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Your Questions About New Niche Markets

Michael asks…

No Money down Real Estate Scams?

How much money do I have to Spend or how many programs do I have to buy that all promise that their easy and the best way to make money in today’s market ?

Has anyone heard of the new system newstartrealmoneyrealfast?
They claim they have the newest niche in today’s market.
They also claim that you need or never need to use any of your own money to be successful.
They sell a book for only $9.95 (On Best Seller List)
They claim thatr no other program addresses this part of the market and it will generate you $$$

Hass anyone ordered their book and can you give me some feed back?

New Niche Finder answers:

How many times will you post this question? Get rich quick is for suckers so spend the $10 to find out

William asks…

Trademark question on product creation?

Hi I wish to create a new energy drink to a niche market and I was wondering if I can grab the name of the original trademarked name and add a suffix to it so it wont be as obvious without being getting into legal issues. now since the original niche market has their own workout and that workout has a brand name that is not common that’s a bit tricky for me.

let’s say the workout name is Pikba workout. (just an example)
can I name my product something like Pikbatron? or pikbamax or Pikbaspeed
without getting prosecuted or filed a trademark violation or a trademark dilution ?

New Niche Finder answers:

No. The general principle for Trademarks is the question of confusion. If your name is close enough to another product in the same field and general market that there would be confusion between the two, or there would be an inference of a connection, you would be violating their Trademark.

In fact, that is your intent, to create such confusion, and that is exactly what Trademarks are intended to prevent.

Chris asks…

What is with the interest in “Designer Dogs”?

I am one of those people who think a shelter hound is as good of a pet as any of the wonderful pure-breeds out there. I feel that our society should take care of the animals we already have before we bring more into the world. I tend to advocate adopting shelter animals over buying from pet stores. And to further grow my confusion, we now have “designer dogs” showing up in the arms of celebrities and their fans alike.

Please tell me WHY one would choose an animal as a fashion accessory or because it is the latest trend? What does one do with the “designer dog” when he doesn’t match one’s new wardrobe or is now so-yesterday?

What is the intent of breeding a “designer dog” other than to fill a niche in the pet market?

thanks for your time!!

New Niche Finder answers:

There are a lot of questions in your question!

Why would someone choose a pet as a fashion accessory?

I don’t think that people do choose pets as fashion accessories. Although I agree that, yes, people like variety and novelty.

Celebrities like to be different– see how they name their children!! Names like “Apple” and “Moses” and “Rocco” and “Shiloh”… They like to be different! But just like I don’t think naming the child a weird name means they would be a bad parent, I don’t think that adopting a strange mix dog means they would be a bad owner.

To me, it’s a love of variety.

Many other official AKC breeds started off as mixed breeds that were the “designer” dogs of their day. Example is a French Bulldog in the 1800s. People enjoy mixing breeds to create new breeds, that’s just human nature.

As for shelter dogs, I adopted a small senior shelter dog who was lovely. I’m all for adopting shelter dogs…. But shelters do not have all types of dogs.

For example, on Petfinder there is only one yorkie up for adoption for the entire state of Illinois. There are two maltese in the entire state up for adoption…. Some dogs have a bigger demand than supply.

I have never seen a “morkie” in a shelter. I have seen some “designer” breeds in shelters, but for many– especially the very small ones– there is a huge demand.

If demand outstrips supply then why not breed these healthy dogs?

(Obviously do not breed dogs with health issues.)

Mandy asks…

Is Commercial Collections a good niche area for lawyers?

I’m a relatively new California attorney, looking for a good niche. I eventually want to have the option of going solo, or starting a small office. I realize being a general practice lawyer is too difficult, so I have been actively searching for a good niche practice. I recently received an offer to do commercial collections law with a small office. Generally, this consists of collecting on consumer debts through demand letters, filing complaints, and enforcing judgments. I am contemplating whether this is a good field (or a dying field) and what the market outlook is for this area? Will there always be a demand for commercial collections lawyers? It seems fairly standardized and manageable, which is attractive to me. But I need an area that provides me with a potential way to eventually support a private practice. I would greatly appreciate any input.

New Niche Finder answers:

This could be a good niche, if you like endless paperwork and doing collections. For some people, it’s fairly boring because the complaints will be the same (different names, different creditors and amounts) but most of the basics will be the same.

There will be a demand for these types of attorneys because only attorneys can represent corporations who ultimately are the primary creditor.

It should be sufficient to support a private practice. You won’t need a large staff – just a receptionist/legal secretary and possibly a paralegal to help you with the paperwork. You can have an accountant review/update your books and have an outside company issue the checks (so you don’t have a full-time person doing this).

Good luck and I hope my advice helps! ^_^

Maria asks…

Help! I need to name my niche?

I am a writer who writes mostly for non profits but I don’t want to limit myself. I have spent most of my career working for non profits but decided to take an new path to begin writing. The type of writing that I have done has been to help further the mission of those organizations whose values I respect. I thought of “social marketing writer” or “social change writer” but I’m not sold on one title yet. Can you help me to put a name on my niche?

New Niche Finder answers:

The lastest title used by corporate entities to describe their charitable works and contributions to the community is “corporate social responsibility.” So how about “CSR writer”?

What I would recommend instead, however, if you are trying a change is to use a more generic, rather than specific, title. I.e., just use ‘writer’ or ‘marketing/communications specialist.” This would suggest that you can write in a variety of styles, and they’ll know you have a nonprofit background from the rest of your resume.

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