its exclusive form.

All merchandise between ports within US territory must be transported in ships of the American merchant marine. Puerto Rico is obligated to fulfill this disposition while it cannot benefit from the lower costs of ships with foreign matriculation. In this way, the products that arrive and leave the island are made more expensive due to the excessive costs of transportation. It is estimated that in 1999, the costs added to merchandise, due to the transportation costs of the American merchant marine, was over $500 million.

All nations need to regulate migratory movements for social reasons, security reasons, and economic reasons. The absolute authority in the matters of emigration to Puerto Rico rests with the federal government. Puerto Rico must admit all persons that the United States authorizes to reside in its territory, including colonies. In such a situation, we lose control over any measure of economic protection that could be established for ourselves and new emigrants.

The fact that Puerto Rico must accept the dispositions of laws imposed by another country, without its consent, clearly demonstrates the colonial character of our relationship with the United States. In Puerto Rico, this is called “Estado Libre Asociado”(Free Associated State or Commonwealth). In international law, it is called “colony”.

Only 2 percent of the People of Puerto Rico support the independence for Puerto Rico.

No Congressionally-mandated plebiscite has ever been held in Puerto Rico.

It is clear that there is a democracy deficiency in the United States.

Thousands of Puerto Ricans have shed their blood defending the United States in the name of freedom and democracy in all wars since World War I. Yet, they are not allowed to vote for their Commander-in-Chief. The people of Puerto Rico do not have voting representation in the U.S. Congress, even though all federal laws apply to them. Therefore, Puerto Ricans have no say in the making of the federal laws that apply to them. Likewise, the U.S. Supreme Court has absolute jurisdiction over Puerto Rico and all its rulings apply to Puerto Rico. However, the people of Puerto Rico do not have representation in the U.S. Senate to vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominees. In all, the people of Puerto Rico are ultimately governed by an Executive whom they did not vote for, a Congress in which they are not represented in, and a Supreme Court whose justices they did not confirm.

The 4 million U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico are disenfranchised citizens and are treated as second-class U.S. citizens. Are we going to tolerate this un-American and discriminatory treatment towards a particular group of U.S. Citizens? Are you willing to keep contributing $22 billion per year to support this unjust territorial status? After 112 years of service and sacrifice, it is time to add an additional star to our American constellation.

Our sons and daughters have made their mark on the US honor roll. I invite you to find a state that has earned more Purple Hearts per capita in combat than our island. Our people are never afraid to defend the red, white, and blue.

Being a colony of the United States has changed the lives of five generations and granted them a shot at democracy and an abridged version of the American Dream. But after 112 years of playing in the minor leagues, don’t we deserve our shot at the big leagues?

New Niche Finder answers:

Nice essay. Lets publish and get a nobel prize on some place other than yahoo answers please.

Ken asks…

Does anyone watch HLN regularly?

I happened upon HLN yesterday for the first time, and what I saw has me wondering about who exactly they are marketing their prime time programming to. There was a woman named Jane Velez-Mitchell touting her new book about being an alcoholic, and I seriously wanted to give the woman a glass of wine and tell her to calm down. Other commentators made me wonder if they recruited from a trailer park and gave them a makeover physically, but did nothing to correct their “trashy” patterns of speech. Did I just catch them at a bad moment, or did I find a niche? This was worse than fox news, even though politically, they may not match up. LOL, after all that, I was tempted to ask if anyone watches them on a regular basis and can tell me the appeal, but I think I’ll change it to, “Do any of you have a friend that enjoys their programming and WHY?”

Oh – and to be relevant to parenting – they were talking about the woman who executed her children and Jane was saying absolutely ridiculous things and acting foul about the tragedy, purposely not letting the truth of the story unfold, like this would become a common situation if we didn’t fry the mother and make an example of her IMMEDIATELY.

New Niche Finder answers:

I on rare occassion like to turn on Joy Behar for 5 minutes so I can feel better about myself.

That woman needs laid.

Lizzie asks…

Would anyone like to lend some start up capital?

For the past several months we have been doing a lot of research on a new type of escape resort will be a premiere resort destination, for a huge yet un-served market that is growing in size and spending every year. This is the largest single segment of the US population. Over 72% of the Americans make up our core demographic, they spend tens of billions of dollars. A resort that caters to their interests is the only logical step. There are many niche offshoots that can further expand the brand as well as increase return purchases. This Investment but a loan that I will pay back in full.

