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Your Questions About New Niches

Mandy asks…

Niche Blueprint seems really cool. Can anyone suggest which bonus of Niche Blueprint should I choose?

It seems their is a lot of hype about Niche Blueprint. But I still couldn’t figure out from where should I buy Niche Blueprint since everyone is giving really nice bonus for Niche Bluerpint 2.0 .

New Niche Finder answers:

Take a look at one of the website’s where a guy is offering a bonus which he calls “The missing manual of Niche Blueprint 2.0” in this link:
If this manual has something to do with the course itself and can be found nowhere else other than buying from his link, then I guess, I definitely buy from him.

Carol asks…

Where to find quality niche sites for sale?

I bacame addicted to niche marketing and I would like to outsource website building. What’s the best place that offer niche sites for sale?

New Niche Finder answers:

I tried numerous site building services and Niche Sites Authority is by far the best IMHO. Never got dissapointed with them and always got delivered only the highest quality sites.

Joseph asks…

What is a good item/business/service niche to use for a directory/listings website?

I would like to start a listings/directory website, but want to focus on a niche market. Any ideas will be much appreciated. I thought a weddings directory might work, eg. Photographers, venues, caterers, etc.

New Niche Finder answers:

Consider a regional classified ads business listing sort of (geographical niche) site, there’s a good rate of conversion of local searches to purchases, you could sell upgrades to premium business listings face-to-face.

There may a be a lot of competition from established yellow page sort of sites.

Sites like Craigslist, designed to replace local newspaper adverts are intended primarily for locals to make transactions in person.

Ken asks…

Where can I find niche marketing examples?

I am interested in the niche market as it relates to small websites. Not garbage sites with no real information, but small sites I could create and maintain in my spare time with honest content. How would I find the right niche? Is it mostly trial and error?

New Niche Finder answers:


Try this site, it is free and has a bunch of different videos and tutorials.

Essentially this is a niche site regarding niche sites.

Paul asks…

What symbiotic relationship does Niche Overlap lead to?

The answers to be chosen from are:


If you don’t know but have a good idea on what Niche Overlap is, just describe that to me, thanks!

New Niche Finder answers:

Likely competition. An organism’s niche is the specific environment in which they live and procreate the best (which includes climate, food sources, places to live and escape from predators, etc.). An overlap of two different species niches means that the resources these organisms depend on are now in shorter supply. This means they must compete with the other organisms for survival.

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