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Your Questions About New Niches

Jenny asks…

How to find a niche product to sell online?

There are so many niche markets in the internet. How can I find one that really could attract targeted buyers?

New Niche Finder answers:

Is there a right way to answer this question?

10 years ago the Internet was mainly about technology. That’s just not the case anymore.

How can you find the right niche for you?

1. Determine what you like. I just did a silly search on Google for “underwater basket weaving” (with quotes) and found that there are 35,900 people targeting that specific keyword phrase. So it really doesn’t matter what you like or what you are good at. On the Internet you will be able to find an audience.

2. Create a free account with http://CJ.com where you can find “hard good” related products to market for most any niche.

3. Create a free account with http://ClickBank.com and look for related E-book type material that your audience will find of value.

So most any niche will work. Just make sure it’s a niche your going to want to be working for the long term.

Website: http://Search-Engine-Optimization-And-Beyond.com
Blog: http://ViralMarketing4U.com

Robert asks…

What is the ladybug’s fundamental niche and realized niche?

If I describe it’s habitat as a garden, would the fundamental niche be the garden, but the realized niche be the leaf? Or is this a bad example of a habitat to start with?

New Niche Finder answers:

A fundamental or “potential” niche of a creature includes all of the places it can live in, having sufficient food, a safe place, etc, It is not a specific area but the system a plant or an animal lives in.
See Figure 9g-1
For a ladybug all areas with lots of green plants, e.g. Roses, oleander, milkweed and broccoli. And lots of of aphids are fundamental niches, their habitat.
Ladybugs live in trees, shrubs, fields, beaches, and in homes. In the fall they crawl to winter sites. A few to several hundred gather for the winter. The winter gathering spot may be at the base of a tree, along a fence row, under a fallen tree, or under a rock. In the mountains large numbers of up to 500 gallons of beetles may move in together for the winter.”

The realized niche of your ladybug is ( the rose bush ) in your garden.

Michael asks…

What animal has the same niche as a koala, but in a different ecosystem?

I’m trying to finish my school project about koalas, which has to include information about its niche, and which animal also has the same niche, but in a different ecosystem. I was thinking about a panda because of their eating similarities, but I’m not so sure.I couldn’t find any sites with the answer.

New Niche Finder answers:

Many monkeys are similar to the koala in being arboreal leaf eaters. Since Australia has no native monkeys, the koala has apparently filled a niche occupied by leaf eating monkeys.

James asks…

What is the difference between an ecosystem and an ecological niche?

For a biology project, each student had to choose a species. Two of the categories we are to describe are ecosystem and ecological niche. I’m just not sure what the difference is.

New Niche Finder answers:

The ecosystem is including all of the biotic (living) factors like animals, and insects, etc… It also includes the abiotic (nonliving) factors, like sunlights, water, weather. The ecosystem is made of these two groups and how they all interact with each other in a region.
The ecological niche is a species’ or an organism’s role in the community. It is like a factory. Everything is the ecosystem, but there are people who have different jobs. These are the niches.
What you have to remember is that there is competition between organisms in the same niche. When applying for a factory job, those who want the same job are competing, but they won’t affect the people applying for another position in the factory.
The same thing happens in the different niches. There can be organisms of different niches on the same tree. Birds could be on one tree at the top, while squirrels could be in another and live in the middle. There isn’t any competition between them even though they are sharing the same tree.

David asks…

How can I find my niche in my own business?

I want to start an online business.How can I find my niche & on a shoestring budget? I want to sell childrens items.How do I get started?

New Niche Finder answers:

A ‘niche’ is a segment of a larger group. For example, you want to sell clothes for children. Children makes up a very large market – toddlers is a niche. Pre-teens, is a niche. Preschoolers is a niche. All are part of the ‘children’ market.

Your best bet is to look at online stores selling the kinds of clothing you are considering and selling to whichever niche you have decided to target. Start with Ebay, but don’t limit your search there – use any search engine and type in ‘children’s clothing’ and you’ll have hundreds of stores specializing in children’s clothes, from a few selling only to toddlers, others selling only school clothes, etc.

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