New Niche Finder answers:

Do you have a business plan. What is the niche, is that niche already being served? There are tons of established niche travel companies. What do you have that they don’t? I’m always looking to invest but must be a good idea with a good well thought out busienss plan. Also, you most likely wont find one person with enough money to back a resort.

Carol asks…

How do you find your place, keep hope alive while pursuing a direction when many attempts have fallen through?

As I rebuild my hope and my life in general..work on creating a niche for myself, I find myself asking when considering going out on my own in a particular career direction and/or creative endeavor that is not a typical career, etc ….?what is the point when> A) so many previous attempts/directions have fall through already or didn’t work out due to various reasons, B) I have real health limits that make it hard to just push on through like a bull and most of all…>C) there are so many others doing similar pursuits that I ask… ‘is there even a place or need for what I have to offer??…should I even bother putting it out there??

I vex quite a lot over this and struggle to continue summoning up the bravery or confidence to push past my own worries or the illusory limits of the market. Moreover I struggle with gaining the clarity to keep on pursuing something because I feel like, ‘well It’s been done or is being done by so many…so why bother?’
It’s very discouraging….I know what I would tell someone else…but I’m me and cannot seem to see past my own worries or the world. A lot of that youthful, fiercely independent and outside the box bold a$$ thinking and living was kicked out of me when I got sick and things fell apart and now as I rebuild I am doing so in a different, new fashion that is not quite as bold as I used to be. So I’m literally having to figure this out now, 10 years older and life circumstances GREATLY changed as a result of it all…etc….anywho…
Curious what others think about about pursuing something that is already done by many others, against all odds and still being positive about it?
Thanks! :)

New Niche Finder answers:

Well, I’m a writer, and I have to say that in this profession, you are constantly faced with the prospect of rejection. I don’t know whether your profession is linked to mine, since you did say “creative”, but I hope my insight will be helpful anyway!

My own personal way of coping with possible limits and rejections is to sit back for a few minutes and think, ‘What if there were NO limits? What if I didn’t need to make money off of this? What if other people didn’t have to like it for it to be considered successful in a financial or critical sense? Would I still enjoy what I’m doing because I’m creating something (doesn’t matter who else has done it or a similar thing already, cos this is MY take on it)?’

Luckily, my answer is nearly always ‘yes’ (unless I’m sick, or having a REALLY crappy or PMS-y day), so I find the energy to keep going because I believe there is some point to what I’m doing because of enjoyment and satisfaction, which negates the need for other people’s acknowledgement (at least when I’m in the process of working on something).

But you know, enthusiasm is catching. If YOU believe in your product/service/endeavour and you exhibit unshakeable conviction that it will be a success, then others very often follow through. Of course, you need to have put thought and work into the idea first, and made sure it will be reliable in action.

Why do you think every single business, company, and even artist like myself, relies so heavily on advertising? Talking up a product or service is half the battle to getting it sold or accepted. Once you’ve created the anticipation for this great product, you then need only deliver the actual thing.

Self-belief is every bit as important to the appearance and reception of your idea as professionally-managed advertising. I’ve known of people hardly needing others to advertise them because they’re so confident and appealing themselves that they convince you as soon as you see them or their work that they’re brilliant! As a writer, whenever I submit a manuscript, I know that my spelling is perfect, it has been printed properly on decent paper, and it is the absolute best that I could make it at that time. The rest I leave up to fate. I believe in myself, but I also think, “What must be, will be. If I am meant to make it, then I will. Other people have.”

I wish you all the best, and I leave you with my favourite ideas: Thomas Edison, trying to make light bulbs work, failed over a thousand times, but he said, “That’s OK. I found however-many ways NOT to make a light bulb work. But if I find just ONE way to make it work, then I’m a success at this.”

Also: “If you’ve never failed, it means you’ve never tried. Trying and failing is infinitely more courageous and commendable than failing by default because you didn’t even have the guts to try.” So true, and it means you can pat yourself on the back already, for having your ideas and the courage to consider trying them out. Good luck and keep going! I believe in you! You cared about it enough to post on here, so it obviously means a lot to you, and you have dedication :)

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